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Staffordshire University Campus

Staffordshire University


North Staffordshire Polytechnic was formed in 1971 with the merger of Stoke-on-Trent College of Art, North Staffordshire College of Technology (both based in Stoke-on-Trent), and Staffordshire College of Technology in Stafford. In September 1988 the institution changed its name to Staffordshire Polytechnic. In 1992 it became Staffordshire University, one of the New Universities.


Staffordshire is a modern University delivering innovative, career-orientated courses. Over 1,500 international students study at Staffordshire University, with a further 7,000 students worldwide studying on courses franchised or quality assured by the University. Many of our courses – including Business, Computing, Engineering and Technology – offer students the opportunity to apply for an industrial placement to give them the necessary experience to help make them sought-after graduates.














Location & Facilities

Staffordshire University is in England, UK. The University has two campuses - one in Stoke-on-Trent and the other in Stafford. Both campuses are in the county of Staffordshire, which is in the region known as The Midlands.


The city of Stoke-on-Trent is in North Staffordshire, 45 minutes from Manchester by train; the town of Stafford is in South Staffordshire, about 1 hour from Birmingham. Stoke and Stafford are 17 miles apart. Staffordshire University has some of the best quality, best value student accommodation in the UK.


All new international students are guaranteed a room in University managed accommodation.* Our accommodation includes halls of residence (purpose built, with student study bedrooms and shared bathrooms and kitchens) and shared houses. En-suite rooms are also available. All accommodation managed by the University is either on-campus or within a short walking distance. The price for a University study room for 2009/2010 starts from £55 per week. This includes a free 'Starter Pack' containing essentials for self-catering – e.g. a duvet, pans, crockery and utensils.




















List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

  • Faculty of Arts, Media & Design
  • Business School
  • Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Technology
  • Faculty of Health
  • Law School
  • Faculty of Sciences


















Courses Offered Level  Name of the Program
1 UG Accounting and Business BA(Hons) 
2 UG Accounting and Economics BA(Hons)
3 UG Accounting and Finance BA(Hons)
4 UG Accounting and Legal Studies BA(Hons)
5 UG Accounting Information Systems BSc(Hons)
6 UG Advertising and Brand Management BA(Hons)
7 UG Advertising and Commercial Film Production BA(Hons)
8 UG Advice Work (LLB Hons) LLB
9 UG Advice Work BA(Hons)
10 UG Aeronautical Technology BSc(Hons)
11 UG Animal Biology and Conservation BSc(Hons)
12 UG Animation BA(Hons)
13 UG Applied Information Technology (Top-up) BSc(Hons)
14 UG Applied Information Technology BSc(Hons)
15 UG Applied Internet Commerce BSc(Hons)
16 UG Applied Multimedia Higher National Diploma (HND)
17 UG Applied Multimedia Systems BSc(Hons)
18 UG Applied Network Management BSc(Hons)
19 UG Automotive Technology BSc(Hons)
20 UG Biochemistry and Microbiology BSc(Hons)
21 UG Bioinformatics BSc(Hons)
22 UG Biology BSc(Hons) 
23 UG Biology with a Foundation Year BSc(Hons)
24 UG Biology with Forensic Science BSc(Hons)
25 UG Biomedical Science BSc(Hons)
26 UG Broadcast Journalism BA(Hons)
27 UG Broadcast Journalism MA
28 UG Business and English for Business Communication BA(Hons)
29 UG Business Computing BSc(Hons)
30 UG Business Economics BA(Hons)
31 UG Business Information Systems Management BSc(Hons)
32 UG Business Information Technology (Top-up) BSc(Hons)
33 UG Business Information Technology BSc(Hons)
34 UG Business Management (Top-Up) BA(Hons)
35 UG Business Management BA(Hons)
36 UG Business Studies BA(Hons)
37 UG Cartoon and Comic Arts BA(Hons)
38 UG Celebrity Journalism BA(Hons)
39 UG Ceramic Design MA
40 UG CGI and Animatronics BSc(Hons)
41 UG Children and Family Work and Practical Theology BA(Hons)
42 UG Clinical Practice (Post-registration) BSc(Hons)
43 UG Clinical Practice BSc(Hons)
44 UG Computer Gameplay Design and Production BSc(Hons)
45 UG Computer Games Design (Extended) BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons)
46 UG Computer Games Design BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons)
47 UG Computer Games Programming BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons)
48 UG Computer Networks and Security BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons)
49 UG Computer Science BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons)
50 UG Computer Security BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons)
51 UG Computing Science BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons)
52 UG Creative Music Technology BSc(Hons)
53 UG Creative Writing: Joint Degrees BA(Hons)
54 UG Crime, Deviance and Society BA(Hons)
55 UG Crime and Security BA(Hons)
56 UG Database Administration and Management BSc(Hons)
57 UG Database Technology BSc(Hons)
58 UG Digital Applications for Creative Technology: Imaging BA(Hons), BSc(Hons)
59 UG Digital Applications for Creative Technology: Interactive Multimedia BA(Hons), BSc(Hons)
60 UG Digital Applications for Creative Technology: Video BA(Hons), BSc(Hons)
61 UG Digital Film and 3D Animation Technology BSc(Hons)
62 UG Digital Film and Post Production Technology BSc(Hons)
63 UG Early Childhood Studies BA(Hons)
64 UG Economics with Legal Studies BA(Hons)
65 UG Economics with Philosophy: Joint Degrees BA(Hons)
66 UG Education BA(Hons)
67 UG Electronic and Broadcast Engineering BEng(Hons), MEng
68 UG Electronic Engineering BEng(Hons), MEng
69 UG Electronic Engineering direct entry level three BEng(Hons), MEng
70 UG English and Creative Writing BA(Hons)
71 UG English for International Tourism (Top-up) BA(Hons)
72 UG English Literature BA(Hons)
73 UG Environmental Engineering BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons), MEng
74 UG Environment and Sustainability BSc(Hons)
75 UG Ethical World Journalism BA(Hons)
76 UG Ethics, Philosophy and Society BA(Hons)
77 UG Ethics BA(Hons)
78 UG Events Management (Top-up) BA(Hons)
79 UG Events Management BA(Hons)
80 UG Exercise and Health BA(Hons), BSc(Hons)
81 UG Exercise and Lifestyle Management BSc(Hons)
82 UG Experimental Film Production BA(Hons)
83 UG Film, Television and Radio Studies BA(Hons)
84 UG Film Production, Practice and Theory MA
85 UG Film Production and Music Technology BSc(Hons)
86 UG Film Production Technology BSc(Hons)
87 UG Film Production Technology with Management BSc(Hons)
88 UG Film Studies BA(Hons)
89 UG Finance BA(Hons)
90 UG Fine Art: Photography BA(Hons)
91 UG Fine Art: Digital Media BA(Hons)
92 UG Fine Art BA(Hons)
93 UG Forensic Accounting BA(Hons)
94 UG Forensic Investigation BSc(Hons)
95 UG Forensic Psychology BSc(Hons)
96 UG Forensic Science and Criminology BSc(Hons)
97 UG Forensic Science BSc(Hons)
98 UG Game Artificial Intelligence BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons)
99 UG Games Audio Design BSc(Hons)
100 UG Games Concepts Design BSc(Hons)
101 UG Geography BA(Hons) BA(Hons)
102 UG Geography BSc(Hons)
103 UG Geoinformatics BSc(Hons)
104 UG Graphic Design BA(Hons)
105 UG Health Psychology BSc(Hons)
106 UG History, Film and Media Practice BA(Hons) 
107 UG Human and Environmental Geography BA(Hons)
108 UG Human Biology and Psychology BSc(Hons)
109 UG Human Biology BSc(Hons)
110 UG Human Resource Management BA(Hons)
111 UG Illustration BA(Hons)
112 UG Information Technology Studies BSc(Hons)
113 UG Interior Design BA(Hons)
114 UG International Business Management BA(Hons)
115 UG International Relations BA(Hons)
116 UG Internet Business Development BSc(Hons)
117 UG Journalism: Joint Degrees BA(Hons)
118 UG Journalism BA(Hons)
119 UG Law (Human Resource Management) LLB
120 UG Law (Human Rights Law) LLB
121 UG Law (Sports) LLB
122 UG Literature and Contemporary Culture BA(Hons)
123 UG LLB(Hons) Advice Work LLB
124 UG LLM Employment Law LLM
125 UG Marketing Management BA(Hons)
126 UG Mechanical Engineering BEng(Hons), MEng
127 UG Mechatronics BEng(Hons), MEng
128 UG Mechatronics direct entry level three BEng(Hons), MEng
129 UG Media (Film) Production BA(Hons)
130 UG Media and Leisure Industries BA(Hons)
131 UG Media Studies: Joint Degrees BA(Hons)
132 UG Medical Engineering BEng(Hons)
133 UG Modern and International History BA(Hons)
134 UG Modern History BA(Hons)
135 UG Motorsport Technology BSc(Hons)
136 UG Multimedia Computing BSc(Hons)
137 UG Multimedia Marketing BSc(Hons)
138 UG Multiplayer Online Games Design BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons), MEng
139 UG Multiplayer Online Games Programming BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons), MEng
140 UG Music Broadcasting BA(Hons)
141 UG Music Journalism and Broadcasting BA(Hons)
142 UG Music Production with Film Technology BSc(Hons)
143 UG Music Technology (top up from HND) BSc(Hons)
144 UG Music Technology BSc(Hons)
145 UG Network Computing BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons)
146 UG Network Engineering BEng(Hons), MEng
147 UG Nursing: Specialist Practice (Community Mental Health Nursing) BSc(Hons)
148 UG Nursing: Specialist Practice (General Practice Nursing) BSc(Hons)
149 UG Nursing: Specialist Practice BSc(Hons)
150 UG Nursing Studies, Overview of BSc(Hons)
151 UG Nursing Studies BSc(Hons)
152 UG Paramedic Science BSc(Hons)
153 UG PE and Youth Sport Coaching BSc(Hons)
154 UG Peri-operative Care BSc(Hons)
155 UG Photography: Philosophy BA(Hons)
156 UG Photography BA(Hons)
157 UG Photojournalism BA(Hons)
158 UG Physical and Environmental Geography BSc(Hons)
159 UG Policing and Criminal Investigation BSc(Hons)
160 UG Portable Game Programming BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons), MEng
161 UG Post-Compulsory Education BA(Hons)
162 UG Product Design BA(Hons)
163 UG Product Design Engineering BEng(Hons)
164 UG Product Design for Medical Devices BSc(Hons)
165 UG Product Design Technology BSc(Hons)
166 UG Product Innovation BA(Hons)
167 UG Psychology and Child Development BSc(Hons)
168 UG Psychology and Counselling BSc(Hons)
169 UG Psychology and Criminology BSc(Hons)
170 UG Psychology and Sociology BSc(Hons)
171 UG Psychology BSc(Hons)
172 UG Publication Design BA(Hons)
173 UG Radio Production BA(Hons)
174 UG Robotics Engineering BEng(Hons), BSc(Hons)
175 UG Robotics Technology BSc(Hons)
176 UG School, Youth & Community Work and Practical Theology BA(Hons)
177 UG Scriptwriting: Joint Degrees BA(Hons)
178 UG Scriptwriting BA(Hons)
179 UG Social Work BA(Hons)
180 UG Sociology BA(Hons)
181 UG Sport and Exercise Nutrition BSc(Hons)
182 UG Sport and Exercise Psychology BSc(Hons)
183 UG Sports Development and Coaching BA(Hons)
184 UG Sports Studies BSc(Hons)
185 UG Sports Therapy BSc(Hons)
186 UG Sport Studies BA(Hons)
187 UG Stop Motion Animation and Puppet-making BA(Hons)
188 UG Sustainable Communities BA(Hons)
189 UG Sustainable Design: Transport Design BA(Hons)
190 UG Sustainable Design: Product Design BA(Hons)
191 UG Theatre Studies and Technical Stage Production BA(Hons)
192 UG Tourism Management BA(Hons)
193 UG Transport Design BA(Hons)
194 UG User Support Systems BSc(Hons)
195 UG VFX: Visual Effects and Concept Design BA(Hons)
196 UG Web Design BSc(Hons)
197 UG Web Development BSc(Hons)
198 UG Web Development HND BSc(Hons)
199 UG Web Multimedia BSc(Hons)
200 UG Web Programming BSc(Hons)
201 UG Young People, Communities and Practical Theology BA(Hons)
202 UG Advanced Clinical Practice MSc
203 UG Advanced Computing MSc
204 UG Advanced Technology MSc
205 UG Ageing, Mental Health and Dementia MSc
206 UG Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology MSc
207 UG Applied Sport and Exercise Science MSc
208 UG Automotive Engineering MSc
209 UG Broadcast Journalism MA
210 UG Ceramic Design MA
211 UG Clinical Podiatric Biomechanics MSc
212 UG Community and Participatory Arts MA
213 UG Community Practice (MA) MA
















International (non-EU) students applying to study on an undergraduate or postgraduate course in the 2009/2010 academic year will be entitled to a £1,000 scholarship. We also offer a 15 per cent International alumni discount.





















Main intake is in September and minor intake is in jan/feb





















Download Application Form

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