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School of Oriental and African Studies Campus

School of Oriental and African Studies


SOAS is among the top research universities in the country. As the ninth best university nationwide in The Good University Guide, they are rated fourth in London.

SOAS remains a guardian of specialised knowledge in languages and periods and regions not available anywhere else in the UK, and deals with with pressing issues - democracy, development, human rights, identity, legal systems, poverty, religion, social change - confronting two-thirds of humankind.

It is therefore the only Higher Education institution in the UK specialising in the study of Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East. This makes SOAS synonymous with intellectual excitement and achievement and an indispensable interpreter in a complex world. At SOAS , more than 4,600 students from 130 countries have over 350 degree combinations available in social sciences, arts, humanities and languages, all with a distinctive regional focus.

The staff tostudent ratio stands at 1:12, and small group teaching remains an important feature of study at SOAS. It offers a range of non-European languages, all of which may be studied without prior knowledge, opportunities to spend a year studying in another country, and a large concentration of specialist staff addressing small groups in a staff ratio of 11:1. The SOAS Library has more than 1.2 million items and attracts scholars from all over the world.

Location & Facilities

SOAS is based in the heart of London, with its rich cultural and social life on its doorstep. The two campuses - Russell Square and Vernon Square, are both well served by all forms of public transport. The nearest underground stations, Russell Square and King's Cross, offer a direct link to London Heathrow Airport and London's main railway stations are within reach.

The Russell Square campus is in historic Bloomsbury, while the Vernon Square campus is close to Islington's boutiques and restaurants and to the two SOAS student residences (Dinwiddy House and Paul Robeson House). Learning resources, an internet café and social and sport amenities are available on site or provided by the University of London Union (ULU). Students can apply for up to two years accommodation in SOAS's halls of residence and/or the Intercollegiate halls.

For a relatively small higher education institution, SOAS is fortunate to have outstanding facilities, like the Brunei Gallery that provides a 40-room conference venue, the SOAS Library which is recognised as a collection of national importance and houses over 1.2 million volumes in ovcer 400 languages, and eight Regional Centres that run programmes of seminars, workshops and conferences.


List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Languages and Cultures
  • Faculty of Law and Social Sciences























Courses Offered Level  Name of the Program
1 UG BA African Language and Culture 
    BA African Studies 
    BA Ancient Near Eastern Studies 
    BA Arabic 
    BA Arabic and Islamic Studies 
    BA Arabic Cultural Studies 
    BA Chinese (Modern and Classical) 
    BA Hebrew and Israeli Studies 
    BA History 
    BA History of Art/Archaeology 
    BA History of Art (Asia, Africa) 
    BA History of Art (Asia, Africa & Europe) 
    BA Indonesian 
    BA Islamic Studies 
    BA Japanese 
    BA Japanese Studies 
    BA Korean 
    BA Linguistics 
    BA Middle Eastern Studies 
    BA Music 
    BA Persian 
    BA Politics 
    BA Social Anthropology 
    BA South Asian Studies 
    BA South East Asian Studies 
    BA South East Asian Studies (including year abroad) 
    BA Study of Religions 
    BA Thai 
    BA Turkish 
    BSc Development Economics 
    BSc Economics 
    BSc International Management (China) 
    BSc International Management (China) (Year Abroad) 
    BSc International Management (Japan and Korea)(Year Abroad) - subject to approval 
    BSc International Management (Japan and Korea) - subject to approval 
    BSc International Management (Middle East and North Africa)(Year Abroad) - subject to approval 
    BSc International Management (Middle East and North Africa) - subject to approval 
    LLB Law Single Honours 
    BA ... and French 
    BA ... and Georgian (minor) 
    BA ... and Modern Greek Studies 
    BA African Studies and ... 
    BA Arabic and... 
    BA Bengali and... 
    BA Burmese (Myanmar) and... 
    BA Chinese (Modern and Classical) and... 
    BA Cinema Cultures and... - subject to approval 
    BA Development Studies and... 
    BA Economics and... 
    BA Geography and... 
    BA Hausa and... 
    BA Hebrew and... 
    BA Hindi and... 
    BA History and ... 
    BA History of Art/Archaeology and... 
    BA Indonesian and . . . 
    BA Japanese and... 
    BA Japanese Studies and... 
    BA Korean and... 
    BA Law and... Combined Honours Degree 
    BA Linguistics and... 
    BA Management and... 
    BA Middle Eastern Studies and... 
    BA Music and... 
    BA Nepali and... 
    BA Persian and... 
    BA Politics and... 
    BA Sanskrit and... 
    BA Social Anthropology and ... 
    BA South Asian Studies and .. 
    BA South East Asian Studies (Combined Honours) 
    BA Study of Religions and... 
    BA Swahili and... 
    BA Thai and... 
    BA Tibetan and ... 
    BA Turkish and... 
    BA Vietnamese and... 
    LLM (Master of Laws) 
    LLM in Banking Law 
    LLM in Chinese Law 
    LLM in Dispute and Conflict Resolution 
    LLM in Environmental Law 
    LLM in Human Rights, Conflict and Justice 
    LLM in International and Comparative Commercial Law 
    LLM in International Economic Law 
    LLM in International Law 
    LLM in Islamic Law 
    LLM in Law, Culture and Society 
    LLM in Law, Development and Governance 
    LLM in Law in the Middle East and North Africa 
    LLM in South Asian Law 
    MA/PGDip International Studies and Diplomacy 
    MA African Literature 
    MA African Studies 
    MA Ancient Near Eastern Languages 
    MA Anthropological Research Methods 
    MA Anthropology of Food 
Taught Masters
MA Anthropology of Media 
    MA Applied Japanese Linguistics 
    MA Applied Linguistics and Language Pedagogy 
    MA Arabic Literature 
    MA Chinese Literature 
    MA Chinese Studies 
    MA Comparative Literature (Africa / Asia) 
    MA Gender Studies 
    MA Globalization and Corporate Development 
    MA History: Asia/Africa 
    MA History of Art and/or Archaeology 
    MA in Chinese Law 
    MA in Critical Media and Cultural Studies 
    MA in Cultural Studies 
    MA in Dispute and Conflict Resolution 
    MA in Environmental Law and Sustainable Development 
    MA in Global Cinemas and the Transcultural 
    MA in Global Media and Postnational Communication 
    MA in Historical Research Methods 
    MA in Human Rights Law 
    MA in International and Comparative Commercial Law 
    MA in International and Comparative Legal Studies (General Programme) 
    MA in International Law 
    MA in Islamic Law 
    MA in Law, Culture and Society 
    MA in Law, Development and Globalisation 
    MA in Migration and Diaspora Studies 
    MA Islamic Societies and Cultures 
    MA Islamic Studies 
    MA Israeli Studies 
    MA Japanese Literature 
    MA Japanese Studies 
    MA Korean Literature 
    MA Korean Studies 
    MA Language Documentation and Description 
    MA Languages and Cultures of South Asia 
    MA Languages and Literatures of South East Asia 
    MA Linguistics 
    MA Medical Anthropology 
    MA Near and Middle Eastern Studies 
    MA Pacific Asian Studies 
    MA Religions 
    MA Religions - Study of Religions Pathway 
    MA Religions: Buddhist Studies Pathway 
    MA Religions: Christianities of Asia and Africa Pathway 
    MA Religions: Gender Studies and Religion Pathway 
    MA Religions: Indian Religions Pathway 
    MA Religions: Japanese Religions Pathway 
    MA Sinology 
    MA Social Anthropology 
    MA Social Anthropology of Development 
    MA South Asian Area Studies 
    MA South East Asian Studies 
    MA Taiwan Studies 
    MA Theory and Practice of Translation (Asian and African Languages) 
    MA Turkish Studies 
    MMus Ethnomusicology 
    MMus Performance 
    MSc African Politics 
    MSc Asian Politics 
    MSc Development Economics 
    MSc Development Studies 
    MSc Development Studies with Special Reference to Central Asia 
    MSc Economics with reference to Africa 
    MSc Economics with reference to South Asia 
    MSc Economics with reference to the Asia Pacific Region 
    MSc Economics with reference to the Middle East 
    MSc Finance and Development 
    MSc Finance and Financial Law 
    MSc Globalisation and Development 
    MSc International Management (China) 
    MSc International Management (Japan) 
    MSc International Management (Middle East and North Africa) 
    MSc International Politics 
    MSc Middle East Politics 
    MSc Migration Mobility and Development 
    MSc Political Economy of Development 
    MSc State, Society and Development 
    MSc Violence, Conflict & Development 















SOAS offers a wide-range of scholarships, bursaries and awards to support students. Four scholarships are available for overseas students who register for the full-time MA Religions or MA History: Asia/ Africa at SOAS for the academic session 2010/11.The scholarship, valued at £15,000, will be used to meet the cost of tuition fees at the overseas rate and the remaining sum may be used towards maintenance. The closing date is Friday, 30 April 2010.


Up to six Felix Scholarships will be available to first class Indian students under 30 years of age who can demonstrate financial need, to pursue graduate studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition fees and provides around £11,700 for living expenses. One award is made each year to a non-Indian student who demonstrates academic excellence and financial need. Applications must be received no later than 5pm on 29 January 2010.


Jain Studies MA Scholarship is valued at £5,000, the scholarship is generously sponsored by Jain Spirit Magazine for MA in Jaina Studies.


There are eleven SOAS Master's scholarships available, and are equivalent of a Research Council Master's Research Preparation studentship. For 2009/10, this was £14,670. Candidates who have applied for a place to study at the School at least four weeks before the scholarship closing date of 5pm on 29 January 2010 are eligible.


Jit Kaur Babak & Chanchal Singh Babak Nottingham Research Award (in Punjabi/Sikh Studies or Punjabi/Urdu Literature, are available for students currently enrolled in an Mphil/PhD at SOAS)






















Most courses at UG and Masters level start in September. Several PG Diplomas start in January.





















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