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Robert Gordon University Campus

Robert Gordon University


Robert Gordon University is a dynamic, modern place to study with an international reputation for providing high quality education from undergraduate through to PhD level.


Consistently ranked among the UK's top universities for graduate employment for many years, recent accolades have included:

. 'Best Modern University in the UK' - The Times Good University Guide 2012

. Scottish University of the Year 2011

. Top Modern University for Research in Scotland.


Their diverse and exciting range of degree programmmes are taught in state-of-the-art facilities by specialists who maintain close links with the world of work.


Well-established relationships with professional bodies, industrial organisations, government departments and research institutes ensure that all taught content is relevant and meets industry standards.


There were over 15,000 students at the University.


The University can be traced back to the birth of Aberdeen merchant and benefactor Robert Gordon in 1668.


Location & Facilities

Aberdeen is a vibrant and multicultural city, home to a population of over 220,000, including 20,000 students. It is rich in culture, with a range of museums, art galleries, cinemas and concert venues.


The City centre campus is based in the heart of Aberdeen and is housed in traditional surroundings, within some of the city's most famous granite buildings.


The Garthdee campus, on the banks of the River Dee, has developed rapidly over recent years and contains the very latest facilities to support your studies and leisure time.


At Robert Gordon University you'll enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and equipment designed so that you get the maximum from your studies and can then put your newly acquired skills to good use in a productive job.


. Two libraries, one at ourGarthdee campus and the other at our City Centre campus.

. Wireless internet coverage in every building including our dedicated IT facilities.

. Refine your practical skills in the realistic surroundings of our Clinical Skills Centre, TV and radio studio and Moot Court.

. Eat well and healthily at high quality dining facilities.

. Stay fit with RGU: SPORT at our Garthdee complex.

. Professionally staffed Student Medical Service and nursery are available












List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College


. Architecture, Construction & Surveying

. Art & Design

. Business, Management & Accounting

. Computing

. Engineering

. Health Professions

. Information, Communication & Media

. Laboratory, Biomedical & Sports Sciences

. Law

. Social Work & Social Sciences


















Courses Offered

S.No. Level Name of Program
1 UG Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)
2 UG Events Management BA (Hons)
3 UG Fashion Management BA (Hons)
4 UG International Business Management BA (Hons)
5 UG International Hospitality Management BA (Hons) 
6 UG International Tourism Management BA (Hons) 
7 UG Management BA (Hons) 
8 UG Management with Human Resource Management BA (Hons)
9 UG Management with Marketing BA (Hons)
10 UG Architectural Technology Degree | BSc (Hons)
11 UG BSc Construction Management Degree | BSc 
12 UG Master of Architecture | Architecture MArch
13 UG Surveying BSc (Hons) (Full-time) 
14 UG Business Information Systems BSc (Hons)
15 UG Computer Network Management and Design BSc (Hons) 
16 UG Computer Science BSc (Hons)
17 UG Computing for Graphics and Animation BSc (Hons)
18 UG Computing for Internet and Multimedia BSc (Hons)
19 UG Information Systems Technology BSc (Hons)
20 UG Multimedia Development BSc (Hons) 
21 UG Computer Network Management and Design BSc (Hons) 
22 UG Electronic and Electrical Engineering BEng (Hons)/MEng
23 UG Electronic and Electrical Engineering MEng (Full-time)
24 UG Engineering BEng (Hons)
25 UG Mechanical and Electrical Engineering BEng (Hons) / MEng 
26 UG Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons)/MEng
27 UG Mechanical Engineering MEng
28 UG Nutrition BSc (Hons) 
29 UG Occupational Therapy BSc (Hons) 
30 UG Pharmacy MPharm 
31 UG Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) 
32 UG Journalism BA (Hons)
33 UG Media BA (Hons)
34 UG Public Relations BA (Hons)
35 UG Applied Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)
36 UG Applied Sport and Exercise Science BSc (Hons)
37 UG Bioscience with Biomedical Sciences BSc (Hons)
38 UG Forensic and Analytical Science BSc (Hons) 
39 UG Nutrition and Dietetics BSc (Hons) 
40 UG Nutrition BSc (Hons) 
41 UG Pharmacy MPharm 
42 UG Law and Management BA (Hons)
43 UG Law LLB (Hons)
44 UG Applied Social Sciences BA (Hons)
45 UG Social Work BA (Hons) 
46 PG Architecture Masters Degree | MSc Advanced Architectural Studies 
47 PG Masters Architecture Degree Course | MSc Architectural Studies
48 PG MSc Construction Project Management Degree
49 PG Accounting Masters | MSc Accounting and Finance 
50 PG Management PgCert/PgDip/MSc
51 PG Master of Business Administration 
52 PG Master Supply Chain Management Degree | MSc Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
53 PG Masters Financial Management Course | MSc Financial Management
54 PG Masters in Energy Management | MSc Energy Management
55 PG Masters in Fashion Management Degree | MSc Fashion Management 
56 PG Masters in Human Resources Management | CIPD Course 
57 PG Masters in International Business Degree | MSc International Business 
58 PG Masters in Project Management | MSc Project Management
59 PG Masters in Public Administration Degree | MPA 
60 PG Masters in Tourism and Hospitality Management Degree | MSc International Tourism and Hospitality Management 
61 PG Masters International Marketing and Management | MSc International Marketing Management 
62 PG MBA Oil and Gas Management 
63 PG MSc Accounting | MSc Oil and Gas Accounting
64 PG Masters in Computer Science Course | MSc Computing Information Engineering with Network Management 
65 PG Masters in Information Technology Degree | MSc IT Management 
66 PG Masters in Software Engineering Degree | MSc Computing: Software Technology with Network Management
67 PG MSc Computer Science Degree | MSc Computing: Information Engineering 
68 PG MSc Software Engineering Course | MSc Computing: Software Technology
69 PG Master Communications Engineering Course | MSc Communications and Computer Network Engineering
70 PG Masters Drilling Course | MSc Drilling and Well Engineering
71 PG Masters Petroleum Engineering Degree | MSc Petroleum Production Engineering 
72 PG MSc Oil and Gas Engineering Degree 
73 PG Masters in Nursing Degree | M Nursing (Nurse Led Practice)
74 PG Masters in Physiotherapy Degree | MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration)
75 PG Masters Radiography degree | MSc Diagnostic Radiography 
76 PG Library and Information Studies Masters | MSc Information and Library Studies
77 PG Masters Corporate Communications Degree
78 PG Masters in Journalism Degree | MSc Journalism
79 PG Instrumental Analytical Sciences DNA Analysis, Proteomics & Metabolomics PgCert/PgDip/MSc
80 PG Instrumental Analytical Sciences Drug Analysis and Toxicology
81 PG Instrumental Analytical Sciences Oilfield Chemicals PgCert/PgDip/MSc
82 PG MSc Environmental Science | MSc Instrumental Analytical Sciences Environmental Analysis 
83 PG Instrumental Analytical Sciences DNA Analysis, Proteomics & Metabolomics PgCert/PgDip/MSc 
84 PG Instrumental Analytical Sciences Drug Analysis and Toxicology 
85 PG Instrumental Analytical Sciences Oilfield Chemicals PgCert/PgDip/MSc
86 PG Masters in Biomechanics Degree | MSc Clinical Biomechanics
87 PG Masters in Physiotherapy Degree | MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) 
88 PG MSc Environmental Science | MSc Instrumental Analytical Sciences Environmental Analysis
89 PG Sports Biomechanics Masters | MSc Sports Biomechanics
90 PG International Commercial Law | LLM International Commercial Law
91 PG Legal Practice Course | Diploma in Professional Legal Practice 
92 PG LLM International Trade Degree | MSc International Trade
93 PG Masters in Law Oil and Gas | MSc/LLM Oil and Gas Law 
94 PG CSR Course | MSc Corporate Social Responsibility and Energy
95 PG Social Work Master Degree | Masters of Social Work 


There are a number of scholarships which may be available to you. They include funding available from external sources, such as government bodies and private companies, to those offered by Robert Gordon University.


Robert Gordon University Scholarships

Thanks to our links with industry we offer a range of scholarships at undergraduate and postgraduate level.


British Council Scholarships

The British Council has gathered information on hundreds of awards that are available to international students. It also has information on the prestigious Chevening Scholarship programme.

Scotland's Saltire Scholarships

In 2008, the British Council and Scottish Government announced the introduction of Saltire Scholarships. The scheme offers 200 awards to students applying from Canada, China, India and USA. The awards are open to students pursuing a taught one year Masters degree at a Scottish University. Successful applicants will be offered a scholarship totalling 2000.

Commonwealth Scholarship Commission

The role of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom (CSC) is to offer opportunities to Commonwealth citizens to study in the UK and to identify UK citizens to study overseas. They administer seven types of award and support around 700 awards annually.








January and Septemeber intake of each year.












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