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Queen's University Belfast


Queen's University Belfast ranks among the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, and is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of the UK's top 20 research-intensive universities, along with other universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial. Founded as Queen's College in 1845, Queen's received its Royal Charter in 1908 and was established as a University. Today it has more than 17,000 students from 80 countries, 3,500 staff, and 100,000 graduates worldwide. International students play a key role in the life of Queen's. The University fully recognises and supports their role in enriching its thriving research culture and contributing to its academic activity.


Queen's University Belfast was named the 'Entrepreneurial University of the Year' at the Times Higher Education Awards 2009. 19 subjects are ranked in the top 20 in the UK by the Times Good University Guide 2010:

UK top 5 in: Agriculture; Pharmacy and Pharmacology; Social Work and Celtic Studies.
UK top 10 in: Food Science; Dentistry and Nursing. UK top 15 in: Accounting; Aerospace Engineering; Archaeology, Anthropology; Civil Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Music, Planning.

UK top 20 in: Iberian Languages, Urban and Rural Design and Medicine.

Queen's Chancellor is His Excellency Kamalesh Sharma, Secretary General to the Commonwealth and former Indian High Commissioner to the UK. The Chancellor was installed at a ceremony in December 2009. In 2009, Queen's honoured the former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Kalam at a special ceremony at the University. Dr. Kalam was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Law for distinction to public service and then delivered a lecture as part of the second Queen's India Lecture Series.

Queen's has recently entered into a Joint Venture with INTO University partnerships. The INTO Queen's partnership offers a range of programmes at foundation, diploma, graduate diploma and pre-masters levels ( More information is available from the Queen's and India website.

























Location & Facilities

Belfast is a thriving cosmopolitan city which retains much of its Victorian and Edwardian character. Historic 19th century architecture now competes with spectacular new developments such as the Waterfront Hall and the Odyssey Arena. Travelling to and from Northern Ireland is easy and economical. Most major British cities are within an hour's flight time from Belfast's two airports. There are dozens of flights each day to and from London, other destinations in the UK, and beyond. Competition means that fares are low.


New investment is changing the face and the atmosphere of Northern Ireland's compact and lively capital. India is also a significant source of investment for Northern Ireland, as over 3,000 people are employed by major Indian companies such as HCL, First Source, Polaris Software Lab, Tech Mahindra and Pix Transmission.

International students at Queen's are guaranteed a room in University accommodation for at least their first year of study. Residences are located within easy walking distance of the University in a pleasant residential area. Not only is Queen's accommodation amongst the best and most modern in the UK, it is also very competitively priced. ( Queen's has excellent facilities including the new Mc Clay Library, the Students' Union and the Physical Education Centre.

























List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

  • School of Biological Sciences
  • School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • School of Education
  • School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • School of English
  • School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology
  • School of History and Anthropology
  • School of Languages, Literatures and Performing Arts
  • School of Law
  • Queen's University Management School
  • School of Mathematics and Physics
  • School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences
  • School of Music and Sonic Arts
  • School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy
  • School of Psychology
  • School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work

































Courses Offered

Sr no. Level Name of the Program
1 Undergraduate  Accounting
2 Undergraduate  Actuarial Science and Risk Management
3 Undergraduate  Aerospace Engineering
4 Undergraduate  Agricultural Technology
5 Undergraduate  Archaeology and Palaeoecology
6 Undergraduate  Architecture
7 Undergraduate  Biochemistry
8 Undergraduate  Biological Sciences
9 Undergraduate  Biomedical Science
10 Undergraduate  Business Economics
11 Undergraduate  Business Information Technology
12 Undergraduate  Business Management
13 Undergraduate  Chemical Engineering
14 Undergraduate  Chemistry
15 Undergraduate  Civil Engineering
16 Undergraduate  Computer Games Design and Development
17 Undergraduate  Computer Science
18 Undergraduate  Computing and Information Technology
19 Undergraduate  Creative Multimedia
20 Undergraduate  Criminology
21 Undergraduate  Dentistry
22 Undergraduate  Drama Studies
23 Undergraduate  Economics
24 Undergraduate  Education
25 Undergraduate  Electrical and Electronic Engineering
26 Undergraduate  English
27 Undergraduate  Environmental and Civil Engineering
28 Undergraduate  Environmental Biology
29 Undergraduate  Environmental Planning
30 Undergraduate  Ethnomusicology
31 Undergraduate  Film Studies
32 Undergraduate  Finance
33 Undergraduate  Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition
34 Undergraduate  French Studies
35 Undergraduate  Genetics
36 Undergraduate  Geography
37 Undergraduate  History: Ancient
38 Undergraduate  History: Modern
39 Undergraduate  Human Biology
40 Undergraduate  International Business with a Modern Language
41 Undergraduate  International Politics and Conflict Studies
42 Undergraduate  Irish and Celtic Studies
43 Undergraduate  Irish Studies
44 Undergraduate  Land Use & Environmental Management
45 Undergraduate  Land, Environment and Sustainability FD
46 Undergraduate  Law
47 Undergraduate  Linguistics
48 Undergraduate  Manufacturing Engineering
49 Undergraduate  Marine Biology
50 Undergraduate  Mathematical Studies
51 Undergraduate  Mechanical Engineering
52 Undergraduate  Mechanical Engineering FD
53 Undergraduate  Medicine
54 Undergraduate  Microbiology
55 Undergraduate  Midwifery
56 Undergraduate  Molecular Biology
57 Undergraduate  Music
58 Undergraduate  Music Technology
59 Undergraduate  Nursing
60 Undergraduate  Pharmacy
61 Undergraduate  Philosophy
62 Undergraduate  Physics
63 Undergraduate  Politics
64 Undergraduate  Politics, Philosophy and Economics
65 Undergraduate  Product Design and Development
66 Undergraduate  Product Design and Development FD
67 Undergraduate  Psychology
68 Undergraduate  Social Anthropology
69 Undergraduate  Social Policy
70 Undergraduate  Social Work
71 Undergraduate  Sociology
72 Undergraduate  Spanish and Portuguese Studies
73 Undergraduate  Spanish Studies
74 Undergraduate  Structural Engineering with Architecture
75 Undergraduate  Theology
76 Undergraduate  Web Technology and e-Commerce (Foundation)
77 Undergraduate  Zoology
78 Postgraduate taught Accounting and Finance 
79 Postgraduate taught Advanced Pharmacy Practice 
80 Postgraduate taught Animal Behaviour and Welfare 
81 Postgraduate taught Applied Psychology (Clinical Specialism) 
82 Postgraduate taught Applied Social Studies 
83 Postgraduate taught Architecture: MArch 
84 Postgraduate taught Architecture: Professional
85 Postgraduate taught Practise and Practical
86 Postgraduate taught Experience 
87 Postgraduate taught Atypical Child Development 
88 Postgraduate taught Biomolecular Structure and Function 
89 Postgraduate taught Biotechnology 
90 Postgraduate taught Business Economics 
91 Postgraduate taught Chemistry 
92 Postgraduate taught Childhood Studies 
93 Postgraduate taught Clean Chemical Technology and Management
94 Postgraduate taught Clinical Pharmacy (distance learning)
95 Postgraduate taught Clinical Psychology 
96 Postgraduate taught Cognition and Culture 
97 Postgraduate taught Cognitive Science 
98 Postgraduate taught Communication
99 Postgraduate taught Community Pharmacy (distance learning)
100 Postgraduate taught Comparative Ethnic Conflict 
101 Postgraduate taught Computer and Electronic Security 
102 Postgraduate taught Construction and Project Management 
103 Postgraduate taught Corporate Governance and Public Policy 
104 Postgraduate taught Criminal Justice 
105 Postgraduate taught Criminology 
106 Postgraduate taught Dating and Chronology 
107 Postgraduate taught Divinity 
108 Postgraduate taught Drama and Performance Studies 
109 Postgraduate taught Durability of Structures
110 Postgraduate taught Ecological Management and Conservation Biology
111 Postgraduate taught Education: Advanced Certificate in Education
112 Postgraduate taught Education: Applying Psychology to Education 
113 Postgraduate taught Education: Autistic Spectrum Disorders 
114 Postgraduate taught Education: Collaborative Leadership for Schools
115 Postgraduate taught Education: Diversity and Inclusion in Education
116 Postgraduate taught Education: Doctorate
117 Postgraduate taught Education: Educational Studies
118 Postgraduate taught Education: e-Learning 
119 Postgraduate taught Education: Inclusion and Special Needs Education 
120 Postgraduate taught Education: Leadership and Management in Education 
121 Postgraduate taught Education: Personal and Civic Education 
122 Postgraduate taught Education: PGCE 
123 Postgraduate taught Education: Principles and Practices of Teaching
124 Postgraduate taught Education: TESOL (Doctorate) 
125 Postgraduate taught Education: TESOL (Masters) 
126 Postgraduate taught Educational Multimedia 
127 Postgraduate taught Electronics 
128 Postgraduate taught English: Creative Writing 
129 Postgraduate taught English: English Language and Linguistics 
130 Postgraduate taught English: Irish Writing 
131 Postgraduate taught English: Medieval Studies 
132 Postgraduate taught English: Modern Literary Studies 
133 Postgraduate taught English: Poetry 
134 Postgraduate taught English: Reconceiving the Renaissance 
135 Postgraduate taught Environmental Engineering 
136 Postgraduate taught Ethnomusicology
137 Postgraduate taught French and Linguistics 
138 Postgraduate taught French Studies (Modern): Culture and Memory 
139 Postgraduate taught French Studies
140 Postgraduate taught Gender and Society 
141 Postgraduate taught German Studies 
142 Postgraduate taught Health Sciences 
143 Postgraduate taught History: Ancient 
144 Postgraduate taught History: Modern 
145 Postgraduate taught Human Rights and Criminal Justice
146 Postgraduate taught Human Rights and Criminal Justice (Cross Border)
147 Postgraduate taught Human Rights Law (Cross Border) 
148 Postgraduate taught Human Rights Law 
149 Postgraduate taught Interdisciplinary Arts
150 Postgraduate taught International Business 
151 Postgraduate taught International Politics 
152 Postgraduate taught Irish and Celtic Studies 
153 Postgraduate taught Irish History 
154 Postgraduate taught Irish Politics 
155 Postgraduate taught Irish Studies 
156 Postgraduate taught Irish Theatre and Culture 
157 Postgraduate taught Irish Translation Studies 
158 Postgraduate taught Landscape, Heritage and Environment 
159 Postgraduate taught Law and Government 
160 Postgraduate taught Law and International Commerce 
161 Postgraduate taught Leadership for Sustainable Development 
162 Postgraduate taught Legal Science 
163 Postgraduate taught Legislative Studies and Practice 
164 Postgraduate taught Management 
165 Postgraduate taught Mechanical Engineering: Advanced 
166 Postgraduate taught Midwifery 
167 Postgraduate taught Molecular Ecology 
168 Postgraduate taught Music 
169 Postgraduate taught Music: Composition 
170 Postgraduate taught New Venture Creation 
171 Postgraduate taught Nursing 
172 Postgraduate taught Nursing Practice 
173 Postgraduate taught Plasma and Vacuum Technology 
174 Postgraduate taught Plasma Physics 
175 Postgraduate taught Political Philosophy 
176 Postgraduate taught Political Psychology 
177 Postgraduate taught Politics 
178 Postgraduate taught Polymer Engineering 
179 Postgraduate taught Process Engineering 
180 Postgraduate taught Professional Legal Studies 
181 Postgraduate taught Public Health 
182 Postgraduate taught Research: Politics 
183 Postgraduate taught Risk Management and Financial Regulation 
184 Postgraduate taught Social and Community Development 
185 Postgraduate taught Social Anthropology
186 Postgraduate taught Social Research Methods 
187 Postgraduate taught Sociology 
188 Postgraduate taught Sonic Arts 
189 Postgraduate taught Spanish Studies 
190 Postgraduate taught Spanish: Image and Text 
191 Postgraduate taught Spatial Regeneration
192 Postgraduate taught Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
193 Postgraduate taught Sustainable Aquaculture and Inshore Fisheries 
194 Postgraduate taught Sustainable Design 
195 Postgraduate Research Sustainable Rural Development and Project Management
196 Postgraduate Research Telecommunications 
197 Postgraduate Research Theology 
198 Postgraduate Research Translation 
199 Postgraduate Research Urban and Rural Design 
200 Postgraduate Research Violence, Terrorism and Security 
201 Postgraduate Research Water Resources Management 
202 Postgraduate Research Work-based Learning incl. (Occupational Health and Safety) 
203 Postgraduate Research Accounting
204 Postgraduate Research Archaeology: Past Cultural Change
205 Postgraduate Research Astrophysics
206 Postgraduate Research Atomistic Simulation
207 Postgraduate Research Biomolecular Processes
208 Postgraduate Research Built Environment
209 Postgraduate Research Byzantine Studies
210 Postgraduate Research Cancer Research and Cell Biology
211 Postgraduate Research Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
212 Postgraduate Research Cognition and Culture
213 Postgraduate Research Computer Science
214 Postgraduate Research Drama Studies
215 Postgraduate Research Ecology, Evolution, Behaviour and Environmental Economics
216 Postgraduate Research Economics
217 Postgraduate Research Education
218 Postgraduate Research Electrical and Electronic Engineering
219 Postgraduate Research English
220 Postgraduate Research Environmental Engineering
221 Postgraduate Research Ethnomusicology
222 Postgraduate Research Film Studies
223 Postgraduate Research Finance
224 Postgraduate Research French Studies
225 Postgraduate Research Geography and Palaeoecology: Environmental Change
226 Postgraduate Research History: Ancient
227 Postgraduate Research History: Modern
228 Postgraduate Research Human Geography: Society, Space and Culture
229 Postgraduate Research Infection and Immunity
230 Postgraduate Research Irish and Celtic Studies
231 Postgraduate Research Irish Studies
232 Postgraduate Research Law
233 Postgraduate Research Management
234 Postgraduate Research Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
235 Postgraduate Research Music and Sonic Arts
236 Postgraduate Research Nanostructured Media
237 Postgraduate Research Nursing and Midwifery
238 Postgraduate Research Pharmacy
239 Postgraduate Research Plasma Physics
240 Postgraduate Research Politics, International Studies and Philosophy
241 Postgraduate Research Psychology
242 Postgraduate Research Public Health
243 Postgraduate Research Pure Mathematics
244 Postgraduate Research Social Anthropology
245 Postgraduate Research Sociology and Social Policy and Social Work
246 Postgraduate Research Spanish and Portuguese Studies
247 Postgraduate Research Spatial and Environmental Planning
248 Postgraduate Research Statistical Science and Operational Research
249 Postgraduate Research Theology
250 Postgraduate Research Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
251 Postgraduate Research Vision and Vascular Science

































The University is offering 60 postgraduate taught scholarships to international applicants. Applicants who have been made an offer - conditional or unconditional - will be automatically contacted about eligibility and invited to apply.

Values of scholarships are as follow:

£1,500 for Band 1 including: Arts, Humanities, Management and Social Science courses.

£2,000 for Band 2 and 3 including: Engineering, Science, Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing courses.




The School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is one of the largest Schools in Queen's. It has an international reputation due to its far reaching research activities and many successes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Consistently in the top 10 of UK university league tables for its subjects, the School currently attracts students from 20 countries worldwide. A number of scholarships are available for international applicants for 2010 entry to the following postgraduate taught courses:


  • MSc Electronics
  • MSc Telecommunications
  • MSc Computer and Electronic Security



The School has developed a scholarship package available to international students applying for a postgraduate taught course. As an international student you will receive a scholarship worth £1,500 when you enrol full-time on the MSc. In addition, subject to eligibility, all students who graduate from the MSc course with Distinction will be offered the opportunity to pursue a Doctoral programme of research working with some of our leading academics and researchers.


MSc Educational Multimedia


All applicants accepted onto the MSc in Educational Multimedia and who enrol full-time on the course in September 2010 will be considered for the award of a scholarship of £1,500 to be paid during the year. One scholarship will be available and will be awarded to the applicant who, in the opinion of the School, best fulfils or exceeds the criteria for entry to the course.


Students entitled to, or already in receipt of, a scholarship from the University are not eligible for the award of the above School-based scholarships. The decision to award a scholarship will be based on the information provided in your application form.



The School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is offering a limited number of special scholarships to high quality students who apply for MSc in Polymer Engineering. Each scholarship is worth up to £3,000. A similar scholarship is being introduced for top ranked students who apply for the new MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering.



































There is normally one intake per year for undergraduate or postgraduate taught courses: September of each academic year. Only Nursing offers two entry points during the year, usually September and March.

How To Apply
Undergraduate: Applications for full-time undergraduate degree programmes at Queen's University Belfast must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). All applicants are now encouraged to apply online at The application deadline for international students is 30 June of each year, except for those applying for Medicine. The closing date for all Medicine applications is 15 October of the year before entry.

Postgraduate: Applications for postgraduate taught and research programmes at Queen's University Belfast should be submitted online at: Applicants should read the guidance notes, also available on the above webpage, before completing the online form. A small number of courses require special application forms, details of these are listed on page 3 of the guidance notes. Applicants who have not studied at a UK university are required to upload their transcripts. Applicants to PhD study are required to upload their research proposal.
Generally there are no closing dates for postgraduate taught degrees; however we encourage you to apply as early as possible.









































Download Application Form

Click here to Download Application form





















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