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Met Film School, London in UK
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Met Film School, London Campus

Met Film School, London


Met Film is a unique organisation based in Ealing Studios, which comprises the UK's fastest growing film school (Met Film School), an award-winning feature film production company (Met Film Production) and a cutting-edge post-production facility (Met Film Post)


The philosophy behind Met Film is to provide a synergistic working environment for emerging and established film industry professionals. Our businesses work within a virtuous circle - we train filmmakers, we make films and we provide filmmaking, post and creative services to other filmmakers and clients.




















Location and Facilities

Our modern premises and facilities are located within the world-famous Ealing Studios in West London. Ealing Studios is best known for productions in the 1940s and 1950s such as The Ladykillers, The Lavender Hill Mob and Kind Hearts and Coronets. In recent years Ealing Studios have been used for high-profile productions such as Downton Abbey, Nowhere Boy, My Week with Marilyn, Prince of Persia, The Iron Lady, Star Wars: Episode Two, and Victor Frankenstein.






























List of Departments





























Courses Offered

Undergraduate Courses
• BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking (Three-Year)


Postgraduate Courses
• MA Directing
• MA Screenwriting
• MA Producing
• MA Cinematography
• MA Postproduction
• MA Documentary & Factual


One-year Courses
• Certificate in Practical Filmmaking (Cert HE)
• Practical Filmmaking Diploma (DipHE)


Part Time Courses
• Part-Time Filmmaking
• Part-Time Documentary Filmmaking
• Part-Time Postproduction
• Screenwriting Fundamentals
• Part-Time Producing


Six-month Courses
• Six-Month Screenwriting
• Six-Month Practical Filmmaking
• Six-Month Postproduction


Short Courses
• Documentary Filmmaking
• From Story to Screen in Eight Weeks
• Three Week Editing
• Four-Week Filmmaking
• Acting For Film (Level 1)
• Acting For Film (Level 2)
• Introduction to Cinematography
• Two-Day Intensive Filmmaking
• Introduction to Acting for Film
• Introduction to Editing
• Introduction to Screenwriting


Young People's Courses
• Met Filmmaking Camp (Residential)
• Met Young Actors’ Camp (Residential)
• Young Filmmakers’ Workshop
• Young Filmmakers’ Academy











Met Film School offers a limited number of partial and full-ride scholarships for our accredited programmes.


Our scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate the potential to be exceptional filmmakers and who already have compelling stories to tell. Applicants must be able to show their passion for and dedication to making films. We’re particularly interested in applicants from conflict zones and developing countries.


We are looking for individuals that possess distinctive and unique filmmaking voices. Scholarships will only be awarded to those students who have a film that has achieved success, for example at a reputable festival.


Applicants must submit a portfolio of work alongside their application which outlines their experience and how they believe a scholarship place at the Met Film School would benefit their career development.


In addition, applicants will need to demonstrate that their financial situation would ordinarily preclude them from being able to undertake such a programme.




































General Intake














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