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London Metropolitan University Campus

London Metropolitan University


The University as it is today was created in 2002 with the merging  of London Guildhall University and the University of North London, the first merger between two universities in the UK. Its roots however, lie firmly in the nineteenth century with the establishment of the Metropolitan Evening Classes for Young Men, in 1848

Located in the heart of one of the world's most exciting cities, London Met is a great place to study. All of our courses are designed to prepare students for their lives and future careers.London Metropolitan University is one of the most popular universities in the UK for students from India, located in the heart of one of the world's most exciting cities. London Met is a great place to study for a number of reasons.


London Metropolitan University is also accredited by a wide range of professional bodies including the Royal Institute of Builders and Architects (RIBA), The Law Society, The General Social Care Council, Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD), the Chartered Institute of Marketing, The British Psychological Association (BPA) and The Chartered Institute of Bankers.


At London Metropolitan University we believe that everyone has the right to an affordable quality education,Our fees for 2013/14 have been set at levels significantly lower than other Universities, and our courses recently received top marks from the UK's Quality Assurance Agency.









Location and Facilities

London Met is a great place to study, located in the heart of one of the world's most exciting cities. We stand out because we offer courses of quality, in a vibrant, socially diverse environment, which will help launch your career.
It is Located in London has campuses in the City of London and in the London Borough of Islington, with a museum, as well as archives and libraries.












List of Departments


Arts and Human Sciences

Faculties and schools

    Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design ("The Cass")
    • School of Art
    • School of Architecture
    • School of Design
    • incorporating London Metropolitan Polymer Centre

    London Metropolitan Business School
    • Accounting and Finance division
    • Business Law, Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management division
    • Economics division
    • Management, Strategy and Leadership division
    • Marketing and Communications division
    • Tourism, Transport, Sport and Creative Industries division

    Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing
    • School of Psychology
    • School of Human Sciences
    • School of Computing

    Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
    • School of Applied Social Sciences
    • School of Social Professions
    • School of Media, Culture and Communication

    Faculty of Law, Governance and International Relations
    • Law section
    • Governance and International Relations section


    Course Fee
    Junior Study Year Abroad Programme (JYA) £5,000
    (semester) £8980 (2 semesters)
    Study Abroad Programme (SAP) £5,000
    Study in London (SILP) (EU students)

    £3000 (semester)
    International Foundation Programme (IFP) £7,200
    Bachelor Degree, Extended/Foundation Degree and Higher National Diploma (fees remain fixed once course commences)* £9,000
    Cisco Networking Course £2,670 CCNA
    £2,910 CCNP
    Master Degree* £10,215 to £12,600
    Graduate Conversion Progamme Diploma (Psychology) £10,215
    Pre-Masters (Graduate Certificate Business) £3,150
    Pre-Masters (Graduate Certificate Computing) From September 2012, replaced by Pre-Masters (Graduate Certificate Computing Technology) £3,150
    MPhil/PhD £3,000 pt £3,600 pt (LMBS)



    There are some degree programmes where a discounted fee will apply. The annual tuition fee majority of Masters Degrees will be £10,215




    Courses Offered


    Name of the Program

    1 UG Accounting and Business Management BA (Hons)
    2 UG Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)
    3 UG Advertising, Marketing Communications and Public Relations BA(Hons)
    4 UG Animation BA (Hons)
    5 UG Applied Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)
    6 UG Architecture BA (Hons)
    7 UG Architecture and Interior Design Extended degree
    8 UG Art, Media and Design Extended degree
    9 UG Aviation Management BSc (Hons)
    10 UG Banking and Finance (with Integrated Professional Training) BSc (Hons)
    11 UG Banking and Finance BA (Hons)
    12 UG Biochemistry BSc (Hons)
    13 UG Biological Sciences BSc (Hons)
    14 UG Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)
    15 UG Biomedical Science leading to MD BSc (Hons)
    16 UG Biotechnology BSc (Hons)
    17 UG Business Computing BSc (Hons) 1 year top-up
    18 UG Business Economics BA (Hons)
    19 UG Business Information Technology BSc (Hons)
    20 UG Business Management BA (Hons)
    21 UG Business Management HNC
    22 UG Business Management and Marketing BA Hons
    23 UG Chemistry BSc (Hons)
    24 UG Community Development and Leadership BSc (Hons)
    25 UG Community Work FdA
    26 UG Computer Animation BSc (Hons)
    27 UG Computer Games Modelling and Design BSc (Hons)
    28 UG Computer Games Programming BSc (Hons)
    29 UG Computer Networking BEng (Hons)
    30 UG Computer Networking and IT Security BSc (Hons)
    31 UG Computing BSc (Hons)
    32 UG Creative Writing BA (Hons)
    33 UG Criminology BSc (Hons)
    34 UG Criminology and Law BA (Hons)
    35 UG Criminology and Youth Studies BSc (Hons)
    36 UG Computer Forensics and IT Security BSc (Hons)
    37 UG Chemistry BSc (Hons)
    38 UG Dietetics and Nutrition BSc Hons
    39 UG Digital Media BA (Hons)
    40 UG Diplomacy and International Relations BA (Hons)
    41 UG Diplomacy and Law BA (Hons)
    42 UG Early Childhood Studies BA (Hons)
    43 UG Economics BA (Hons)
    44 UG Economics and Finance BSc (Hons)
    45 UG Education Studies BA (Hons)
    46 UG Education Studies and English Literature BA (Hons)
    47 UG Electronic and Communications Engineering BEng (Hons)
    48 UG
    49 UG English Literature BA (Hons)
    50 UG Events Management BA (Hons)
    51 UG Fashion Buying and Retailing BA (Hons)
    52 UG Fashion Marketing and Business Management BA (Hons)
    53 UG Fashion Marketing and Journalism BA (Hons)
    54 UG Fashion with Textiles FdA
    55 UG Film and Broadcast Production BA (Hons)
    56 UG Film and Television Studies BA (Hons)
    57 UG Financial Mathematics BSc Hons
    58 UG Fine Art BA (Hons)
    59 UG Fine Art - painting BA (Hons)
    60 UG Fine Art - Photography BA (Hons)
    61 UG Fine Art - sculpture and installation BA (Hons)
    62 UG Football and Community Sports Coaching with Arsenal FdSC
    63 UG Forensic Science BSc (Hons)
    64 UG Furniture FdA
    65 UG Furniture and Product Design BA (Hons)
    66 UG Graphic Design BA (Hons)
    67 UG Health and Social Care BSc (Hons)
    68 UG Health and Social Policy BSc (Hons)
    69 UG Herbal Medicinal Science BSc (Hons) 1 year top up
    70 UG Human Nutrition BSc (Hons)
    71 UG Human Resource Management BA (Hons)
    72 UG Illustration BA (Hons)
    73 UG Interior Architecture BA (Hons)
    74 UG Interior Design BA (Hons)
    75 UG International Business Management BA (Hons)
    76 UG International Business Management BA (Hons) 1 year top-up
    77 UG International Business Management Extended degree
    78 UG International Business BSc (Hons)
    79 UG Journalism BA (Hons)
    80 UG Journalism, Film and Television Studies BA (Hons)
    81 UG International Foundation Programme Preparatory Diploma
    82 UG International Relations and Law BA (Hons)
    83 UG International Relations and Politics BA (Hons)
    84 UG International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies BA
    85 UG International Relations BA (Hons)
    86 UG Law LLB (Hons)
    87 UG Law BA (Hons)
    88 UG LLB Business Law LLB (Hons)
    89 UG LLB Law (with International Relations) LLB (Hons)
    90 UG Marketing BA (Hons)
    91 UG Mathematical Sciences BSc (Hons)
    92 UG Mathematics and Statistics BSc (Hons)
    93 UG Mathematics BSc (Hons)
    94 UG Media and Communications BSc (Hons)
    95 UG Media, Communications and Journalism BSc (Hons)
    96 UG Medical Bioscience BSc (Hons)
    97 UG Montessori Early Childhood Practice FdA
    98 UG Multimedia Games Design FdA
    99 UG Music Industry and Events Management BA (Hons)
    100 UG Music Industry Management BA (Hons)
    101 UG Music Technology (Music Production) BSc (Hons)
    102 UG Music Technology (Sound for Media) BSc (Hons)
    103 UG Musical Instruments BSc (Hons)
    104 UG Network Management and Security MEng (Hons)
    105 UG Personal Training and Fitness Consultancy FdSC
    106 UG Pharmaceutical Science BSc (Hons)
    107 UG Pharmacology BSc (Hons)
    108 UG Photography FdA
    109 UG Politics BA (Hons)
    110 UG Psychology and Sociology BSc (Hons)
    111 UG Psychology BSc (Hons)
    112 UG Public Health and Social Care FdA
    113 UG Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Health, Psychology) Extended degree
    114 UG Social Sciences and Humanities Extended degree
    115 UG Social Sciences BSc (Hons)
    116 UG Social Work BSc (Hons)
    117 UG Sociology and Social Policy BSc (Hons)
    118 UG Sociology BSc (Hons)
    119 UG Software Engineering BEng (Hons) 1 year top-up
    120 UG Sport Psychology and Coaching BSc (Hons)
    121 UG Sports and Dance Therapy BSc (Hons)
    122 UG Sports Business Management BA (Hons)
    123 UG Sports Science and Physical Education BSc (Hons)
    124 UG Sports Science BSc (Hons)
    125 UG Sports Therapy BSc (Hons)
    126 UG Telecommunications and Networks Engineering BEng (Hons)
    127 UG Textile Design BA (Hons)
    128 UG Theatre Practice BA (Hons)
    129 UG Tourism and Travel Management BA (Hons)
    130 UG Translation BA (Hons)
    131 UG Youth Studies BSc (Hons)
    132 UG Youth Work BSc (Hons)
    133 PG Addiction and Mental Health MSc
    134 PG Architectural History, Theory and Interpretation MA
    135 PG Architecture Professional Diploma RIBA 2
    136 PG Architecture, Energy and Sustainability MSc
    137 PG Architecture: Examination in Professional Practice - RIBA 3 RIBA 3
    138 PG Banking and Compliance MSc
    139 PG Barrister to Solicitor LPC LPC
    140 PG Biomedical Science MSc
    141 PG Blood Science MSC
    142 PG Brand Management MSc
    143 PG Business (Pre-Masters) Graduate Certificate
    144 PG Business Economics MSc
    145 PG Business Information Systems MSc
    146 PG Business Psychology MSc
    147 PG Child Abuse Postgraduate Certficate
    148 PG Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health MSc
    149 PG Common Professional Examination (CPE) Diploma in Law
    150 PG Comparative European Social Studies MA & Dutch Social Work Qual
    151 PG Computer Forensics and IT Security
    152 PG Computer Game and Toy Design MSc
    153 PG Computer Networking MSc
    154 PG Computer Science MSc
    155 PG Computing and Technology (Pre-Masters) Graduate Certificate
    156 PG Conference Interpreting MA
    157 PG Consumer Psychology MSc
    158 PG Counselling Psychology Professional Doctorate
    159 PG Creative Writing MA
    160 PG Criminal Psychology MSc
    161 PG Criminology MSc
    162 PG Curating the Contemporary MA
    163 PG Dietetics and Nutrition PGDip, MSc
    164 PG Digital Architecture and Manufacture MA
    165 PG Digital Media MA
    166 PG Doctor of Business Administration DBA
    167 PG Early Years Practice PG Cert
    168 PG Education ed.D
    169 PG Education MA
    170 PG Embedded Systems MSc
    171 PG Events Marketing Management MA
    172 PG Fine Art (Specialism) MA
    173 PG Food Science MSc
    174 PG Forensic Psychology MSc
    175 PG Forensic Science MSc
    176 PG Furniture MA
    177 PG Graphic Design MA
    178 PG Health Psychology MSc
    179 PG Health Psychology Professional Doctorate
    180 PG Housing and Inclusion MA
    181 PG Human Nutrition (Public Health/Sports) MSc
    182 PG Human Resource Management MA (leading to CIPD's Advanced level diploma)
    183 PG Human Resource Management PGDip leading to the CIPD’s Advanced Diploma
    184 PG Illustration MA
    185 PG Information Technology Distance Learning
    186 PG Information Technology MSc
    187 PG Interactive Media and Games Technologies MSc
    188 PG Interior Design MA
    189 PG International Business MA
    190 PG International Commercial Law LLM
    191 PG International Human Rights and Social Justice (MA, LLM) LLM,MA
    192 PG International Law LLM
    193 PG International Marketing Communications MS
    194 PG International Public Health Nutrition MSc
    195 PG International Relations MA
    196 PG International Security Studies MA
    197 PG International Sustainable Tourism Management MA
    198 PG International Trade, Transport & Maritime Law LLM
    199 PG Interpreting (Health) Postgraduate Diploma
    200 PG Interpreting (Legal) Postgraduate Diploma
    201 PG Interpreting MA
    202 PG Jewellery MA
    203 PG Learning and Teaching in Higher Education PGCert, PG Dip, MA
    204 PG Legal Practice Course LLM top-up for LPC
    205 PG Legal Practice Course PGDip LP
    206 PG MA by Project MA by project
    207 PG Management and Strategic Leadership MA
    208 PG Managing Equality and Diversity MA
    209 PG Maritime Law (top up) LLM
    210 PG Maritime Law Postgraduate Diploma
    211 PG Mathematics MSc
    212 PG MBA (with Executive Development) MBA
    213 PG MBA MBA
    214 PG MBA Executive MBA
    215 PG Media and Communications MA
    216 PG Medical Genetics MSc
    217 PG Mental Health and Well-being MA
    218 PG Mobile and Satellite Communications MSc
    219 PG MPA - Masters in Public Administration MPA
    220 PG Music Industry Management and Enterprise MBA
    221 PG Network Management and Security MSc
    222 PG Obesity and Weight Management MSc
    223 PG Occupational sychology MSc
    224 PG Occupational Psychology Professional Doctorate
    225 PG Organising for Social and Community Development MSc
    226 PG Pharmaceutical Science MSc
    227 PG Photography MA
    228 PG Product Design MA
    229 PG Professional Information Technology MSc
    230 PG Psychology of Health MSc
    231 PG Psychology of Health Postgraduate Certficate
    232 PG Public Health MSc
    233 PG Public Protection MSc
    234 PG Public Service Interpreting (Health and Legal) MA
    235 PG Screenwriting MA
    236 PG Social Work MSc
    237 PG Spatial Planning and Urban Design MA
    238 PG Specialised Translation Postgraduate Certficate
    239 PG Sport Management MA
    240 PG Sports Nutrition (top up) MSc
    241 PG Sports Rehabilitation and Therapy MSc
    242 PG Sports Therapy MSc
    243 PG Sustainable Cities MA
    244 PG Teaching Adult Dyslexic Learners in Higher and Further Education Postgraduate Certficate
    245 PG Translation and Technology Postgraduate Certficate
    246 PG Woman and Child Abuse MA













    London Met is pleased to announce a £1,000 pound scholarship for students from India. This is in addition to the other discounts that are already available.


    Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship
    London Metropolitan University honours Mahatma Gandhi's legacy by awarding three outstanding Indian postgraduate students coming to London Met on the basis of excellent academic performance in India.


    The scholarships include one 100 per cent and two 50% waivers on the tuition fees. The scholarship is open to any student who has an unconditional offer for a masters degree starting in September, by the deadline which is 30 June.


    Criteria for selection:
    70% or above in Class X
    70% or above in Class XII
    First class Bachelors or Masters Degree from a good Indian University
    IELTS 7.0
    Bursaries :   Early payment discount

    Demonstrate the potential for leadership and social change as exemplified by Gandhi through co-curricular/ extra-curricular activities or work experience.


    1. A 5% discount is available if annual fees are paid in full by or at enrolment when enrolling on a course starting in the Autumn Semester (September).

    2. A 5% discount is available if annual fees are paid in full by or at enrolment when enrolling on a course starting in the Spring Semester (February).

    Alumni discount:
    10% reduction in postgraduate tuition fees for all students who have a bachelors degree, HND, foundation degree, masters degree or PG Dip from London Metropolitan University or any of its predecessor institutions.














    General Intake

    January / September
















    Download Application Form

    Click here to Download Application form
















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