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Liverpool John Moores University Campus

Liverpool John Moores University


Liverpool John Moores University is a thriving, vibrant university located at the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the UK. Our three large campuses ensure that no matter where you go in Liverpool, you are never far away from an LJMU building.

This is perhaps the most exciting time in the history of this unique city - Liverpool was chosen as European Capital of Culture 2008, major regeneration projects and business investment have meant that the economy is thriving and Government figures show we have the fastest growing jobs rate of any English city. This is testimony to the fact that Liverpool really is the place to be right now, and also emphasises our proud status as a multicultural and diverse city.

LJMU is proud to be a modern university, with learning and the advancement of our students at the heart of all our activity. Our ethos is dream, plan, achieve and we aim to nurture the dreams of every single student. Our approach is holistic in nature - we provide stimulating and challenging programmes of study that are informed by scholarship and research, and that engender a spirit of academic enquiry; and we also provide an environment conducive to the personal development of our students - for example, through our Foundation for Citizenship we encourage students to become thoughtful, ethical people.

We understand the importance of real-world experience and help students to gain practical experience through work placements. We also are aware that university isn't all about working and studying so we encourge students to socialise with their peers in a variety of ways - for example, in conjunction with Liverpool Students' Union we provide an wide range of sporting and recreational opportunities for our students and staff










Location & Facilities


Located close to the William Brown Street area, near to St Georges Hall, the Walker Art Gallery, the Livepool Museum and Central Library.
Mount Pleasant

Located mainly between the City's two Cathedrals. Most of this area is covered by designated conservation areas and several university buildings are statutorily listed as being of architectural or historic interest.

IM Marsh

Located approximately 4 miles south of the City Centre. Holmefield House is a listed building in the IM Marsh Campus.The site area of the IM Marsh Campus is 7.5 hectares.

You’ll never be without something to do in Liverpool – the city is packed with museums, art galleries, theatres, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, music venues, leisure outlets and, of course, is home to the premiership soccer teams Liverpool FC and Everton FC and the world’s most famous horse race, the Aintree Grand National. For more information on what to do in Liverpool, click here.


Among the very many visitor attractions in the city are the waterfront area, Mathew Street, home to the Cavern Club which still attracts Beatles fans from all over the world, the largest Chinese Arch in Europe which stands 14 meters over the entrance to Chinatown, our two beautiful cathedrals, the Williamson tunnels which have a fascinating history and, of course, no trip to Liverpool would be complete without taking a trip on the Ferry Across the Mersey.








List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Liverpool has recently undergone a massive change in the heart of the City Centre, with the £1billion regeneration of the city's shopping district. Aptly named Liverpool ONE, it offers more than 160 famous high-street stores, plenty of restaurants and cafes, and a brand new 14 screen ODEON cinema complex. So whatever it is that you're looking for, you're likely to find it in Liverpool ONE!



List of Faculty

  • Business & Law
  • Education, Community & Leisure
  • Health & Applied Social Science
  • Media, Art & Social Science
  • Science
  • Technology & Environment








Courses Offered Level  Name of the Program
1 UG Accounting and Finance
2 UG Adult Nursing - BA
3 UG Adult Nursing - DipHE
4 UG Adventure Tourism (Outdoor Education with)
5 UG Animal Behaviour
6 UG Anthropology (Forensic)
7 UG Applied Biochemistry
8 UG Applied Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences
9 UG Applied Psychology
10 UG Applied Sport Psychology
11 UG Architecture
12 UG Architectural Technology
13 UG Art (Fine)
14 UG Arts (Graphic)
15 UG Astronomy (Physics with)
16 UG Astrophysics
17 UG Audio and Music Production
18 UG Automotive Engineering - MEng
19 UG Automotive Engineering - BEng
20 UG Biochemistry and Forensic Science
21 UG Biochemistry (Applied)
22 UG Biochemistry - Medical
23 UG Biology
24 UG Biology (Psychology and)
25 UG Biomedical Sciences
26 UG Broadcast and Media Production
27 UG Building Services Engineering
28 UG Building Services Engineering Project Management
29 UG Building Surveying
30 UG Building Surveying HND/HNC
31 UG Building Production Technology HND
32 UG Business Mathematics
33 UG Business and Economics
34 UG Business and Management (Maritime)
35 UG Business HND
36 UG Business Information Systems
37 UG Business Management
38 UG Business Management and Information
39 UG Business and Public Relations
40 UG Business Studies
41 UG Business Studies and Chinese - International
42 UG Business Studies and French - International
43 UG Business studies and Japanese - International
44 UG Business studies and Spanish - International
45 UG Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences (Applied)
46 UG Child Nursing - BA
47 UG Childhood Studies - Early
48 UG Children and Young People (Working with)
49 UG Chinese (International Business Studies and a Language)
50 UG Chinese and Public Relations
51 UG Civil Engineering
52 UG Civil Engineering Studies HND
53 UG Coaching Development
54 UG Communications (Mass)
55 UG Computer Animation and Visualisation
56 UG Computer Aided Design
57 UG Computer Engineering - BEng
58 UG Computer Engineering - MEng
59 UG Computer Forensics
60 UG Computer Games Technology
61 UG Computer Studies
62 UG Computer Technology
63 UG Computing (Foundation Certificate)
64 UG Construction and Surveying (foundation degree)
65 UG Computing - Information Technology and Multimedia
66 UG Construction Management
67 UG Creative Writing
68 UG Creative Writing and Film Studies
69 UG Criminal Justice
70 UG Criminal Justice (Forensic Psychology and)
71 UG Criminal Justice (LLB Law degree)
72 UG Criminology
73 UG Criminology and Psychology - BA
74 UG Criminology and Psychology - BSc
75 UG Criminology and Sociology
76 UG Dance Studies
77 UG Design (Computer Aided)
78 UG Design - sustainable
79 UG Design and Technology (Primary (Upper) and Secondary Education)
80 UG Development - Product innovation and
81 UG Digital broadcast and media systems
82 UG Drama
83 UG Drama and Creative Writing
84 UG Drama and English
85 UG Drama and Film Studies
86 UG Early Childhood Studies
87 UG Early Years (Primary Education)
88 UG Economics (Business and)
89 UG Education Studies and Physical Education
90 UG Education Studies with Special and Inclusive Needs
91 UG Education Studies and Early Years
92 UG Electrical and Electronic Engineering - BEng
93 UG Electrical and Electronic Engineering - MEng
94 UG Electronics and Control Engineering - Industrial (part-time course)
95 UG Engineering and Technology Foundation
96 UG Engineering - Automotive (BEng)
97 UG Engineering - Automotive (MEng)
98 UG Engineering - Electrical and Electronic (BEng)
99 UG Engineering - Electrical and Electronic (MEng)
100 UG Engineering - Computer (BEng)
101 UG Engineering - Computer (MEng)
102 UG Engineering - Industrial Electronics and Control (part-time)
103 UG Engineering - Manufacturing Systems (part-time course)
104 UG Engineering - Mechanical (BEng)
105 UG Engineering - Mechanical (MEng)
106 UG Engineering - Mechanical and Marine (BEng)
107 UG Engineering - Mechanical and Marine (MEng)
108 UG Engineering - Software
109 UG Engineering - Telecommunications (BEng)
110 UG Engineering - Telecommunications (MEng)
111 UG English
112 UG English and Creative Writing
113 UG English and Media and Cultural Studies
114 UG Environmental Health
115 UG Environmental Education (Outdoor Education with)
116 UG Environmental Sciences
117 UG Events Management
118 UG Fashion
119 UG Film Studies
120 UG Film Studies (Creative Writing and)
121 UG Film Studies (Drama and)
122 UG Fine Art
123 UG Food and Nutrition
124 UG Football (Science and)
125 UG Forensic Anthropology
126 UG Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice
127 UG Forensic Science
128 UG Forensic Science and Criminal Justice
129 UG Forensic Science (Psychology and)
130 UG Foundation Certificate in Computing
131 UG Foundation - Engineering and Technology
132 UG Foundation Programme for International Students
133 UG Foundation course - Natural Sciences
134 UG French (Primary and Secondary Modern Languages Education)
135 UG French (Primary Education)
136 UG French (International Business Studies and a Language)
137 UG French and Public Relations
138 UG Games Technology (Computer)
139 UG Geography BA
140 UG Geography BSc
141 UG Geography (Physical)
142 UG Graphic Arts
143 UG History of Art and Museum Studies
144 UG Health and Social Care (Assistant Practitioner)
145 UG History
146 UG History and English
147 UG History and Politics
148 UG Home Economics (Food Design and Technology)
149 UG Human Resource Management
150 UG Inclusive Sport Development (Foundation Degree)
151 UG Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering (part-time course)
152 UG Information Management (Business Management and Information)
153 UG Information Systems
154 UG Information Systems (Business)
155 UG Information Technology and Multimedia Computing
156 UG Initial Teacher Training
157 UG Interactive Media Design
158 UG Interior Design
159 UG International Business Studies and Chinese
160 UG International Business Studies and French
161 UG International Business studies and Japanese
162 UG International Business studies and Spanish
163 UG International Journalism
164 UG International Management
165 UG International Students Foundation course
166 UG Japanese (International Business Studies and a Language)
167 UG Japanese and Public Relations
168 UG Journalism
169 UG Journalism (International)
170 UG Languages, Modern (Primary (upper) and Secondary education)
171 UG Learning, Development and Support
172 UG Law
173 UG Law and Criminal Justice (LLB)
174 UG Leisure (Tourism and)
175 UG Lifelong Learning
176 UG Logistics, Management, Transport and
177 UG Management (Business Management and Information)
178 UG Management (Events)
179 UG Management, Maritime Business and
180 UG Management, Transport and Logistics
181 UG Manufacturing Systems Engineering (part-time course)
182 UG Maritime Business and Management
183 UG Maritime Studies
184 UG Marketing
185 UG Mass Communications
186 UG Mathematics (Primary (Upper) & Secondary Education)
187 UG Mathematics (Business)
188 UG Mechanical and Marine Engineering - BEng
189 UG Mechanical and Marine Engineering - MEng
190 UG Mechanical Engineering - BEng
191 UG Mechanical Engineering - MEng
192 UG Media, Culture, Communication
193 UG Media Production (Broadcast and)
194 UG Media Professional Studies (with Television)
195 UG Medical Biochemistry
196 UG Mental Health Nursing - BA
197 UG Mental Health Nursing DipHE
198 UG Midwifery BA
199 UG Modern Languages Education (Primary and Secondary)
200 UG Molecular Biology with Genetics
201 UG MPharm Pharmacy
202 UG Museum Studies (History of Art and)
203 UG Music Studies (Popular)
204 UG Natural Sciences Foundation
205 UG Nautical Science
206 UG Nautical Science FDSc
207 UG Nursing BA - Adult
208 UG Nursing BA - Child
209 UG Nursing BA - Mental Health
210 UG Nursing DipHE - Adult
211 UG Nursing DipHE Mental Health
212 UG Nutrition (Food and)
213 UG Outdoor Education with Adventure Tourism
214 UG Outdoor Education with Environmental Education
215 UG Outdoor Education with Physical Education
216 UG Paramedic Practice DipHE
217 UG PE, Sport and Dance (Secondary Education)
218 UG Pharmacy
219 UG Physical Education (Education Studies and)
220 UG Physical Education (Primary and Secondary Education)
221 UG Physical Education (Outdoor Education with)
222 UG Physical Education (Sports Development with)
223 UG Physical Geography
224 UG Physics with Astronomy
225 UG Politics
226 UG Popular Music Studies
227 UG Pre Masters Programme
228 UG Primary and Secondary Education: Design and Technology Education
229 UG Primary and Secondary Education: Mathematics Education
230 UG Primary and Secondary Education: Modern Languages Education
231 UG Primary and Secondary Education: Physical Education
232 UG Primary and Secondary Education: Science Education
233 UG Primary Education
234 UG Primary Education with Early Years
235 UG Primary Education with French
236 UG Product Design and Digital Modelling
237 UG Product Innovation and Development
238 UG Psychology (Applied)
239 UG Psychology and Biology
240 UG Psychology and Forensic Science
241 UG Public Health (Environmental)
242 UG Public Relations (Business and)
243 UG Public Relations and Chinese
244 UG Public Relations and French
245 UG Public Relations and Japanese
246 UG Public Relations and Spanish
247 UG Quantity Surveying
248 UG Real Estate Management
249 UG Real Estate Management HND
250 UG Real Estate Management and Business
251 UG Retail Management
252 UG Sciences (Natural) - Foundation course
253 UG Sciences (Environmental)
254 UG Science and Football
255 UG Science - Nautical
256 UG Science FDSc - Nautical
257 UG Science (Primary (Upper) and Secondary Education)
258 UG Social Work
259 UG Social Work Practice with Children and Young People, their Families and Carers
260 UG Sociology
261 UG Software Engineering
262 UG Spanish (International Business Studies and a Language)
263 UG Spanish (Primary and Secondary Modern Languages Education)
264 UG Spanish and Public Relations
265 UG Sport Development - Inclusive (Foundation degree)
266 UG Sports Development with Physical Education
267 UG Sport Psychology (Applied)
268 UG Sport Science
269 UG Sports Technology
270 UG Surveying (Building)
271 UG Surveying (Quantity)
272 UG Sustainable Design
273 UG Teacher training courses
274 UG Technology - computer
275 UG Technology, Engineering and (foundation)
276 UG Technology - sports
277 UG Telecommunications Engineering - BEng (Hons)
278 UG Telecommunications Engineering - MEng (Hons)
279 UG Tourism and Leisure Management
280 UG Tourism and Leisure (Foundation Degrees)
281 UG Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality (open to students from TAR College Malaysia only)
282 UG Transport and logistics - Management
283 UG Wildlife Conservation
284 UG Working with Children and Young People
285 UG Writing (Creative)
286 UG Zoology
287 PG Accounting and Finance (International)
288 PG Accounting, Finance and Economics - research opportunities
289 PG Advanced Computer Studies
290 PG Advanced Educational Practice MA
291 PG Advanced Educational Practice Pg Cert
292 PG Advanced Educational Practice (Dyslexia) Pg Cert
293 PG Advanced Educational Practice (Leadership and Management) Pg Cert
294 PG Advanced Educational Practice (Mentoring and Coaching) Pg Cert
295 PG Advanced Educational Practice (NQT Route)
296 PG Advanced Educational Practice (Special Education Needs) Pg Cert
297 PG Advanced Educational Practice (SENCO) Pg Cert
298 PG Advanced Healthcare Practice (MSc modular programme)
299 PG Advanced Paediatric and Neonatal Practice (APNP)
300 PG Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner in Ambulatory Care
301 PG Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care
302 PG Advanced Neonatal Practitioner in Neonatal Critical Care
303 PG Applied ICT (PGCE)
304 PG Applied Science PGCE
305 PG Architecture
306 PG Architecture and Urban Design
307 PG Art and Design (PGCE)
308 PG Art and Design - MPhil/PhD by research
309 PG Art and Design - MRes
310 PG Arts Practice (Professional Development in)
311 PG Artist Teacher
312 PG Astrophysics Research Institute - Higher Degrees
313 PG Banking and Finance (International)
314 PG Biological and Earth Sciences Research Opportunities
315 PG Biology PGCE
316 PG Biomechanics (Sport)
317 PG Biomechanics of Gait and Posture
318 PG Biomedical Science
319 PG Biomolecular Sciences Research Opportunities
320 PG Biotechnology (Industrial)
321 PG Building Surveying (Commercial)
322 PG Built Environment - Research Opportunities
323 PG Business Administration (Doctor of)
324 PG Business Administration (Master in) - MBA
325 PG Business Administration – Executive Leadership Master (MBA)
326 PG Business and Law (MRes)
327 PG Business Information - research opportunities
328 PG Business (International) and Commercial Law
329 PG Business & Management (International)
330 PG Business Management MBA
331 PG Business Turnaround (Postgraduate Certificate)
332 PG Change Management
333 PG Chemistry PGCE
334 PG CIPD (Advanced Standards)
335 PG Clinical Case Management
336 PG Clinical Exercise Physiology
337 PG Clinical Pharmacy
338 PG Commercial Building Surveying
339 PG Commercial Law (International Business and)
340 PG Commercial Property Development
341 PG Commercial Property Management
342 PG Community Specialist Practitioner
343 PG Computer Animation and Visualisation
344 PG Computer Forensics
345 PG Computer Games Technology
346 PG Computer Network Security
347 PG Computing (Wireless and Mobile)
348 PG Computing (Online)
349 PG Computing and Information Systems
350 PG Computing and Mathematical Sciences - Research Opportunities
351 PG Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology
352 PG Construction Project Management
353 PG Corporate Governance
354 PG Corporate Social Responsibility
355 PG Counselling and Psychotherapy (MA)
356 PG Counselling and Psychotherapy (PGDip)
357 PG Creative and Media (PGCE)
358 PG Criminal Justice
359 PG Cultural Leadership
360 PG Design - Microelectronic System
361 PG Design and Technology (PGCE)
362 PG Drug Use and Addiction
363 PG Early Years PGCE
364 PG Education
365 PG Education (Professional Doctorate)
366 PG Education and Society
367 PG Educational Practice (Advanced) Pg Cert
368 PG Educational Practice (Advanced) (Dyslexia) Pg Cert
369 PG Educational Practice (Advanced ) (Leadership and Management) Pg Cert
370 PG Educational Practice (Advanced ) (Mentoring and Coaching) Pg Cert
371 PG Educational Practice (Advanced) (Special Education Needs) Pg Cert
372 PG Educational Practice (Advanced) (SENCO) Pg Cert
373 PG Electrical and Electronic Engineering - research opportunities
374 PG Engineering - Research Opportunities
375 PG Engineering PGCE
376 PG Engineering Design
377 PG Engineering - Manufacturing
378 PG Engineering - Marine and Offshore
379 PG Engineering (Marine) and Technology, Maritime Studies, Transport - research
380 PG Engineering - Power and Control
381 PG Engineering - Telecommunications
382 PG Environmental Planning
383 PG European Centre for Corporate Governance - research opportunities
384 PG Evaluation for Change
385 PG Executive Leadership MBA
386 PG Finance (International Banking and)
387 PG Financial Management, MA
388 PG Fine Art
389 PG French Extension Course
390 PG Games Technology - Computer
391 PG Graduate Diploma in Law
392 PG Health - Professional Doctorate
393 PG Health (Public) (Analysis - MSc/PGDip)
394 PG Health (Public) (Applied - MSc/PGDip)
395 PG Health (Public) (International Health Development - MSc/PGDip)
396 PG Health (Public) PG Cert
397 PG Health - research opportunities (MPhil/PhD)
398 PG Health Sciences - MRes
399 PG Health & Social Care Management MSc
400 PG Health Psychology
401 PG Higher Degrees - Astrophysics Research Institute
402 PG History (Modern, MRes)
403 PG Human Resource Management (CIPD Diploma)
404 PG Human Resource Management (MA)
405 PG Human Resources (Strategic) MA
406 PG ICT (Applied) PGCE
407 PG ICT (Secondary) PGCE
408 PG Imaginative Writing
409 PG Improving Access to Psychological Therapies in Primary Care
410 PG Industrial Biotechnology
411 PG Information and Library Management
412 PG International Accounting and Finance
413 PG International Banking and Finance
414 PG International Business and Commercial Law
415 PG International Business and Management
416 PG International Business and Commercial Law (LLM)
417 PG International Journalism
418 PG International Transport, Trade and Logistics
419 PG Journalism - staff interests
420 PG Journalism (International)
421 PG Languages - MPhil/PhD
422 PG Languages (Modern) - PGCE
423 PG Law (Graduate Diploma)
424 PG Law (International Business and Commercial)
425 PG Law - Research Opportunities
426 PG Legal Practice (full-time course)
427 PG Legal Practice (part-time course)
428 PG Legal Practice (LPC/BVC conversion to LLM) full-time
429 PG Legal Practice (LPC/BVC conversion to LLM) part-time
430 PG Leisure and Tourism PGCE
431 PG Library Management (Information and)
432 PG Lifelong Learning
433 PG Literature and Cultural History MRes
434 PG LLM International Business and Commercial Law
435 PG Management & Business (International)
436 PG Management - Change
437 PG Management - Construction Project
438 PG Management Consultancy
439 PG Management - Health & Social Care
440 PG Management and Leadership (Cultural) - postgraduate programmes
441 PG Management - Port (MSc)
442 PG Management - research opportunities
443 PG Management - Social Enterprise
444 PG Management - Sport Development
445 PG Management (Financial) MA
446 PG Manufacturing Engineering
447 PG Marine and Offshore Engineering
448 PG Marine Engineering and Technology, Maritime Studies, Transport - research
449 PG Maritime Operations
450 PG Maritime Operations (distance taught)
451 PG Marketing
452 PG Master in Business Administration (Executive Leadership)
453 PG Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Business Management
454 PG Masters in Teaching & Learning
455 PG Mathematics (Secondary) PGCE
456 PG Media and Cultural Studies - research opportunities
457 PG Media, Critical and Creative Arts - Research Opportunities
458 PG Microelectronic System Design
459 PG Modern History MRes
460 PG Modern Languages (PGCE)
461 PG National and International Masters Scheme in Virology by Distance Learning
462 PG Neonatal Practitioner in Neonatal Critical Care (Advanced)
463 PG Nursing - International Students
464 PG Occupational Psychology
465 PG Online Computing
466 PG Paediatric and Neonatal Practice (APNP) (Advanced)
467 PG Paediatric Nurse Practitioner in Ambulatory Care MSc (Advanced)
468 PG Paediatric Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care (Advanced )
469 PG Paediatric Nurse Practitioner (APNP) in Paediatric Ambulatory Care (Advanced)
470 PG Personnel and Development
471 PG Pharmacy (MPharm)
472 PG Pharmacy and Chemistry Research Opportunities
473 PG Pharmacy - Clinical
474 PG Physical Education (PGCE)
475 PG Physics PGCE
476 PG Planning - Environmental
477 PG Power and Control Engineering
478 PG Primary: Early Years PGCE
479 PG Professional Development in Arts Practice
480 PG Professional Doctorate - Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure
481 PG Property Development - Commercial
482 PG Port Management (MSc)
483 PG Psychology
484 PG Psychology (Health)
485 PG Psychology - Consciousness and Transpersonal
486 PG Psychology Higher Degrees
487 PG Psychology - Occupational
488 PG Psychology of Sport
489 PG Psychotherapy - Counselling and
490 PG Public Health (Analysis - MSc / PGDip)
491 PG Public Health (Applied - MSc / PGDip)
492 PG Public Health (International Health Development - MSc / PGDip)
493 PG Public Health (PG Cert)
494 PG Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management
495 PG Resistant Materials
496 PG Risk Crisis Management
497 PG School Sport Management MA
498 PG Science - Biomedical
499 PG Science PGCE
500 PG Sciences (Health) - MRes
501 PG Screen Interactive Media
502 PG Screenwriting
503 PG Secondary ICT (PGCE)
504 PG Secondary Mathematics (PGCE)
505 PG Social Enterprise Management
506 PG Social Science - research opportunities
507 PG Social Work, MA
508 PG Society (Education and)
509 PG Specialist Community Practitioner
510 PG Specialist Community Public Health Nurse
511 PG Specialist Social Work Practice with Children and Young People, their Families and Carers
512 PG Spanish (PGCE Modern Languages)
513 PG Spanish Extension Course
514 PG Sport and Exercise Sciences
515 PG Sport Development Management
516 PG Sports and Exercise Science Research Opportunities
517 PG Sports Biomechanics
518 PG Sports Physiology
522 PG Surveying (Quantity) and Commercial Management
524 PG Teacher - Artist
525 PG Teacher Training courses
526 PG Telecommunications Engineering
528 PG Textiles Technology
529 PG Tourism and Hospitality Management
530 PG Tourism and Leisure Management Development
531 PG Tourism and Leisure Management Development (Athens)
532 PG Tourism and Leisure PGCE
533 PG Transpersonal Psychology (Consciousness and)
534 PG Transport (International), Trade and Logistics
535 PG Virology - National and International MSc
536 PG Water, Energy and the Environment
537 PG Web Computing
538 PG Wireless and Mobile Computing
539 PG Working with Groups
540 PG Working with Traumatic Death and Loss PG Cert (subject to validation)
541 PG Writing













LJMU has an excellent and long-established record of reaching out to students with little experience or family tradition of attending university and helping them succeed in higher education.


LJMU offers a range of Special Support Bursaries and LJMU's scholarships reward both academic and personal achievement.













  • Foundation Year - January
  • Pre - Master - May & September
  • Undergraduate - Postgraduate - January & September
















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