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Falmouth University Campus

Falmouth University


Falmouth University is renowned worldwide for art, design, media, performance and writing. Built on over 100 years of experience, our commitment to international students is well established and, as a result, our student community is rich and diverse.


Voted the number one institution in the world for international student experience across seven categories in a recent International Student Barometer poll, we are committed to delivering world class education. Considered the official measure of international student opinion, the report put Falmouth first for support, arrival services, language assistance, host friends, campus environment and welcome. The University was also ranked number one in the 'good place to be' category.
















Location and Facilities

Falmouth In England


Spread across two campuses, our facilities and spaces are carefully designed and developed with professional consultation and ongoing investment to ensure that, as a Falmouth graduate, you're more than equipped to succeed in your chosen profession.
• Design Centre
• Fashion Studio
• Library
• Media Centre
• Photography Centre
• Printmaking Studio
• The Compass
• The Exchange
• The Performance Centre
• University Accommodation


Falmouth Campus
Falmouth Campus is a ten-minute walk from Falmouth Town station, five minutes by train from Penryn and 20 minutes by train from Truro (every half hour Monday - Friday.) There are eight buses an hour to Penryn at peak times














List of Departments

• Academy for Innovation & Research
• School of Architecture, Design & Interiors
• Falmouth School of Art
• School of Communication Design
• Fashion & Textiles Institute
• School of Film & Television
• Games Academy
• Academy of Music and Theatre Arts
• Institute of Photography
• School of Writing & Journalism


The Academy for Innovation & Research
Home to our Graduate School and growing community of research students, the Academy for Innovation & Research (AIR) also facilitates collaboration with a range of partners including businesses, charities and public sector organisations.


2 The School of Architecture, Design & Interiors
The School of Architecture, Design & Interiors explores design, sustainable issues, materials and manufacturing processes. Here, creative practice and research deliver informed and innovative solutions to challenging real world design problems.


3 The Falmouth School of Art
Visual arts have been practised and taught at Falmouth for over a century, and we have an established reputation for creative excellence, which we are always seeking to improve. Cornwall has long attracted creative practitioners, such as the St Ives artists who relocated here in the mid-20th century to produce internationally acclaimed work. They lived locally but operated globally, which is how we encourage our students to work today.


4 The School of Communication Design
If you ask the top creative directors, designers or art directors what the most important quality they are looking for in a graduate is, they will tell you it's the ability to think creatively. It's all about the 'big idea' behind the work, the challenging of convention and the creative risk. It is this that drives us and creates the central platform for the School – it is our shared currency.


5 The Fashion & Textiles Institute
The Fashion & Textiles Institute is an energetic, industrious, studio-based environment. The sectors we focus on are global in nature and famously competitive. So we put all of our efforts into preparing you to succeed - by helping you to shape your professional identity and design aesthetic, by involving you in live, industry-sponsored projects, and by facilitating international internships and study visits.


6 The School of Film & Television
The School of Film & Television at Falmouth is one of the very best in the UK. Our students' work is award winning, we enjoy some of the highest student satisfaction levels of any film school (95% in 2014) and we have incredible graduate employability in our sector.


7 The Games Academy
Games are transforming the way we experience stories, and are driving the development of new technologies that make those experiences more responsive, immersive and engaging.


8 The Academy of Music and Theatre Arts
Established in 2010, following a merger with the internationally renowned Dartington College of Arts, The Academy of Music and Theatre Arts is dedicated to education, research and public programming across four related fields of practice: theatre, music, dance and cultural management and production.


9 The Institute of Photography
The Institute of Photography at Falmouth has a longstanding, international reputation. It is a place where top-flight photographers, industry, renowned artists, researchers and students come together to create, challenge and interpret the world of the image in some of Europe's finest facilities. Here you will have the opportunity to pursue your photographic interests across a wide range of genres, from fine art and documentary to sports and editorial, commercial to underwater and many more.


10 The School of Writing & Journalism

The School of Writing & Journalism is at the forefront of its field, delivering innovative courses in English, journalism, and creative writing. Situated among inspiring facilities, you can expect passionate teaching from scholars, practitioner-academics and visiting professionals, helping ensure that you develop the skills and attitudes required in the contemporary workplace.


Our Research
The Academy for Innovation & Research (AIR) is the hub for research and innovation at Falmouth.


Financial Support & Bursaries
Going to university or college is one of the biggest investments you can make. This section includes information on possible sources of funding to help support you through your course. The funding you may be eligible for varies depending on your level of study: foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate.


Student Support
At Falmouth University we are here to support you through your studies in every way we can. Services are available on both campuses. They are confidential, student-centred, and will grow and adapt to meet student needs. Even if we can't help we'll know someone who can.


Student Support Services provide free, confidential help and advice with any problem, large or small. Services include The Compass student information service, accessibility, dyslexia skills, counselling, living support, access to health services, wellbeing support, a multifaith chaplaincy, and day nursery provision. We can signpost you to other people and support services who can help, including ASK and Library Services.


We support staff with student-related issues and offer advice and guidance to all staff.
We also provide students with the opportunity to see a GP at the Penryn Campus during term time and appointments for GP clinics must be made directly through Penryn Surgery.





























Courses Offered

• UAL Foundation in diploma in art & design


• Advertising
• Animation
• Architecture
• Business & Management
• Cultural Management & Production
• Dance
• Digital Games
• Drawing
• English & Writing
• Film & T.V
• Fine art
• Graphic Design
• Illustration
• Interior Design
• Journalism
• Photography
• Product design
• Textile design
• Theatre


• Graduate School
• Illustration
• Advertising
• Business & Management
• Digital Games
• Drawing
• English & Writing
• Film & T.V
• Fine Art
• Research
• Graduate School

































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