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Cambridge Education Group


Since 1952, Cambridge Education Group has been delivering the highest quality academic, creative and English Language programmes, preparing thousands of students to progress onto the world’s leading universities.


We offer a wide range of options across our portfolio of global centres, each with its own unique features and qualities, enabling us to meet our students’ demands as required.


Whatever students aspire to, whichever college, school or centre they choose, Cambridge Education Group promises excellent teaching, premium facilities and the personal service our students demand. Our students are central to everything that we do.


Ensuring our students’ happiness both personally and academically through regular Personal Tutor sessions with an extensive support network is key.


We teach our students to work hard and smart with Higher Education advice on the best degree or university for each individual.


It is our focus on quality at every stage - and the outstanding success of our students - that has made us one of the fastest growing independent education providers in the world.


















































Location and Facilities

Kett House, Station Rd, Cambridge CB1 2JH, United Kingdom

































































List of Departments


































Courses Offered

General Certificate of Secondary Education
Undergraduate Foundation (College-based)
Undergraduate Foundation (University-based)
Master's Foundation (University-based)
High School Term
International Baccalaureate Diploma
International Diploma Programme
Medics Programme
Academic English Programme (College-based)
English Language Preparation Programme (University-based)
Oxbridge Preparation Programme

Careers in Law, Business and Finance Taster
UK Education Taster Programme















































































































General Intake

Multiple Intakes
January, April, September, October



































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