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Anglia Ruskin University


Anglia Ruskin University was awarded university status in 1992. Today, with a student population of 25,500, we are one of the largest universities in the East of England, and a large provider of part-time education.


Our students are on courses leading to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as to a range of professional qualifications. In addition to being one of the most significant suppliers of nurses and teachers to the professions, we offer an ever expanding range of contemporary courses designed to meet the needs of the individual and the requirements of a knowledge-based economy.


Our main campuses at Cambridge and Chelmsford attract students not only from the East of England but in increasing numbers from mainland Europe and from further afield. In addition, our University has an extensive network of contacts with institutions throughout the world, delivering courses in countries as far removed as Malaysia and Trinidad.



  • We are passionate about the advancement of knowledge and the education of students.
  • We take university education in imaginative new directions.
  • We are important to the region and want to be viewed in the UK and internationally as exceptional.
  • Our key contribution is to the enhancement of social, cultural and economic wellbeing.

The best support for international students

Almost 20% of our full time students are international from nearly 100 different countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America, and we really hope that you'll soon be one of them!


Anglia Ruskin is committed to offering the best possible support to our international students, and are proud to be ranked in the top ten in the UK for our Welcome, Arrival and Orientation Programme for new international students in the 2007/8 International Student Barometer, an independent survey of current international students at UK universities. In fact our students rated their experience so highly we came out top when comparing our students' satisfaction against some very well known and internationally renowned British Universities based within East Anglia and London.

Our International Student Support team work hard to make sure that each student succeeds on their course by helping to prepare you for your studies, supporting you during your time with us and by making you feel very welcome here at Anglia Ruskin!












Location and Facilities

Our University is based on two main campuses, one in the centre of Cambridge, and one in Chelmsford. Both campuses have seen over £85 million of investment over the last few years, with Cambridge benefiting from the latest improvements. Our campuses offer staff, and students, a state of the art learning, teaching and working environment.


At Anglia Ruskin we believe that excellent facilities are essential in providing the support and resources required to make the most of your studies. That's why in the in the last five years we have invested over £80 million in our campus developments.


At Anglia Ruskin we can offer you a wide range of accommodation options, with 1600 rooms across several halls of residence, a number of university owned shared houses, or help with finding accommodation in the private sector.















List of Departments

Faculty of Arts, Law & Social Sciences:
  • Anglia Law School
  • Cambridge School of Art
  • Department of English, Communication, Film and Media
  • Anglia Ruskin University Language Centre
  • Department of Music and Performing Arts
  • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Ashcroft International Business School
  • The Centre for International Business Research and Development (CIB)
  • Centre for Communication and Ethics in International Business
Faculty of Education
  • Department of Educational Studies
  • Department of Teacher Education
  • mPowerNet
  • Research in Education and Teaching
Faculty of Health & Social Care
  • Department of Acute Care
  • Department of Allied Health
  • Department of Child & Family Health
  • Department of Primary and Intermediate Care
  • Department of Mental Health and Learning Disabilities
  • Department of Social Work & Social Policy
Faculty of Science & Technology
  • Department of Built Environment
  • Department of Computing and Technology
  • Department of Life Sciences
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Vision and Hearing Sciences














Courses Offered

Sr. no Course Title Award
1 Abnormal and Clinical Psychology  BSc (Hons)
2 Accounting and Finance  BSc (Hons)
3 Accounting and Finance  BSc (Hons)
4 Animal Behaviour   BSc (Hons)
5 Animal Behaviour and Ecology & Conservation  BSc (Hons)
6 Animal Behaviour and Welfare  BSc (Hons)
7 Applied Biomedical Science  BSc (Hons)
8 Archaeology and Landscape History  BA (Hons)
9 Architectural Technology FdSc
10 Architectural Technology  BSc (Hons)
11 Architecture BSc (Hons)
12 Audio and Music Technology  BSc (Hons)
13 Biological Sciences (Medical & Molecular Biology) BSc (Hons)
14 Biomedical Science  BSc (Hons)
15 Building Surveying BSc (Hons)
16 Building Surveying  FdSc
17 Business Economics   BSc (Hons)
18 Business Information Systems  BSc (Hons)
19 Business Management  BA (Hons)
20 Care Management FdSc
21 Cell and Molecular Biology   BSc (Hons)
22 Children and Young People FdSc
23 Civil Engineering FdSc
24 Civil Engineering FdSc
25 Civil Engineering  BSc (Hons)
26 Civil Engineering   MEng
27 Civil Engineering  BEng
28 Communication Studies  BA (Hons)
29 Community Arts: Theatre Practice BA (Hons)
30 Computer Game Development BSc (Hons)
31 Computer Games and Visual Effects  BA (Hons)
32 Computer Gaming and Animation Technology  BSc (Hons)
33 Computer Networking  BSc (Hons)
34 Computer Science DipHE
35 Computer Science  BSc (Hons)
36 Computing BSc (Hons)
37 Construction Management FdSc
38 Construction Management  FdSc
39 Construction Management  BSc (Hons)
40 Corporate Management   BA (Hons)
41 Creative Music Technology   BA (Hons)
42 Creative Music Technology and Music  BA (Hons)
43 Criminology BA (Hons)
44 Criminology  BA (Hons)
45 Drama  BA (Hons)
46 Drama and Film Studies   BA (Hons)
47 Early Childhood Studies BA (Hons)
48 Early Primary Education (Initial Teacher Training)   BA (Hons)
49 Early Years Childcare and Education  FdA
50 Early Years Professional Practice  BA (Hons)
51 Ecology & Conservation   BSc (Hons)
52 Education and Childhood Studies  BA (Hons)
53 Education Studies BA (Hons)
54 Electronics BEng
55 Electronics HND
56 Engineering  HNC
57 Engineering   FdSc
58 English BA (Hons)
59 English  BA (Hons)
60 English and Communication Studies   BA (Hons)
61 Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management  BA (Hons)
62 Environmental Planning  BSc (Hons)
63 Equine Studies  FdSc
64 Fashion Design   BA (Hons), MDes
65 Film and Television Production   BA (Hons)
66 Film Studies  BA (Hons)
67 Film, Television and Theatre Design  BA (Hons), MDes
68 Fine Art  BA (Hons)
69 Forensic Science   BSc (Hons)
70 Graphic Design   BA (Hons), MDes
71 History  BA (Hons)
72 Human Resource Management   BA (Hons)
73 Illustration  BA (Hons)
74 Illustration and Animation   BA (Hons)
75 Information Security and Forensic Computing BSc (Hons)
76 Integrated Engineering BEng
77 Interior Design   BA (Hons), MDes
78 International Business  BA (Hons)
79 International Business (Berlin) BA (Hons)
80 International Business (Clermont-Ferrand) BA (Hons)
81 International Business English (Non-native Speakers) BA (Hons)
82 International Business Strategy  BA (Hons)
83 International Management   BA (Hons)
84 International Nursing Studies  BSc (Hons)
85 Journalism BA (Hons)
86 Marine Biology and Animal Behaviour   BSc (Hons)
87 Marine Biology and Ecology & Conservation   BSc (Hons)
88 Marine Biology and Wildlife Biology BSc (Hons)
89 Marketing  BA (Hons)
90 Marketing  BA (Hons)
91 Maternal and Newborn Care FdSc
92 Mechanical Engineering BEng
93 Media and Internet Technology BSc (Hons)
94 Media Studies BA (Hons)
95 Media Studies  BA (Hons)
96 Mental Health FdSc
97 Microbiology  BSc (Hons)
98 Midwifery   BSc (Hons)
99 Midwifery for Registered Nurses  BSc (Hons)
100 Multimedia, Animation and the Web BSc (Hons)
101 Multimedia, Animation and the Web HND
102 Music  BA (Hons)
103 Nursing (Adult)  BSc (Hons)
104 Nursing (Child)  BSc (Hons)
105 Nursing (Mental Health)  BSc (Hons)
106 Operating Department Practice  DipHE
107 Optometry  BOptom (Hons)
108 Performing Arts F BA (Hons)
109 Perioperative Care  FdSc
110 Philosophy  BA (Hons)
111 Philosophy and English  BA (Hons)
112 Photography BA (Hons)
113 Popular Music   FdA
114 Psychology  BSc (Hons)
115 Psychology and Criminology  BSc (Hons)
116 Psychosocial Studies   BA (Hons)
117 Public Health FdSc
118 Public Health BSc (Hons)
119 Public Service (Top-Up)  BA (Hons)
120 Real Estate Management  BSc (Hons)
121 Real Estate Management  FdSc
122 Social Work  BA (Hons)
123 Sociology  BA (Hons)
124 Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (Health Visiting or School Nursing) BSc (Hons)
125 Sports Coaching and Physical Education BSc (Hons)
126 Sports Journalism FdA
127 Sports Science   BSc (Hons)
128 Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS) University Diploma
129 Tourism Management   BA (Hons)
130 Tourism Management  BA (Hons)
131 Wildlife Biology   BSc (Hons)
132 Zoology  BSc (Hons)
















The International Merit Scholarship

The International Merit Scholarship scheme provides awards of either £500 or £1000 to well-qualified students applying for any full-time Bachelors or Masters course. In some countries we offer a laptop alternative that will be handed over to the applicant on registration at Anglia Ruskin University.


Awards are made on the basis of academic merit and level of competence in English language. Once you apply for a course at Anglia Ruskin you will be automatically considered for a scholarship, and details of any award given will be included in your Offer letter.


Early payment discount

If the University receives the full payment for your tuition fees by the online payment method by the deadline below, then you will be entitled to a 3% discount on your tuition fees. No discounts are available if you pay in full after this period or if you choose to pay by instalments.

  • Students starting in January 2010: 10th January 2010
  • Students starting in September 2010: 31st August 2010















General Intake

January / September
















Download Application Form

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