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Marbella International University Centre ( MIUC)


Marbella International Studies Centre is a global academic institution providing a new kind of learning experience based on an advanced curriculum, cutting-edge technology and a unique living environment. MIUC takes pride in its dynamic Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes, which combine interactive teaching practices with state of the art facilities and personalized student services.


The Marbella International Studies Centre started up its project after the approval of the adjudication of the public contest convened by the Council of Marbella in November 2012


































Location & Facilities

Located in a quiet area of Marbella,at a walking distance to the city center and the beach, MIUC is a secure and gated campus with beautiful landscape and sea view. It boast parking spots, a gorgeous swimming pool with Jacuzzi, a tennis court, a 24 hours library and an indoor/outdoor canteen for students.


Their classrooms have a capacity of around 20 students. Small classes provide good interaction between students and academics. Each classroom is equipped with the most advanced currently available technology - interactive whiteboards projector screens which are integrated into the Blackboard learning platform.





























List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

The programmes are taught by distinguished academics and entrepreneurs who divide their time between vigorous research and innovative professional practice.


A modern, tech-savvy approach in class is complemented by specialized workshops run by renowned business leaders and influential political actors from across the globe.


























Courses Offered



  • BA International Business
  • BA International Relations
  • BA Marketing & Advertising
  • BA Media & Communications



  • MA Business Management
  • MA International Relations
  • MA Marketing & Advertising
























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