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Barcelona School of Management


UPF Barcelona School of Management was founded in 2011 with a clear objective: to produce professionals qualified in business management and public administration, providing them with the most advanced knowledge and techniques to help them succeed in the current labour market


































Location & Facilities

Located in the dynamic and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, the UPF Barcelona School of Management programs take place on two of UPF's largest and most central campuses: the Balmes Building and the Ciutadella Campus.Both campuses are surrounded by a hyperactive business sector and they include all the resources and services required for a motivating university life.





























List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

All master programs, postgraduate courses and specialization courses except for the Masters of Science are taught at the historic downtown Balmes Building. At the Ciutadella Campus, home to the world-ranked UPF Department of Economics and Business, the school's Masters of Science are taught, together with all the training in Humanities and Social Sciences

The faculty at UPF Barcelona School of Management combines the teaching staff from Pompeu Fabra University, leader in training, research and scientific production both in Spain and abroad, and highly skilled managers and professionals which give our students direct contact with the business world. The school's cross-cutting methodology includes crossover and linkage between disciplines as to ensure that our students gain a plural and fully scientific approach to knowledge.




























Courses Offered


Post graduate courses :

  • MSc in Finance and Banking
  • MSc in International Business
  • MSc in IT Strategic Management
  • MSc in Management
  • MSc in Management (specialization in Business Analytics)
  • MSc in Management (specialization in Entrepreneurship)
  • MSc in Management (specialization in Marketing)


























The UPF Barcelona School of Management makes various sources of funding available so that you are in a position to study any of our programs worry-free. To reward your talent we now give you the opportunity to finance a part of your program through scholarships and grants dedicated to encouraging education, or through collaboration agreements with financial entities.

  • Talent Scholarships: Apply for one of our Talent Scholarships, specifically awarded to master students who can demonstrate an exceptional academic, professional or personal trajectory.
  • Program Financial Aid: Check if your program offers any program-specific financial aid option which will help you cover a percentage of the program's tuition fees.
  • External Financial Aid: Consult the list of external entities and institutions that offer financial aid to students who want to enrol on a master program or a postgraduate course.
  • Discounts: Benefit from our student discounts if you are an alumnus, belong to the UPF community or work for one of our collaborating institutions.
  • Bank Loans: Inform yourself about the bank loans with advantageous conditions that the UPF Barcelona School of Management has set up with the main Spanish financial institutions.


















































































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