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Nanyang Polytechnic


Nanyang polytechnic was established on 1 April 1992. Nanyang Polytechnic is known as a SMART or intelligent campus. Every staff and student is issued a personalised SMART card that gives them access to facilities such as the lecture theatres, laboratories and the library. Cardholders can borrow library books, book sports & recreational facilities, and even make purchases using this card. The SMART card also doubles up as an 'attendance-taker', tracking students' attendance at lectures and tutorials. The vision of Nanyang Polytechnic is to be A Premier Polytechnic of Global Distinction. The mission of Nanyang Polytechnic is to provide quality education and training to prepare students and adult learners for work and life, equip them to be life-long learners and to contribute to the technological, economic and social development of Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic is a Public Polytechnic inb Singapore offers Diplomas, Advance Diplomas and Specialists Diplomas.

Why study at Nanyang Polytechnic:

  • World-class teaching facilities
  • Innovative teaching and learning
  • Good career prospects in terms of that studnets earn good salaries after they garaduate from Nanyang polytechnic
  • Credit Transfers and advanced Standings at Singaporean and Foreign Universities  

















Location & Facilities

Nanyang Polytechnic occupies 30.5 hectares of land and built for a capacity of 15,000 students and 1,300 staff members. Numerous sports facilities such as the track and field, adventure challenge park, gymnasium, and rock-climbing facilities allow sports enthusiasts to sweat it out and tone up their muscles.

Students can also organise a game of badminton, table tennis or basketball in the air-conditioned Sports Hall. Or, if they prefer a cool sport, the Olympic-sized swimming pool provides just that. The 300-seater Theatre for the Arts and 1,200-seater auditorium, complete with audio and visual systems, are excellent venues for stage performances.

There are three blocks of fully-furnished staff apartments located within the campus, providing residents the convenience of proximity and anotehr three blocks for recreational and student development purposes.  




















List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Here is the list of the Departments at Nanyang Polytechnic:

  • School Of Engineering
  • School of Information Technology
  • School of Design
  • School of Interactive & Digital Media
  • School of Management
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School Of Chemical & Life Sciences

























Courses Offered Level Name of the Program
1 Diploma Diploma in Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering
2 Diploma Diploma in Aerospace Systems & Management
3 Diploma Diploma in BioMedical Engineering
4 Diploma Diploma in Digital & Precision Engineering
5 Diploma Diploma in Electronics, Computers & communication Engineering
6 Diploma Diploam in Electrical Engineering
7 Diploma Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering
8 Diploma Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering
9 Diploma Diploma in Multimedia and Infocomm Technology
10 Diploma Diploma in Nanotechnology & Materials Science
11 Diploma Diploma in Telematics & Media Technology
12 Diploma Diploam in Business Informatics
13 Diploma Diploma in Business Enterprise IT
14 Diploma Diploma in Engineering Informatics
15 Diploma Diploma in Financial Informatics
16 Diploma Diploma in Information Security
17 Diploma Diploma in Information Technology
18 Diploma Diploma in Industrial Design
19 Diploma Diploma in Space & Interior Design
20 Diploma Diploma in Visual Communication
21 Diploma Diploam in Fund Management & Administration
22 Diploma Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management
23 Diploma Diploma in Media Studies & management
24 Diploma Diploma in Business management
25 Diploma Diploma in Banking & financial Services
26 Diploma Diploma in Accountancy & Finance
27 Diploma Diploma in Marketing
28 Diploma Diploma in Sport & Wellness Management
29 Diploma Diploma in Dental Hygeine & therapy
30 Diploma Diploma in Nursing
31 Diploma Diploma in Physiotherapy
32 Diploma Diploma in Occupational Therapy
33 Diploma Diploma in Diagnostic Radiography
34 Diploma Diploma in Radiation Therapy
35 Diploma Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work)
36 Diploma Diploma in Biologics & Process Technology
37 Diploma Diploma in Chemical & Green Technology
38 Diploma Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology
39 Diploma Diploma in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology
40 Diploma Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition
41 Diploma Diploma in Pharnaceutical Sciences
42 Diploma Diploma in Digital Visual Effects
43 Diploma Diploma in Digital Media Design (Interaction Design)
44 Diploma Diploam in Digital Media Design (Games)
45 Diploma Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation)
46 Diploma Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design
47 Diploma Diploma in Digital Entertainment  Technology (Games)
























International students, including permanent residents, who are admitted into Nanyang Polytechnic, may apply for the Tuition Grant (TG) that is offered by the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Those who are awarded and accept the TG will pay the subsidised fees for their course. Such students will be required to execute the TG Deed with the Government of Singapore, in the presence of two sureties. The sureties act as guarantors and can be of any nationality, above 21 years old and are not declared bankrupt. Students will have to work in Singapore for three years upon the completion of studies. They are advised to find their own employment. International students who are not awarded the TG will have to pay full fees.  

































The courses offered at Nanyang Polytechnic in July every year.
























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