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FTMS Global Academy


FTMS Global, established in 1986 in Singapore, now has 13 campuses in 10 countries in Asia and Africa. FTMSGlobal offers Professional Accounting and Finance courses as well as an array of academic programmes in Business, Information Technology, Accounting and Finance and Hospitality. Students are offered various entry routes, including through enrolment in the English Language course. Students can progress through diplomas, higher diplomas, degrees and post-graduate MBA.
     At FTMSGlobal, their commitment to quality education and training has seen the growth of their student numbers to over 20,000 around the world.
     Their board members, management team and advisors, with their diverse backgrounds and experience, provide valuable feedback for overall governance and company performance.
      FTMS Global’s robust and dynamic business structure has helped develop the high quality of education at all its campuses. With over 29 years of excellence in education and training, more than 30,000 students have graduated with FTMSGlobal. Thier Management, Academics, Staff and strong student Alumni create the strength and dynamism of FTMSGlobal. FTMSGlobal provides a total learning environment through academic and support excellence, offering a wide range of subject areas to local and international students. FTMS Global aims to prepare students to meet the present and future challenges in a rapidly changing economic environment. Apart from providing quality education, FTMS Global assists students to realise their potential by immersing them in an environment that aids professional development.
         Their vision is to be a World-Wide Premier Education and Training Provider. Their Culture is defined by their core values in developing tomorrow's professionals today.





















Location & Facilities

At FTMS Global, the student will be part of a vibrant city centre campus and community that represents a variety of nationalities, cultures and religious beliefs. They have their Global Campuses worldwide viz. Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei,Combodia, Honkong, India, Mauritius, SriLanka, Veitnam, Uganda.

     Student Facilities:
      FTMS Global’s 8 Classrooms, 1 Lecture Theatre and 2 Computer Labs have conducive atmosphere to enhance the students’ concentration and learning experience. The facilities are equipped with the latest projection systems, visualizers and multimedia capabilities. Their well-stocked library reflects all the programmes of study offered by FTMS Global.To meet the needs of the high technology world, their computer labs are fully equipped with the latest computer terminals and workstations. The Local Area Network (LAN) is multimedia-enabled and linked to the Internet at high speed connections.























List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

1. Professional Courses:ACCA,CAT,CIMA,CFA
        Professional Accounting and Finance

     2. MBA Programme
          Awarded by Anglia Ruskin

     3. Degree Programme: Accounting & Finance/Business Management/International  Management/Software Engineering/Information Systems
          Awarded by Prestigious Universities in the UK

      4. Department of Hospitality
          Pathway from Diploma to Higher Diploma

      5. Department of Computing Sciences
          Pathway from Certificate to Honours Degree

      6. Department of Business
          Pathway from Certificate to Honours Degree

      7. Department of Accounting and Finance
          Pathway from Certificate to Honours Degree

       8. Foundation and Certificate Programmes
            FTMS Global Bridging Programmes



























Courses Offered


Sr.No. Level Name of the Program



Masters of Business Administration



Accounting & Finance



Business Management



International Management



Software Engineering



Business Information System



Computer Science



Business Information Technology



Computer Engineering



International Food & Beverage Service



Hospitality & Tourism Management



Hospitality Management



International Hospitality & Tourism Management




















FTMS Global offers the following scholarships every year to deserving students.
      FTMS Global Full Scholarship Award available at entry level:
              Students who score an aggregate of seven or less for the best six subjects in their 'O' Level/SPM examinations are entitled to apply for these scholarship awards.These awards are available at entry level for all academic programmes undertaken at FTMS Global. The Scholarship award is equivalent to the fees for their courses.

       FTMS Global Hardship Scholarship Award:
                This scholarship award is available to existing students who have become financially deprived due to the inability of their parents/ guardians to support the student's study at FTMS Global. This scholarship award is for the balance of fees outstanding to the institution. The inability of their parents/guardians to support the student may result from accidents, hospitalisation, death or loss of employment. The FTMSGlobal Hardship Scholarship is only available for FTMSGlobal courses.

        FTMS Global Chairman's Merit Scholarship:
                  The FTMS Global Chairman's Merit Scholarship is available to FTMSGlobal students with outstanding academic achievements in the following programmes:
                  Professional Accounting and Finance
                  Engineering & Computer Sciences & Business





























Various Intakes on Monthly basis. Mostly every Month.
























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