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Cork Institute Of Technology


Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), formerly the Regional Technical College, Cork, is an Institute of Technology in Ireland, located in Cork, Ireland opened in 1973. The institute has 17,000 students (both part-time and full-time) in art, business, engineering, music, drama and science disciplines. The popular Faculties are Engineering and Science, and Business and Humanities.


The constituent colleges are the CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, the CIT Cork School of Music and the National Maritime College of Ireland.


CIT holds a partnership with the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da), Germany. CIT's BA in Multimedia offers a joint accreditation from CIT and h_da.
CIT offer a number of degree courses in conjunction with University College Cork, including their BSc in Architecture and BSc in Biomedical Science.


 The CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory runs a programme in partnership with the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland, California.


CIT has also established various industrial alliances, particularly with the EMC Corporation and VMware, both of which have a business presence in Cork. The college also maintains close ties with to Cisco Systems and the Cisco Networking Academy. CIT is itself both an official VMware and Cisco academy, as well as a Microsoft, Novell and ITIL academy.




























































Location & Facilities


The main campus of some eighty acres is situated in Bishops town in the western suburbs of Cork city.


It is comprehensively equipped with theatres, lecture rooms, laboratories, drawing studios, a library, computer suites, open access computing centre and research units. CIT's main campus has won numerous awards for its architectural design and aesthetics.


No on-campus accommodation facility. There are three main types of outside accommodation; every effort is made to facilitate students seeking accommodation as:

  • Lodgings/Self Catering Lodgings - Living in a family home within walking distance of the college, may be with self cooking arrangements.

  • Shared Houses/Flats - Where a student lives in rented  houses/rooms

  • Student Apartments/Hostels- Renting student apartments in close proximity to the Institute


Recreational facilities for students include a champion-standard running track, tennis courts, all weather pitch, an excellently appointed gymnasium and grass playing pitches.  A new heated indoor swimming pool is located immediately adjacent to the Institute









































































































































List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College



  • Faculties & Colleges
  • Business & Humanities
  • Engineering & Science
  • CIT Cork School of Music
  • CIT Crawford College of Art & Design
  • National Maritime College of Ireland


  • IT Management BSc (Honours) Part time CR_KCSME_8


  • Accounting (BBus Honours) CR 400
  • Accounting (BBus) CR 023
  • Accounting (BBus) Common Entry CR 021
  • Accounting (BBus) Part time (ACCS) CR_BACCE_7
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology ((BSc Honours) Part time CR_EAMTN_8
  • Agriculture (BSc) CR 010
  • Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (BSc degree) CR 007
  • Analytical Chemistry with Quality Assurance (BSc Honours) CR 340
  • Applied Biosciences (BSc Degree) CR 006
  • Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology (BSc Degree) CR_SBIBI_7
  • Applied Physics & Instrumentation CR 001
  • Applied Physics & Instrumentation (BSc) CR_SPHYE_7
  • Applied Physics & Instrumentation (Hons) CR_SPHYS_8
  • Architectural Technology (BSc Honours) CR 560
  • Architectural Technology (BSc) CR 090
  • Architecture (BSc Honours) CK 606


  • Bar Management (BBus) CR 650
  • BEng (Honours) in Building Energy Systems CR 522
  • Biomedical Engineering (BEng Honours) CR 520
  • Biomedical Engineering (BEng) CR 075
  • Biomedical Science (BSc Honours) CR 320
  • Building Energy Systems (BEng Honours) (1 year add-on) CR_EBESY_8
  • Building Services Engineering (BEng) CR 072
  • Business (Honours) Part time CR_BBUSN_8
  • Business Administration (BBus degree) CR 022
  • Business and Management (BBus) CR 021
  • Business Information Systems (BBus Honours degree) CR 150
  • Business Studies Common Entry CR 021


  • Chemical & Biopharmacutical Engineering (BEng Honours) CR105
  • Civil Engineering (BEng degree) CR 051
  • Civil Engineering (BEng) Part time CR_CCIVE_7
  • Cloud Computing (BSc Honours) CR_KCLDC_8
  • Community Development (BA) CR_HCOED_7
  • Community Development BA (Honours) CR_HCOED_8
  • Computing (BSc Degree) CR 016
  • Construction CR 052
  • Construction Management (BSc Honours ) CR 572
  • Construction Management (BSc) Part time CR_CCMNE_7
  • Contemporary Applied Art (Ceramics, Glass, Textiles) (BA Honours) CR 210
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy Year 3 & Year 4 (BA Honours) CR_HCOUN_8
  • Craft Technology (Wood) with Business CR077
  • Craft Technology – Mechanical Services (BSc Level 7) CR078 CR078
  • Culinary Arts (Bachelor of Arts) CR_OCULP_7_Y3
  • Culinary Arts (BBus degree) CR 640


  • Early Years Education (BA ) CR 620
  • Early Years Education (BA Honours) CR_HECCE_8
  • Electrical Engineering (BEng degree) CR 062
  • Electrical Power Systems (BEng Honours Degree) CR 580
  • Electronic Engineering (BEng degree) CR 061
  • Electronic Systems Engineering (BEng honours degree) CR 590
  • Electronic Systems Engineering (BEng Honours) Part time CR_EELES_8
  • Engineering Common Entry Level 8 CR 500
  • Environmental Engineering (BEng Level 7) CR055 CR055
  • Environmental Science & Sustainable Technology (BSc Honours) CR 365


  • Fine Art (Honours) CR 220
  • Food and Health Science (BSc Degree) CR_SFSTE_7



  • Herbal Science (BSc honours degree) CR 330
  • Horticulture (BSc) CR 011
  • Hospitality Management (BBus degree) CR 042


  • Information Technology Support BSc CR 888
  • Instrument Engineering (BSc Honours Degree) CR 360
  • Interior Architecture (BSc Honours) CR 565
  • Interior Architecture (BSc) CR 053
  • IT Management (BSc honours degree) CR 310


  • Marine & Plant Engineering (BEng) CR 095
  • Marine Electrotechnology (BEng) CR 805
  • Marketing (BBus honours degree) CR 420
  • Marketing (BBus) CR 021
  • Mechanical Engineering (BEng honours degree) CR 108
  • Mechanical Engineering (BEng) CR 071
  • Mechanical Engineering (BEng) Part time (Stage 3) CR_EMECN_7
  • Montessori Education BA (Honours) CR_HMONT_8
  • Multimedia (BA Honours) CR 112
  • Music (BMus Honours) CR 121


  • Nautical Science (BSc Degree) CR 094
  • Nautical Science (BSc Honours) CR_SNASC_8
  • Nutrition and Health Science (BSc Honours degree) CR 333


  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (BSc Honours) CR 325
  • Physical Sciences (Common Entry) Level 7 CR300 CR 300
  • Physical Sciences (Common Entry) Level 8 CR305 CR 305
  • Popular Music popularmusic
  • Popular Music: Drums CR 126
  • Popular Music: Electric Bass Guitar CR 125
  • Popular Music: Electric Guitar CR 127
  • Popular Music: Keyboards CR 128
  • Popular Music: Voice CR 129
  • Process Plant Technology BSc (Honours) Part time CR_EPPTN_8


  • Quantity Surveying (BSc honours degree) CR 570\
  • Quantity Surveying (BSc) Part time CE_CCECE_7 R
  • Recreation and Leisure Management (BBus) CR 032


  • Social Care (BA) CR 031 Social Care (Honours) CR_HSOCC_8
  • Software Development (BSc honours) CR 106
  • Software Development and Computer Networking (BSc Honours) CR 116
  • Structural Engineering (BEng Honours) CR 109
  • Supply Chain and Transport Management (BBus) CR_BSCTM_7
  • Sustainable Energy (BEng Honours Degree) CR 510


  • Theatre & Drama Studies (BA Honours) CR 700
  • Tourism (BBus Honours) CR 660
  • Tourism (BBus) CR 041
  • Transport Management (BSc Honours) CR_TTMGT_8
  • Transport Management and Technology (BSc) CR 046


  • Visual Communications (BA Honours) CR 600


  • Web Development (BSc Honours) CR 312

Post gRaduate:

Art, Design & Media

  • MA in Art & Design Education
  • MA in Teaching Visual Arts for Primary & Early Years Education MA in Art Therapy MA in
  • Public Relations with New Media
  • MA in Journalism with New Media
  • MA in E-learning Design and Development
  • MA in Art & Process MA in Art Therapy


  • MBus in Information Systems / Marketing / Accounting / Innovation & Enterprise
  • MA in Human Resource Management
  • MSc in Marketing Practice
  • ACCA Programme


  • MSc in Cloud Computing
  • MSc in Software Development
  • MSc in Networking & Security


  • MSc in Architectural Technical Design
  • MSc in Interior Architecture MEng in Embedded Systems Engineering
  • MEng in Structural Engineering
  • MEng in Civil Engineering (Environment & Energy)
  • MEng in Mechanical Engineering
  • MEng in Chemical & Biopharmaceutical Engineering
  • MSc in Construction Project Management


  • MA in Music – Performance
  • MA in Music & Technology
  • MSc in Music & Technology


  • MSc in Computational Biology
  • MSc in Biomedical Science (Jointly with UCC)

Social & General Studies

  • MA in Integrative Psychotherapy
  • MA in Play Therapy





















Courses Offered


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