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Tuition Fees

Tuition fees vary depending on the institution and the study programme. An example of tuition fees for 2008/ 2009 for undergraduate, non-E.U. students at a third level institution are as follows:

Course Average Fees (Euro)
Medicine related courses 31,000 45,000
Engineering 9,100 - 20,300
Science & Technology 9,100 - 18,000
Business Related 9,100 - 20,000
Arts and Humanities 9,000 - 30,000

{1 Euro = Rs85 approx.}


Cost of Living

As per 2008 figures, on average, a single student should count approx. between €7500 and €12,000 per year as living expenses, depending on location and lifestyle.


Third level students: The higher education system in Ireland is called as Third level education or tertiary education.

  • Most third level institutions have on-campus student residences, often resembling small villages with on-site facilities such as shops, launderettes, restaurants etc.
  • Another popular option, particularly in the main cities is self-catering rented accommodation, often shared with other students. Students opting for this kind of accommodation are advised to arrive in the country two or three weeks prior to the start of the academic year in order to secure a place in a house/apartment.
  • Some third-level students opt for host family accommodation. This can be a good option for those leaving home for the first time as it helps to integrate them into the local community and the Irish way of life. Students are normally provided with their own room and with morning and evening meals.


Many overseas students studying in Ireland are sponsored by their own governments or through other international scholarship programmes. In most cases applications should be made through the Ministry of Education in the student's home country.


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