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Normandy Business School


Ecole de Management de Normandie has made it its core mission to serve the business community by educating young future executives, able to address efficiently change and project management challenges, to display genuine managerial capabilities and fully aware of cross-cultural issues and corporate social responsibilities.

In the same spirit, Ecole de Management de Normandie has a duty to contribute actively to the lifelong learning of those employees and executives already in business.
Thanks to institutional faculty research support schemes, Ecole de Management de Normandie promotes faculty intellectual contributions, both academic or applied, to guarantee high added value in the learning process. Furthermore, to enhance its regional legitimacy and play a significant role in the attractiveness of its home areas, Ecole de Management de Normandie wishes to be instrumental in the regional development and competitiveness of Normandy the ‘Arc Manche’ area

EM Normandie has enjoyed positive evolutions, sustained by increased attractiveness and a sound financial position, which have allowed defining a new growth strategy for controlled expansion and wider ambitions.

The definition of the 2013-2017 Strategy has involved the entire School community in keeping with its core values: Humility, Loyalty, and Reactivity.




























Location & Facilities

Since 2013, EM Normandie and Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) have based their new campus in Paris, at 64 rue du Ranelagh in the Paris 16th district, to develop both joint and separate activities.


As a whole, the premises can host 500 people (2,000 mē on two levels). 15 staff members from EM Normandie and GEM are to be in residence permanently to ensure a successful operation


EM Normandie offers on this campus:

  • The Grande Ecole Programme in 5 years U1 (as from September 2006),
  • The 2-year Cooperative Track of the Grande Ecole Programme,
  • The M2 in Digital Business Strategy (a specialised option offered jointly with Grenoble Ecole de Management),
  • The M2 in Human Resource Management M2 (specialization Grande Ecole Programme) and MS,
  • The M2 in The Digital Management, a specialization Grande Ecole Programme
























List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

A quality Faculty guarantees rich pedagogy and creative research.

A marked increase is to be noted in the number of Full-time Faculty and their level of qualification. EM Normandie has thus 67 Full-time Faculty members, including 47 PhDs and 3 Doctoral students.


The Faculty also includes:

  • 857 adjuncts (lecturers and professionals) who contribute to the teaching with their expertise,
  • 5 Affiliate Professors



























Courses Offered


Name of the Program



MSc International Events Management
• MSc Cross Cultural Marketing and Negotiation
• MSc International Logistics and Port Management
• MSc Supply Chain Management



Grande Ecole Programme



Bachelor - Direct 3rd admission































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