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Neoma Business School


Our mission: Educate and guide the managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Individuals or organisations… we are all involved in transformational movements which become permanent. We can be strongly destabilised as both the goal posts move and the obstacles we face come one after the other. How then, can the leaders create spaces for innovation and start the individuals and groups off on a new initiative?

As a first class international school, NEOMA Business School’s self-set mission is precisely to educate and support the managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, capable of exercising responsible leadership and exceed the prevailing models.


Our vision

Being renowned for an innovative educational strategy, for training imaginative and responsible leaders, who will constantly adapt to an ever changing global environment... That is the vision that drives NEOMA Business School.


Our values: Openness, Entrepreneurship, Respect and Excellence

In this constantly changing environment, four key values guide NEOMA Business School every day in its Education of new generations: Openness, Entrepreneurship, Respect and Excellence. These are values that we have at heart to share with our students, graduates and more generally across the communities that evolve in our environment.


  • We consider Openness as an essential value more than ever. Facing a rapidly changing world, curiosity, adaptability, an open mind and a taste for innovation have emerged as solutions.
  • The concept of Entrepreneurship is also crucial. It refers to the ability to take initiative, to develop innovative projects and harness human and material resources.
  • Respect for others, synonymous with tolerance, without losing critical thinking, implies a sense of moral responsibility and a taste for dialogue. In this sense, we do not see it a passive attitude, but a commitment. Associated with having an open mind and entrepreneurship, demonstrating respect requires a willingness to engage with others and show a social and responsible behaviour.
  • Excellence is the common thread of our performance. We consider the good as the enemy of excellence. Therefore NEOMA Business School works every day to become better in all its endeavours.



























Location & Facilities

Devoted to Executive Education, the NEOMA Business School Paris campus is located in the ninth Arrondissement at the heart of the French capital.


In a 1,500m2 complex, you can find room to develop on a pleasant, versatile, modern campus: well-lit lecture rooms, classrooms of various sizes and individual study rooms are installed around a delightful courtyard.


A 100% multimedia teaching environment offerings innovative learning can be accessed on and off campus : e-learning platform, and remote access to databases and school materials (e-books, electronic periodicals, specialized databases, etc.)


Location :

  • 5-minute walk from metro stations and bus stops
  • 5-minute walk from the St Lazare railway station
  • 20 minutes from the Gare de l’Est railway station by metro



Conferences and debates

In an exceptional space at the heart of the French capital where hundreds of students, teachers and professional speakers meet and socialize every day, our Paris campus hosts regular meetings, conferences and debates, organised by NEOMA Business School and the NEOMA Alumni Association


Accommodation in Paris

NEOMA BS has an accommodation platform that assists with :

  • Finding/offering a location
  • Finding flatmate(s) and organising flat-shares
  • Finding/offering sublets
  • Finding/offering temporary rooms






















List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

The NEOMA Business School faculty is the source of our strategic skills and knowledge. The faculty has 200 professors and researchers dedicated to creating and spreading new management practices and knowledge.

Apart from disciplinary skills, our faculty helps to develop our students’ cross-curricular knowledge and leads them in personal and social development. As both experts and instructors, they provide the highest level of teaching, work towards developing innovative pedagogic methods and materials, and constantly interact with the business world, particularly through their own research efforts.


Through their expertise, their pedagogic innovations, and their rigorous, significant research work, published in top-tier international journals, our professors are committed to :

  • teaching graduates who will go on to top quality professional careers
  • helping organisations develop managerial practices and therefore contributing to their competitiveness
  • guiding managers in their skills development throughout their careers



Department of Economics, Cultures and International Affairs

Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Department of People and Organisations

Department of Information Systems, Supply Chain Management and Decision-Making

Department of Marketing

Department of Accounting, Control and Legal Affairs

Department of Finance

























Courses Offered


Name of the Program






Bachelor in Retail management



BSC in international Business



Bachelor in Business Administration



M.SC in arts management



M.Sc in international luxury management



M.Sc in marketing french excellence



M.Sc in finance



M.Sc in supply chain management



M.Sc in global management



M.Sc in international management































NEOMA Business School Foundation scholarships


























































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