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EM Strasbourg Business School


A Business School part of French university: The University of Strasbourg

With its strong international policy and a clear European orientation, the University of Strasbourg plays a major role in the heart of the city and on the international scene.

  • Top 100 of Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities
  • 3 Nobel prizes


EM Strasbourg Business School: A unique international environment

    • 3000 students – 27% of international students
    • International academic staff
    • More than 200 partner universities
    • A strong cross-border link between France and Germany
    • The European Parliament and the Council of Europe
    • Consulates and embassies from across the world

    EM Strasbourg combines an international focus with strong regional roots.


























    Location & Facilities

    Strasbourg and the Alsace region: a great location in the heart of Europe and a pleasant and safe place to live

    • Its unique heritage, its cultural diversity, varied surrounding landscapes and traditions.
    • In the “Top 10 regions” to visit (Lonely Planet)
    • The famous Alsace wine road


    EM Strasbourg Business School is a French business school created in 1919 in Strasbourg, Alsace. Since 2000 it is one of the elite grandes écoles in France, ranking in the top 15 business schools in the nation. It is the only French Business School to operate under the umbrella of a traditional University: the University of Strasbourg. This model, inspired by US and other international references, enables the school to benefit from the multidisciplinary academic research conducted at the University of Strasbourg, a strong support from the public sector and solid partnerships with the private sector. The school is the only one in France to be ranked in the Shanghai academic ranking of world Universities through its affiliation with the University of Strasbourg.


    Students can focus their studies in banking and finance, entrepreneurship and management, finance, accounting and auditing, supply chain management, management of information systems, and marketing and sales. The school maintains a large undergraduate and graduate exchange program with nearly 200 partner institutions located in 55 countries all over the world, such as Trinity College, Dublin and HEC Montréal.























    List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

    Core faculty of the EM Strasbourg Business School is managed by a deputy dean, Maxime Merli, and 4 disciplinary domain coordinators (Finance accounting control / Marketing / HR-Management, Strategy). It is made up of nearly 90 permanent teachers (90% of whom have a doctoral degree) who divide their time between teaching, research and the management of one or several teaching programmes

    These faculty members, most of whom have an academic background and belong to one of the School's laboratories (Humanis and Large), are the guarantors of the scientific contribution to education and add genuine value to the School's different programmes, for initial education students as well as continuing education trainees.




























    Courses Offered

    Name of the Program


    Master in european management studies


    Programme Grande école master degree


    Exchange Programs


    Short Term Programs































    When studying abroad, financing your study becomes important due to possibly higher tuition fees, living costs and other education related expenses. As national student loans and grants are usually not available to international students, a scholarship for international students might be the right choice for you!


    Each year there are thousands of student scholarships and other financial aid opportunities available all over the world. A great variety of those scholarships and student loans in France are international scholarships awarded especially to international students coming from places across the world, such as Australia, Asia, Europe, or the US. Many of those international scholarships are not degree program specific. There are, however, specific undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD scholarships for international students, amongst others.

























































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