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Study in France Brochure

Tuition Expenses:

Programmes France Currency Indian Currency
Masters Euro 10,000 - Euro 16,500 ₹ 8.5lakhs - ₹ 13.8lakhs
MBA Euro 23,000 - Euro 25,000 ₹ 19lakhs - ₹ 21lakhs

(1Euro = ₹ 84.70 at the time of print)


Living Expenses:

A budget of around Euro 600 - Euro 1000 per month will cover accommodation, food, transport and other activities.

Accommodation Euro 300 - Euro 600 per month
Food Euro 350 - Euro 500
HealthInsurance Euro 40
Transport Euro 50 - Euro 130
Utilities Euro 50 - Euro 100
PersonalExpenses Euro 100 - Euro 300

(1Euro = ₹ 84.70 at the time of print)

* An International students who is enrolled in a French institution for 1 yr and more gets a student residency permit for studying in France and they can apply for government help for their housing allowances which is also known as CAF. This process takes around 1 month and this covers up to 1/3rd of housing allowance for international students.


Health Insurance :

International students who are under 28 years of age enrolled in a educational institution for a program of at least 3 months duration are enrolled in the student segment of the National Health Insurance Plan and also above 28 years they have similar process). An International student must join the social security system most take out an additional cover. In France, the annual cost of such policies runs from Euro 150 to Euro 550.On average social security covers about 70% of the expenses, related to an illness.



University Residences: Located on campus or in town, run by CROUS(Centre Reginaux des oeuvres universities et sociale) these rooms are with equipped all the necessary facilities and the rent is between 250 to 400 Euros.

Private student Residences: They are found in most of the major cities in France and this concept has been increasing lately. Rental for the same being 800-1000 Euros in Paris and 500-800 euros in the other cities. It is less common for students to flat share in France. Landlords will often ask a guarantor.

Financial Aids and Grants :

The French government funds approximately 22,000 students each year. Most of the aid is administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry's programs are of two types:

  • Scholarships funds made available under bilateral assistance programs between France and foreign governments or under an annual scholarship program. More than 80 % of French government scholarships fall into this category.
  • Scholarships for excellence, Scholarship programs have been set up to enable French institutions of higher education to attract the finest international students.


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