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Study in University of Manitoba Canada. Edwise Give Admission Guidance for Admission in University of Manitoba, Canada. We help in Selection of Best Universities and Colleges in Canada.

Edwise is the one stop Overseas Education Consultant for all your International study needs. Edwise assists you to Get Canada Admission in Top Colleges and University. We guide you with the programs and admission guidelines to Study in University of Manitoba Canada. Edwise Give Admission Guidance for Admission in University of Manitoba Canada. Edwise Give Canada Admission Guidance for students who wish to study in Canada. We help in Selection of Best Universities in Canada.. We help in Selection of Best Universities in Canada and Canada admission Process, Canada Visa Process. Edwise representatives for the best universities and colleges for Study in Canada. Edwise help you to get admission in University of Manitoba, Canada. Edwise has helped several students over the years to receive some form of scholarship or tution fee waiver for the program of their choice. The Canada education system offers international students the most diverse set of education options in the world. We help in Selection of Universities in Canada. We Provide Scholarship to take Study in University of Manitoba, Canada. University of Manitoba Canada Provide Various Courses like Mba, Information systems engineering, Social work and Many More.

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University Of Manitoba


Steeped in tradition and excellence that stems back 131 years, the University of Manitoba has grown to be the largest and most recognized post-secondary government supported educational institution in the province. Located in the heart of the country, it is western Canada's first university.



To create, preserve and communicate knowledge, and thereby, contribute to the cultural, social and economic well-being of the people of Manitoba, Canada and the world.


USP's for International Students

8.5% of students are international, representing close to 100 countries. With over 100 student groups and recreation clubs, co-op work opportunities, travel exchange programs, and community service projects at home and abroad, the University of Manitoba offers you more ways to connect, develop leadership skills, and expand your awareness and understanding of this world we all share.









Location & Facilities

The university consists of a main Fort Garry Campus, spanning over 676 acres, a downtown Bannatyne Campus, adjacent to Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre, and many other smaller satellite locations. There are 13.7 km of roads, 7,090 parking spaces, and 1,266 residence rooms for students. Located at the heart of the Fort Garry Campus, the Duckworth Quadrangle is one of the great places to meet, socialize and enjoy campus life.














List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

  • Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

  • Faculty of Architecture Faculty of Arts

  • Asper School of Business (Faculty of Management)

  • Faculty of Dentistry

  • Faculty of Education

  • Faculty of Engineering

  • Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources

  • Faculty of Graduate Studies

  • Faculty of Human Ecology

  • Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management

  • Faculty of Law

  • Faculty of Medicine

  • Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music

  • Faculty of Nursing

  • Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Faculty of Science

  • Faculty of Social Work

  • School of Agriculture

  • School of Art

  • School of Dental Hygiene

  • School of Medical Rehabilitation

  • Division of Extended Education

















Courses Offered Level Name of the Program
1 UG Aboriginal Business Studies
2 UG Aboriginal Governance (Native Studies)
3 UG Accounting
4 UG Actuarial Mathematics
5 UG Agribusiness
6 PG/ PhD Agribusiness and Agricultural economics
7 UG Agricultural & Food Sciences
8 UG Agriculture Diploma
9 UG Agroecology
10 UG Agronomy
11 UG Animal Systems
12 PG/ PhD Animal Science
13 UG/ PG/ PhD Anthropology
14 UG Applied Mathematics
15 PhD Applied Health Sciences
16 UG/ PG Architecture
17 UG Art History
18 UG Arts
19 UG Art
20 UG Asian Studies
21 UG Astronomy
22 UG Athletic Therapy
23 UG Biochemistry
24 PG/ PhD Biochemistry and Medical Genetics
25 UG/ PG/ PhD Biological Sciences (including Biology, Botany, Ecology, and Zoology)
26 UG/ PG/ PhD Biosystems Engineering (Environmental Option)
27 PG/ PhD Botany
28 UG Biotechnology
29 UG Business
30 UG Business Generalist
31 UG/ PG Canadian Studies
32 PhD Cancer Control
33 UG Catholic Studies
34 UG Central & East European Studies
35 UG Ceramics
36 UG/ PG/ PhD Chemistry
37 UG/ PG City Planning
38 UG/ PG/ PhD Civil Engineering (Environmental Option)
39 PG Classics
40 UG Classical Studies (Classics minor)
41 UG Computer Engineering
42 PG/ PhD Community Health Science
43 UG/ PG/ PhD Computer Science
44 UG Cree (Native Studies minor)
45 UG Criminology (Sociology)
46 UG Dental Hygiene
47 UG Dentistry
48 UG Drama (Theatre)
49 PhD Design and Planning(Architechture)
50 PG Disability Studies
51 UG Drawing
52 UG/ PG/ PhD Economics
53 PhD Education
54 PG Education(Collège universitaire de Saint Boniface)
55 PG Education(Curriculum, Teaching and Learning)
56 PG Educational Administration, Foundations and Psychology
57 UG Education: Early Years (K-4)
58 UG Education: Middle Years (5-8)
59 UG Education: Senior Years (9-12)
60 UG Electrical Engineering
61 PG/ PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering
62 UG Engineering
63 UG English
64 PG/ Phd English, Film and Theatre
65 PG/ PhD Entomology
66 UG Entrepreneurship/Small Business
67 UG Environment, Earth, and Resources
68 UG Environmental Design
69 PG/ PhD Environment and Geography
70 UG Environmental Science
71 UG Environmental Studies
72 UG Extended Education
73 UG/ PG Family Social Sciences
74 UG Film Studies
75 UG Finance
76 UG/ PG Fine Arts
77 UG PG/ PhD Food Science
78 UG French
79 PG/ PhD French, Spanish and italian
80 UG Forensic Science
81 UG Genetics
82 UG/ PhD Geography
83 UG Geology
84 PG/ PhD Geological Sciences
85 UG Geophysics
86 UG/ PG German (German & Slavic Studies)
87 UG Global Political Economy
88 UG General Studies
89 UG Graphic Design
90 UG Greek (Classics)
91 UG Health Sciences
92 UG Health Studies
93 UG/ PG/ PhD History
94 UG Human Ecology
95 PG/ PhD Human Anatomy and Cell Science
96 UG/ PG/ PhD Human Nutritional Sciences
97 UG Human Resource Management
98 UG Icelandic
99 PG Icelandic language and Literature
100 PG/ PhD Immunology
101 UG/ PG Interior Design
102 PG/ PhD Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs
103 UG International Business
104 UG Italian
105 UG Jazz
106 UG Kinesiology
107 UG/ PG Kinesiology & Recreation Management
108 UG Labour Studies
109 UG/ PG Landscape Architecture
110 UG Latin (Classics)
111 UG Latin American Studies (minor)
112 UG Law
113 UG/ PG/ PhD Linguistics
114 UG Logistics and Supply Chain Management
115 PG/ PhD Management
116 UG Management Information Systems
117 UG Management of Organizations
118 UG Manufacturing Engineering (Aerospace Option)
119 PG/ PhD Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences
120 UG Marketing
121 UG/ PG/ PhD Mathematics
122 UG Mechanical Engineering
123 PG/ PhD Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
124 PG/ PhD Medical Microbiology
125 UG/ PG Medical Rehabilitation
126 UG Medicine
127 UG Medieval & Renaissance Studies
128 UG/ PG/ PhD Microbiology
129 UG/ PG Music
130 UG Music Composition
131 UG Music Education
132 UG Music History
133 UG Music Instrumental
134 UG Music Performance
135 UG/ PG/ PhD Native Studies
136 UG/ PG Nursing
137 PG/ PhD Natural Resources Management
138 UG/ PG Occupational Therapy (Masters)
139 UG Ojibway (Native Studies minor)
140 PG Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
141 PG/ PhD Oral Biology
142 PG Orthodontics
143 UG Operations Management/Research
144 PG Pathology
145 UG Painting
146 PG/ PhD Peace and Conflict Studies
147 PG Pediatric Dentistry
148 PG Periodontics
149 UG/ PG/ PhD Pharmacy
150 PG/ PhD Pharmacology and Therapeutics
151 UG/ PG Philosophy
152 UG Photography
153 UG Physical Education
154 UG Physical Geography
155 UG/ PG Physical Therapy (Masters)
156 UG/ PG Physician Assistant (Masters)
157 UG Physics
158 PG/ PhD Physics and Astronomy
159 PG Physiology
160 PhD PhD Studies for Aboriginal Scholars
161 UG Plant Biotechnology
162 PG/ PhD Plant Science
163 UG Polish (German & Slavic Studies minor)
164 UG/ PG/ PhD Political Studies
165 UG Pre-Dentistry
166 UG Pre-Medicine
167 UG Pre-Pharmacy
168 UG Pre-Veterinary Medicine in Agriculture or Science
169 PG Diploma Population Health
170 UG Printmaking
171 UG/ PG/ PhD Psychology
172 PG Public Administration
173 UG Recreation Management and Community Development
174 UG/ PG/ PhD Religion
175 UG Respiratory Therapy
176 UG Russian (German & Slavic Studies)
177 UG Science
178 UG Sculpture
179 UG/ PG/ PhD Social Work
180 UG/ PG/ PhD Sociology
181 PG/ PhD Soil Science
182 UG Spanish
183 UG/ PG/ PhD Statistics
184 PG Surgery
185 UG/ PG Textile Sciences
186 UG Theatre
187 UG Ukrainian
188 UG Ukrainian Canadian Heritage Studies
189 UG University 1
190 PG Zoology
























  • More than 49 new scholarships and 23 new bursaries were created in 2009-2010. More than $13 million in student awards are provided annually

  • Current fundraising priorities include Project Domino, the Active Living Centre, the Arctic Research Facility, graduate fellowships and scholarships and bursaries
















Major intake is Fall- September Summer- May & Winter- January are also available




































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