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University New Brunswick


The oldest English-speaking University in Canada and one of the oldest public universities in North America

UNB traces its origins back to 1785. With over 200 years of teaching and producing quality graduates.

UNB now boasts 55,000 alumni from around the world in over 100 different countries - giving our university one of the largest and most diverse populations of international students in Canada.

UNB receives more than $51 million in annual research funding, through grants and contracts Not only this but UNB ranked among the top five comprehensive universities in the 2008 Maclean's university survey.  

UNB Mission Statement

To be known for its excellence in teaching by providing students with the highest possible quality instruction, library and laboratory resources which are appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate learning.

Some details you may cover under this section are the Year of Establishment & Mission of the Institute, the various Accredetations, Ranking & Recognitions, whether Public or Private Institute, USP's for International Students & International Student Strength & also the Courses which are Highly demanded by Students  





















Location & Facilities

The University of New Brunswick is one university with two main campuses: one in Fredericton, New Brunswick’s capital, and the other in Saint John, New Brunswick’s largest city.

UNB Fredericton
P.O. Box 4400
New Brunswick,
E3B 5A3
Phone: (506) 453-4666

UNB Saint John
100 Tucker Park Road
P.O. Box 5050
Saint John, New Brunswick,
E2L 4L5

Phone: (506) 648-5500

Accomodation facilities

The University maintains thirteen residence halls, including mens, womens and co-ed houses

Each room is furnished with desks, bookshelves, wastebaskets, bulletin boards, single beds, dressers and wardrobes. Pillows are provided but Residents bring all other bedding(sheets, pillow cases,quilt/duvet,etc.for a twin bed) as well as towels. Extra transitional residences also are created each fall to help accommodate students given the tight local housing market and campus residences having more space as the term progresses

Fredericton Residence Fees 2010-2011 For a Signed Double Term Agreement

Students who qualify for the Holiday Residence (Dec 18, 2010 - Jan 4, 2011) pay an extra fee of $200 for this period (whether staying for some or all of this period) which funds the actual costs of room preparation and use, holiday activities, and res. life support. Daily meals are not provided although a holiday dinner is included.


























List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Fredericton Campus

    • Faculty of Arts
    • Faculty of Business Administration
    • Faculty of Computer Science
    • Faculty of Education
    • Faculty of Engineering
    • Faculty of Law
    • Faculty of Nursing
    • Faculty of Science


Fredericton Campus

    • Faculty of Arts
    • Faculty of Business
    • Faculty of Science Applied Science and Engineering




























Courses Offered

Sr. No Level Name of the Program
1  Frederiction Degree Programs  Bachelor of Arts 
2 Bachelor of Business Administration 
3 Bachelor of Geomatics 
4 Bachelor of Laws 
5 Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership 
6 Bachelor of Science in Engineering 
7 Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology 
8 Bachelor of Applied Arts (Craft and Design) 
9 Bachelor of Computer Science 
10 Bachelor of Information Systems 
11 Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science 
12 Bachelor of Recreation and Sports Studies 
13 Bachelor of Science in Forestry 
14 Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering 
15 Bachelor of Arts and Science 
16 Bachelor of Education 
17 Bachelor of Integrated Studies 
18 Bachelor of Nursing 
19 Bachelor of Science 
20 Bachelor of Science in Forest Engineering 
21 UG Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science
22 UG Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Computer Science 
23 UG Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education 
24 UG Bachelor of Business Administration/Bachelor of Education 
25 UG Bachelor of Computer Science/Bachelor of Education 
26 UG Bachelor of Computer Science/Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering)
27 UG Bachelor of Computer Science/Bachelor of Science 
28 UG Bachelor of Recreation and Sport Studies / Bachelor of Education
29 UG Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education 
30 UG Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education 
31 UG/PG Doctor of Philosophy 
32 UG/PG Master of Business Administration
33 UG/PG Master of Engineering
34 UG/PG Master of Nursing
35 UG/PG Master of Science in Forest Engineering
36 UG/PG Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Science
37 UG/PG Master of Arts 
38 UG/PG Master of Computer Science
39 UG/PG Master of Forestry
40 UG/PG Master of Philosophy
41 UG/PG Master of Science in Forestry
42 UG/PG Postgraduate Diploma in Land Information Management 
43 UG/PG Master of Arts in Sport and Recreation Administration
44 UG/PG Master of Education
45 UG/PG Master of Forest Engineering 
46 UG/PG Master of Science 
47 UG/PG Master of Science in Engineering 
48 UG/PG Postgraduate Diploma in French 
49 Saint John Academic Programs
Bachelor Of Applied Management 
50 Bachelor Of Health Sciences
51 Bachelor Of Science
52 Bachelor Of Science In Financial Mathematics
53 Bachelor Of Arts 
54 Bachelor Of Information Sciences 
55 Bachelor Of Science In Computer Science 
56 Bachelor Of Business Administration 
57 Bachelor Of Nursing 
58 Bachelor Of Science In Economics 
59 PG  Anthropology — MA
60 PG  Business Administration (Saint John) — MBA
61 PG  Chemistry — MSc, PhD
62 PG  Computer Science — MCS, PhD
63 PG  Electrical and Computer Engineering — MScE, MEng, PhD
64 PG  Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering — MScE, MEng, PhD, Postgraduate Diploma 
65 PG  n Land Information Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Mapping, Charting andGeodesy
66 PG  History — MA, PhD
67 PG  Mathematics & Statistics — MSc, PhD
68 PG  Biology (Fredericton) — MSc, PhD 
69 PG  Business Administration (Fredericton) — MBA, MBA/LLB, MBA/MASRA and MBA/Eng
70 PG  Civil Engineering — MEng, MEng (Environmental Studies), MScE, PhD
71 PG  Economics (Fredericton) — MA
72 PG  English — MA, PhD
73 PG  Geology — MSc, PhD
74 PG  Interdisciplinary Studies (PDF) — M IDST, PhD IDST
75 PG  Mechanical Engineering — MScE, MEng, PhD
76 PG  Biology (Saint John)
77 PG  Chemical Engineering — MEng, MEng Environmental, MScE, PhD
78 PG  Classics & Ancient History — MA
79 PG  Education — MEd, PhD
80 PG  Forestry & Environmental Management — MScF, MF, MScFE, MFE, MEM, PhD and MBA in Forest Products Marketing
81 PG  Health Services Research (Applied) — MAHSR
82 PG  Kinesiology— MSc in Exercise & Sport Science, MA in Sport & Recreation Studies, Joint MBA in Sport & Recreation Management
83 PG  Nursing — MN
84 PG  Physics — MSc, PhD
85 PG  Psychology (Saint John) — MA, PhD Experimental/Applied
86 PG  Policy Studies (PDF) — MPhil
87 PG  Psychology (Fredericton) — MA, Ph D
88 PG  Political Science — MA
89 PG  Sociology





























 UNB provides over $4 million in scholarship money each year thanks to donations from generous alumni and other supporters as well as an ongoing commitment to devote university funds for students.

For example, UNB provides scholarships for high school students ranging in value from $500 to $50,000. However, every student entering UNB directly from high school with a scholarship average of 80 per cent or higher is guaranteed a scholarship of at least






























There are 2 major intakes for programs i.e Winter (January Intake ) and Fall ( September Intake )





























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