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St. Francis Xavier University


St. Francis Xavier University was founded in 1853 and has a long and proud tradition as one of Canada’s oldest universities. Today, StFX is Canada’s premiere undergraduate university, consistently receiving the highest marks in Canada for academics. StFX is known for its strong spirit, its loyal alumni, its small class sizes, and its vibrant student body and residential campus experience. The strong spirit and values of StFX have been the cornerstone of the university for over 160 years. StFX is a “national university” and is unique in Canada attracting approximately 50% of its students from outside of the Atlantic region, creating a student population that reflects nearly every corner of Canada and North America, and with StFX's Coady International Institute, the world. Fun FactsStFX has alumni in 140 countries around the globe. It's their reach and influence that continues to strengthen and enrich the StFX experience.


StFX was born to serve this diverse community. StFX offered the only university-level education in the region at that time and, partnered with the Roman Catholic diocese, maintained strict academic standards in order to give those who wanted the best education possible.



































Location & Facilities

St. Francis Xavier University is a primarily undergraduate university located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Part of the definition of Antigonish is “meeting place”—and it’s no accident. Since the Mi’kmaqs occupied its shores 2,500 years ago, Antigonish has opened its arms to people from all over the world. In the 1750s, the Acadian French began to settle here. A few decades later, thousands of Scots escaping oppression abroad found the area a welcome new home. Soon after, free black citizens fleeing the American Revolution and Irish Loyalists adopted the region as well.





















































List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

    • Faculty of Arts
    • Faculty of Science
    • Faculty of Business
    • Faculty of Education
















































Courses Offered

S.No Level Name of the Program
1 Bachelor Degree Anthropology
2 Bachelor Degree Aquatic Resources
3 Bachelor Degree Canadian Studies
4 Bachelor Degree Catholic Studies
5 Bachelor Degree Celtic Studies
6 Bachelor Degree Classical Studies
7 Bachelor Degree Development Studies
8 Bachelor Degree Economics
9 Bachelor Degree English
10 Bachelor Degree Art
11 Bachelor Degree History
12 Bachelor Degree Humanities Colloquium
13 Bachelor Degree Modern Languages
14 Bachelor Degree Music
15 Bachelor Degree Philosophy
16 Bachelor Degree Political Science
17 Bachelor Degree Psychology
18 Bachelor Degree Religious Studies
19 Bachelor Degree Social Justice Colloquium
20 Bachelor Degree Sociology
21 Bachelor Degree Women's and Gender Studies
22 Bachelor Degree Aquatic Resources
23 Bachelor Degree Biology
24 Bachelor Degree Chemistry
25 Bachelor Degree Computer Science
26 Bachelor Degree Earth Sciences
27 Bachelor Degree Engineering
28 Bachelor Degree Environmental Sciences
29 Bachelor Degree Human Kinetics
30 Bachelor Degree Human Nutrition
31 Bachelor Degree Math & Statistics
32 Bachelor Degree Nursing
33 Bachelor Degree Physics
34 Bachelor Degree Business Administration
35 Bachelor Degree Information Systems
36 Bachelor Degree Education






















































StFX offers over $3 million annually in merit-based scholarships and financial aid to its new and current undergraduates.


Students with an admissions average of 85%* are automatically guaranteed an entrance scholarship worth at least $5000 (average is obtained from the requirements for the program to which a student has applied)


To be eligible for the Entrance Scholarships students must:

  • Apply for admission direct from high school
  • Have submitted a complete application for admission before March 1st including a final first term/semester grade 12 transcript


You should know:

  • Admissions applications that are submitted after the March 1st deadline or final first term grade 12 transcripts that are received after the March 1st deadline, will not be assessed or reassessed for any scholarship offers
  • Admissions and scholarship averages are obtained from the required courses for the program to which you have applied
  • Reference letters and resumes are not required for the Entrance Scholarships
  • Conditions of maintaining a renewable Entrance Scholarship are that you are enrolled in 24 credit hours from September to April, and maintain a minimum overall average of 80%


Eligibility fo Major Scholarships (listed below) require additional documentation found in the 'The Consideration for Major Scholarships Application'. This application and all supporting documentation must be submitted before the March 1st deadline


Reference letters and transcripts may be required for multiple scholarship applications. Please identify accordingly when submitting these documents.


In Course Scholarships

In-course scholarships are awarded to students who have completed at lease one academic year of 24 credits in the fall and winter terms combined towards a first degree. They are awarded on the basis of academic performance at StFX University. A minimum average of 80% is required.
You should know:


  • Students are grouped by year of study and degree program
    Group A BA and Music Group B BBA and BIS Group C BSc and Dip Eng Group D BScN, BScHN and BSc/BA HK
  • Students eligible for more than one university funded scholarship (in course or renewable) will receive the largest to which the student is entitled
  • Students with an average of 80% or higher will qualify for $1000
  • Students ranked in the top 5% of their group will qualify for $2000
  • Students ranked first in their group will qualify for $5000















































Winter and Fall
















































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