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Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology is a College of Applied Arts and Technology within the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario, Canada. The College has three campuses: the Welland Campus in Welland, the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and the Maid of the Mist Campus in Niagara Falls which serves as a dedicated industry development and training resource for Niagara's hospitality and tourism sector. With 9,000 full-time students, including more than 500 international students from more than 60 countries, the College offers over 100 post-secondary diploma, baccalaureate degrees and advanced level programs. The Continuing Education Division attracts approximately 15,000 registrants to more than 600 courses each year.

Programs include more than 100 post-secondary and graduate certificate in the divisions of Academic and Liberal Studies, Business and Management, Community Studies, Computer Studies and Computer Engineering Technology, Construction Studies, Culinary Studies/Canadian Food and Wine Institute, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology, Environmental Studies, and Health Studies, Horticulture and Agribusiness, Hospitality and Tourism, Language Studies, Studies, Media and Design, Motive Power and Automotive Studies, Photonics Studies, Justice Studies, Spa and Salon Studies, Welding Studies, Winery, Viticulture and Brewery Studies.

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Niagara College


Niagara College was established in 1967 and has provided quality education to thousands of graduates. There are over 60 undergraduate, 13 graduate certificate and two degree programs. The presence of more than 500 international students from over countries has brought culture, experience and diversity into Niagara College classrooms and the community.


Out of the 24 Public Colleges in Ontario, Niagara College Canada has been voted "Number One in Student Satisfaction for the Fifth Straight Year". What does that mean? It means that every member of the NC team is deeply committed to the success of every member of the student body - every student's success, including yours.

In your time at NC, you will get to know your professors on a first-name basis, in part because the classroom sizes are small, but also because the College is committed to hands on instruction. Niagara College Canada - it's the perfect place for you to discover your place in the world.























Location & Facilities


The Welland Campus is located on 100 acres of green space in the heart of a safe and attractive residential area within walking distance of a major shopping centre and a variety of food outlets and special gathering places.


The Niagara On The Lake Campus is nestled against the Niagara Escarpment and bordering the city of St. Catharines.


Both Campuses offer easy access to a wide range of shopp0ing and entertainment, amateur and professional sport, sightseeing, cycling and hiking routes, and several festivals that occur throughout the year. And don't forget, Toronto is just ninety minutes away, and Buffalo a half hour in the other direction. With nearby Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, thread together by the magnificent Niagara River, it's possible for you to enjoy the beach on the Lake Erie in the morning, have lunch beside the Falls and spend the evening in Niagara on the Lake.



If you prefer to experience college life on campus, you may want to consider living in residence. The new Niagara College residences can house over 400 students in beautiful and comfortable buildings at both the Welland and Glendale Campuses. Each apartment is fully furnished with a kitchen table, chairs, refrigerator, microwave and a private bathroom. You will have your own furnished bedroom and sharer cooking and bathroom facilities with only one other student. The building is safe and has video security and controlled access. There are furnished lounges, study rooms, social areas, elevators, laundry and storage facilities.


There are many apartments located around Niagara College. The apartments range from shared furnished accommodations with other students to unfurnished units in an apartment building.












List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Niagara College is considered a large community college offering one, two and three year undergraduate and graduate certificate and diploma programs and four year degree programs in business, environment, horticulture, agribusiness, hospitality, tourism, information technology and computers, health and community studies, and engineering.























Courses Offered

Sr. No Level Name of the Program
8 PG Hospitality and Tourism Managemetn Systems-1 Year
11 PG Wine Business Management-1 Year
20 PG Human Resources Management-1 Year
21 PG International Business Management-1Year
24 PG Public Relations-1 Year 
29 PG Advanced Laser Technology-1 Year 
40 PG Ecosystem Restoration-1 Year
41 PG Environmental Managemetn & Assessment-1 Year
43 PG Geographic Information Systems Geospatial Management (GIS)-1 Year
51 PG Early Childhood Education - Resource Teacher-1 Year
1 UG Bachelor of Business - Hospitality Operations Management-4Years
2 UG Brewmaster (Co-op)-2 Years 
3 UG Culinary Skills - Chef Training-1Year
4 UG Culinary Management (Co-op)-2 Years
5 UG Esthetician-2 Years
6 UG Event Management (Graduate)-1 Year
7 UG Hairstyling Techniques-1 Year
9 UG Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant (Co-op)-2Years
10 UG Tourism Management- Business Development (Co-op)-2 Years
12 UG Bachelor of Business - International Commerce & Global Development-4 Years
13 UG Business Administration Accounting-2 or 3 Years 
14 UG Business Administration Human Resources-3 Years 
15 UG Business Administration International Business - 2 or 3 Years 
16 UG Business Administration Sales Marketing (Co-op)-2 or 3 Years 
17 UG Business Administration Operations Management (Co-op)-3Years 
18 UG Business Administraiton Professional Golf Management (Co-op)-3 Years 
19 UG Business General-2Years 
22 UG Journalism-Print-2 Years
23 UG Office Administration Executive (Co-op)-1 or 2 Years 
25 UG Computer Engineering Technician-2 Years 
26 UG Computer Programmer/Analyst(Co-op)-2 or 3 Years
27 UG Graphic Design Production-Art & Design Fundamentals-2 Years
28 UG New Media Web Design-2 Years
30 UG Civil Engineering Technician-2 Years 
31 UG Construction Engineering Technology-Architecture-3 Years 
32 UG Construction Techniques-1 Year
33 UG Construction Renovation Technician-2 Years 
34 UG Electrical Engineering Technician & Technology (Co-op) 2 or 3 Years 
35 UG Electronics Engineering Technician & Technology (Co-op) 2 or 3 Years
36 UG Mechanical Engineering Technician & Technology (Co-op) 2 or 3 Years 
37 UG Mechanical Techniques (Precision Machining) 1 Year 
38 UG Motive Power Technician-Automotive (Co-op) 2 Years 
39 UG Photonics Engineering Technician & Technology-2 or 3 Years 
42 UG Environmental Technician-Field & Laboratory (Co-op)-2 Years 
44 UG Greenhouse Technician (Co-op)-2 Years 
45 UG Horticulture Technician (Co-op)-2 Years 
46 UG Landscape Technician (Co-op)-2 Years 
47 UG Winery & Viticulture Technician (Co-op)- 2 Years 
48 UG Child and Youth Worker - 2 Years 
49 UG Dental Office Administration-1 Year 
50 UG Early Childhood Education-2 Years
52 UG Educational Assistant-Special Needs Support-2 Years
53 UG Fitness and Health Promotion - 2 Years 
54 UG General Arts and Science - 2 or 3 Years 
55 UG Law and Security Administration - 2 Years 
56 UG Law Clerk (Co-op) - 2 Years 
57 UG Military arts and Science - 2 Years 
58 UG Occupational Therapist Assistant - 2 Years 
59 UG Personal Support Worker - 1 Year 
60 UG Pharmacy technician - 2 Years 
61 UG Police Foundations - 2 Years 
62 UG Practical Nursing - 2 Years 
63 UG Recreation & Leisure Services - 2 Years 
64 UG Social Service Worker - 2 Years 
























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Most programs start in September and many also start in January. Very limited programs start in May.



























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