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Capilano University



Founded in 1968, Capilano University is one of the oldest publicly funded post-secondary institutions in British Columbia. With more than 7,000 students, the university welcomes over 600 international students from over 45 countries each semester. Known for its reputation for teaching excellence and innovation, Capilano University has distinguished itself by its commitment to student success.


The University offers Bachelor Degrees, Arts & Science Transfer, Associate Degree, Career/Vocational, and English as a Second Language (ESL). Credentials awarded from Capilano University are widely recognized throughout Canada and credits are easily transferred to schools in Canada and overseas.


Vancouver is a city of glass embraced by a forest of green, proudly looking over Canada’s beautiful West Coast. It’s a place with warm temperatures, wild nature and wonderful places to shop, explore and enjoy the fresh ocean air. Consistently ranked as the most livable city in the world (The Economist, Livability Ranking), it’s no secret that Vancouver is a fantastic place to call home.


Nearly two million friendly and welcoming people live in Canada’s third largest city. Vancouverites come from a world of cultural backgrounds. The city’s diversity is best celebrated in its dynamic food scene.


Visit an award-winning restaurant or even gourmet street food cart before letting the night take you to one of Vancouver’s many entertainment districts. There’s a young and exciting energy to be found in this city that treasures the past, celebrates the present and defines the future.





































Location & Facilities

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List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College


  • Faculty of Arts & Sciences
  • Faculty of Business & Professional Studies
  • Faculty of Fine & Applied Arts
  • Faculty of Education, Health & Human Development
  • Faculty of Global & Community Studies



























Courses Offered

Courses: only UG programmes


Serial No Name of the program
1 Access to Work (certificate)
2  Accounting Assistant (certificate) 
3 Accounting Assistant (diploma)
4 Accounting Fundamentals Online (certificate)
5 Acting for Stage and Screen (certificate)
6 Acting for Stage and Screen (diploma)
7 Administrative Assistant Online (certificate)
8 Administrative Fundamentals Online(certificate)
9 Adult Basic Education (certificate) 
10 Adult Basic Education (diploma)
11 Animation Fundamentals (citation)
12 Animation Institute (certificate)
13 Anthropology (courses)
14 Applied Behaviour Analysis - Autism (bachelor degree)
15  Applied Behaviour Analysis - Autism (post baccalaureate diploma)
16 Applied Business Technology Online (certificate)
17 Applied Ethics (associate degree)
18 Art History (associate degree)
19  Art History (courses)
20 Art Institute (certificate)
21 Arts and Entertainment Management (advanced certificate)
22 Arts and Entertainment Management (diploma)
23 Astronomy (courses)
26 Biology (associate degree)
27 Biology (courses)
28 BOSS Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship
29 British Columbia Studies (associate degree)
30 Business Administration (advanced certificate)
31 Business Administration (advanced diploma)
32 Business Administration (bachelor degree)
33 Business Administration (certificate)
34 Business Administration (certificate) (Sunshine Coast)
35 Business Administration (diploma)
36  Business Fundamentals (certificate)
37 Business in Tourism (certificate) (Sunshine Coast)
40 ceOnline
41 Chemistry (courses)
42 Chinese (courses)
43 Cinematography for Film and Video (certificate)
44 College & University Preparation
45 Commerce (courses)
46 Commercial Animation (diploma)
47 Communication Studies (bachelor degree)
48 Communication Studies (diploma)
49 Community Development & Outreach
50 Community Music School
51 Computer Animation and Visual Effects (citation)
52 Computer Fundamentals Online (certificate)
53 Computing Science (courses)
54 Conducting in Music (certificate)
55 Continuing Education
56 Costuming for Stage and Screen (diploma)
57 Creative Writing (associate degree)
58 Criminal Law Practice and Procedure (citation)
59 Criminology (courses)
60 CultureNet (associate degree)
63 Digital Animation (certificate)
64 Digital Visual Effects (diploma)
65 Discover Employability (certificate)
66 Documentary (certificate)
69 Early Childhood Care and Education (bachelor degree)
70  Early Childhood Care and Education (certificate)
71 Early Childhood Care and Education (certificate) (Sunshine Coast)
72 Early Childhood Care and Education (diploma)
73 Early Childhood Care and Education (post baccalaureate diploma)
74 Economics (courses)
75 Education Assistant (EA) (certificate)
76 Education and Career Planning (courses) (Squamish)
77 Eldercollege (North Vancouver)
78 Eldercollege (Sunshine Coast)
79 Employment Skills Access
80 Engineering - First year (courses)
81 Engineering Transition (diploma)
82 English (associate degree - Creative Writing)
83  English (associate degree - Concentration)
84 English (courses)
85 English for Academic Purposes/ESL (certificates and citations)
86 European Union Study Tour
89 Foundations in Illustration and Design (certificate)
90 French (courses)
93 Gateways: Personal Management and Planning (citation) (Sunshine Coast) 
94 Geography (courses)
95 Geology (courses)
96 German (courses)
97 Global Stewardship (associate degree)
98 Grip Work for Digital Imaging and Film
101 Health Care Assistant (certificate) (North Vancouver) 
102 Health Care Assistant (certificate) (Sunshine Coast)
103 History (courses)
104 Human Kinetics - Exercise Science Stream (diploma)
105 Human Kinetics - Physical Education Stream (diploma)
108 Illustration/Design: Elements and Applications (IDEA) (diploma)
109 Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking (certificate)
110 Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking (diploma)
111 Interactive Design (diploma)
112 International Management (graduate diploma)
115 Japanese (courses)
116 Jazz Studies (bachelor degree)
117 Jazz Studies - Arranging/Composition (bachelor degree)
118 Jazz Studies - Education Stream (bachelor degree)
119 Jazz Studies - Instrumental Concentration (diploma)
120 Jazz Studies - Instrumental Performance (bachelor degree)
121 Jazz Studies - Vocal Concentration (diploma)
122 Jazz Studies - Vocal Performance (bachelor degree)
125 Kinesiology(courses)
128 Labour Studies
129 Languages (courses)
130 Legal Administrative Assistant (certificate)
131 Legal Administrative Assistant Online (certificate) 
132 Legal Studies (Paralegal) (bachelor degree)
133 Lighting for Digital Imaging and Film
134 Liberal Studies (bachelor degree)
135 Linguistics (courses)
136 Local Government Administration (advanced certificate)
137  Local Government Administration (certificate)
138 Local Government Administration (diploma)
139 Local Government Leadership Development (certificate)
142 Magazine Publishing (certificate)
143 Mandarin (courses)
144 Mathematics and Statistics (courses)
145 Medical Office Assistant Online (certificate)
146 Motion Picture Arts (bachelor degree)
147 Motion Picture Arts (certificate)
148 Motion Picture Arts (diploma)
149 Mountain Bike Operations (certificate) (Sunshine Coast)
150 Municipal Administration Training Institute (MATI)
151 Music (diploma)
152 Music Therapy (bachelor degree)
153 Musical Theatre (diploma)
156 North American and International Management (graduate diploma) 
157 North American Business Management (post baccalaureate diploma)
160 Outdoor Recreation Management (diploma)
163 Paralegal (diploma)
164 Paralegal Certificate and Certificate Online
165 Performing Arts (bachelor degree)
166 Philosophy  (courses)
167 Physics (courses)
168 Political Studies(courses)
169 Pre-University Transfer Level (courses)
170  Professional Communications (certificate)
171 Professional Communications (advancedcertificate)
172 Professional Scuba Dive Instructor (certificate) (Sunshine Coast) 
173 Psychology (associate degree)
174 Psychology (courses)
177 Rehabilitation Assistant (diploma)
178 Retail Marketing (certificate) 
181 Self Employment and Career Training
182 Sociology (courses)
183 Spanish (courses)
184 Speech Assisted Reading, Writing and Math (SARAW & SAM)
185 Squamish Nation Language & Culture (certificate)
186 Studio Art (diploma)
187 Studio Art Advanced (courses)
190 Technical Theatre (diploma)
191 Textile Arts (advanced certificate)
192 Textile Arts (diploma)
193 Theatre Institute - Directing (certificate)
194  Theatre Institute - Production (certificate) 
195  Tourism Management (bachelor degree)
196 Tourism Management Co-op (diploma)
197 Tourism Management for International Students (diploma)
200 University Success Strategies
202  VISION: Cognitive Abilities Development
205 Website Development & Design (certificate)
206 Wilderness Leadership (advanced certificate) (Squamish)
207 Women’s and Gender Studies (courses)





























Capilano scholarships and awards are available to international students. Entrance Awards recognize excellence in scholastic, athletic and artistic achievement as well as demonstrated leadership and community involvement.






















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