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University of New England


Welcome to the University of New England, Australia’s oldest regional university with a proud history starting in 1938.


Set on a beautiful campus in the NSW regional centre of Armidale, UNE is a research-led teaching university. Excellence in research has long been a focus at UNE and, today, we have a wide range of research centres and nationally significant Research groups.As one of Australia’s oldest universities, UNE has a 70-year tradition of excellence in teaching, learning and research. Here, you will enjoy the perfect balance between high educational standards and an outstanding lifestyle.


 In 2009 UNE again rated highly in respect of student experience. In the most recent Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) 83.4% percentage of students approved of their UNE experience; we achieved an 100% success rate in Citations awarded by the Australian Learning Teaching Council; and in the Good Universities Guide received the top rating for Australian universities for ‘overall satisfaction’ and a five-star rating for students’ ‘educational experience'.Rated among the top 100 universities in the Asia-Pacific, UNE caters for growing numbers of international students as well as those from all over Australia.


Its graduates consistently rate their experience at UNE highly, a reflection of the University's commitment to student support. More than 75,000 people now hold UNE qualifications, with many in senior positions in Australia and overseas
 UNE is a public univeristy.


 Vision:   UNE’s Vision is to be a strong research-based, teaching and learning

university delivering outcomes in areas of strength to individuals and society.

















































Location & Facilities

The University is in the city of Armidale, in the heart of the picturesque New England Tableland region of the State of New South Wales. The New England region is famous for its magnificent gorges, waterfalls and rivers, history and vibrant culture, and for the contrasting beauty of four distinct seasons. Armidale is a regional Australian community that is proud of its multicultural society. The UNE campus is situated on 74 hectares of heritage parklands, overlooking the beautiful city of Armidale.


UNE's residential accommodation is made up of 7 residential colleges and a village of self-contained units. Each college has its own distinct character and all welcome students into incredibly friendly, inclusive and supportive communities.


The residences offer a substantial number of places, with fully catered, self catered, Flexi Choice and disabled facility options:

  • Austin College (288 places, fully catered, disabled facility)
  • Drummond and Smith College (200 places, fully catered Flexi Choice)
  • Duval College (210 places, fully catered Flexi Choice)
  • Earle Page College (294 places, fully catered)
  • Mary White College (209 places, fully catered, disabled facility)
  • Robb College (214 places, fully catered, disabled facility)
  • St. Albert's College (304 places, fully catered, self catered, disabled facility)
  • Wright Village apartments (296 places, self catered, disabled facility)

The Residences at UNE operate as a Residential System. The Residential College Code of Conduct contains the generic rules of the Residential System. The residences will offer 3 separate ,Accommodation Agreements in 2011: Academic Year Agreement, Academic Year including vacations and Academic Semester. Please note that in addition, each residence has its own handbook.


Flexi Choice
Duval and Drummond & Smith colleges also offer ‘Flexi Choice’ for meals, which means that you choose what meals you pay for using a ‘smart card’. Meals are available from 7am to 9pm 7 days ‘café style’ but you only pay for what you use. For information about fee

Self-Catered Accommodation
Wright Village provides accommodation on campus for nearly 300 students. Its flats are in different designs and sizes—four, six and eight bedrooms. You have your own furnished study/bedroom and each flat has a furnished lounge and kitchen, with shared bathroom and laundry facilities. One flat is designed for wheelchair access.


School leavers are usually able to live in Wright Village if you have had at least 12 months of independent living away from home and school. As with flatting, the weekly rate applies in vacation periods and you need to bring some household items and help look after your flat.


Academic Facilities
Along with extensive resource facilities associated with the two faculties: Arts and Sciences and The Professions, UNE's academic campus offers the best in:

  • Academic support; easy accessibility to UNE's helpful and approachable academic staff.
  • Libraries; the renowned Dixson Library, plus intensive specialty libraries in Law and Education.
  • Advanced computing facilities
  • State-of-the-art clinics and laboratories
  • Museums in Zoology and Antiquities
  • Co operative research centres in numerous Agricultural fields
  • Research centres in other specialty areas including Psychology, Small Business and Rural Futures.
  • In-house computer labs connected to the university network
  • Resident tutors available for advice, support and assistance
  • Quiet study areas and tutorial rooms
  • Course work and library resources in colleges
  • Inspiring, motivational and supportive student environment


Essential Services and Facilities
Essential services and facilities on campus at your convenience, include:

  • Restaurant
  • Cafes
  • Newsagent
  • Post office
  • Bookshops (new and secondhand)
  • Hairdressers
  • Credit Union
  • ATMs
  • Long Day Child Care Centre
  • Free professional Counselling service
  • Financial Advice
  • Careers Advice
  • Medical Centre
  • Chaplains and Mosque


Sporting and Fitness Facilities
Sport UNE offers world-class indoor and outdoor sport and fitness facilities, centrally accessible to both faculties and residences. Your facilities and services include:

  • Fully equipped gym
  • Wide range of comprehensive health and fitness programs
  • Personalised training programs
  • Indoor heated pool
  • Sports shop/ kiosk
  • Rock-climbing
  • Basketball
  • Squash
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Athletics
  • UNE's sporting clubs/ teams/ competitions cater to every interest from martial arts to mountaineering; from football to water polo.


Recreational Facilities and Opportunites
All your favorite recreational pursuits are covered on campus:

UNE's Student societies/ clubs/ associations provide social opportunities for students to become involved in a diverse range of interests and activities, including areas such as:
  • Astronomy
  • Film
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Literary
  • Games
  • Business
  • Religion
  • Internationality
  • Gender and
  • Media/Broadcasting (UNE has its own radio station:
















































List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Faculty of Arts and Sciences :
  • School of Arts
  • School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences
  • School of Humanities
  • School of Environmental and Rural Science
  • School of Science and Technology


Faculty of The Professions :

  • School of Business, Economics and Public Policy
  • School of Law
  • School of Education
  • School of Rural Medicine
  • School of Health














































Courses Offered Level Name of the Program
1 UG Advanced diploma in agriculture
2 UG Advanced diploma inArts
3 UG Advanced diploma in local,family and applied history
4 UG Advanced diploma in nursing
5 UG Advanced diploma in the sciences
6 UG Bachelors of Agribusiness
7 UG Bachelors of Agricultural and resource economics
8 UG Bachelors of Agriculture
9 UG Bachelors of Agriculture/Bachelor of Business
10 UG Bachelors of Agriculture/Bachelor of law
11 UG Bachelor of Animal sciences
12 UG Bachelor of Arts
13 UG Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business
14 UG Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of laws
15 UG Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of science
16 UG Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of teaching
17 UG Bachelor of Audiometry
18 UG Bachelor of Biomedical science
19 UG Bachelor of Business
20 UG Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Economics
21 UG Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of laws
22 UG Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of teaching
23 UG Bachelor of Commerce(Accounting)
24 UG Bachelor of Computer Science
25 UG Bachelor of Computer Science/Bachelor of laws
26 UG Bachelor of Criminology
27 UG Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of laws
28 UG Bachelor of Economics
29 UG  Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of law
30 UG Bachelor of Education(primary)
31 UG Bachelor of Engineering Technology
32 UG Bachelor of enivormental science
33 UG Bachelor of enivormental science/Bachelor of laws
34 UG Bachelor of Exercise Physiology
35 UG Bachelor of Exercise Science
36 UG Bachelor of financial Administration
37 UG Bachelor of financial Administration/Bachelor of laws
38 UG Bachelor of Financial Services
39 UG Bachelor of Geoscience
40 UG Bachelor of Health,Ageing and community services
41 UG Bachelor of Historical inquiry and practices
42 UG Bachelor of Indigenous studies
43 UG Bachelor of Information technology/Bachelor of teaching
44 UG Bachelor of International studies
45 UG Bachelor of International studies-Advanced
46 UG Bachelor of Languages
47 UG Bachelor of Languages and international business
48 UG Bachelor of laws-3yrs
49 UG Bachelor of laws-4yrs
50 UG Bachelor of Mathematics/Bachelor of teaching
51 UG Bachelor of media and communications
52 UG Bachelor of medicine-joint medical program
53 UG Bachelor of Music
54 UG Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of teaching
55 UG Bachelor of Natural resources/Bachelors of urban and regional planning
56 UG Bachelor of Nursing
57 UG Bachelor of Organizational leadership
58 UG Bachelor of Pharmacy
59 UG Bachelor of Professional studies
60 UG Bachelor of Psychological studies
61 UG Bachelor of Psychology honours
62 UG Bachelor of Rural science
63 UG Bachelor of science
64 UG Bachelor of science/Bachelor of laws
65 UG Bachelor of science/Bachelor of teaching
66 UG Bachelor of Social science
67 UG Bachelor of Social work
68 UG Bachelor of special education (primary)/Bachelor of disability studies
69 UG Bachelor of sports science
70 UG Bachelor of sustainability
71 UG Bachelor of teaching(early childhood education)
72 UG Bachelor of theatre and performance
73 UG Bachelor of training and development
74 UG Bachelors of urban and regional planning
75 UG Bachelor of Zoology
76 UG Diploma in Agriculture
77 UG Diploma in commerce
78 UG Diploma in indigenous archeaology
79 UG Diploma in modern languages
80 UG Diploma in the sciences
81 UG Diploma in town planning
82 UG Hons Bachelors of Agribusiness with honours
83 UG Hons Bachelor of Arts with honours
84 UG Hons Bachelor of Science with honours
85 UG Hons Bachelor of criminology with honours
86 UG Hons Bachelor of Economics with honours
87 UG Hons Bachelor of environmental science with honours
88 UG Hons Bachelor of health science with honours
89 UG Hons Bachelor of international studies with honours
90 UG Hons Bachelor of media and communications with honours
91 UG Hons Bachelor of medical science with honours
92 UG Hons Bachelor of music with honours
93 UG Hons Bachelor of nursing with honours
94 UG Hons Bachelor of science with honours
95 UG Hons Bachelor od social science with honours
96 PG Bachelor of education
97 PG Bachelor of eductaion (early childhood)
98 PG Graduate certificate in Accounting
99 PG Graduate certificate in Acute care nursing
100 PG Graduate certificate in Applied anatomy by dissection 
101 PG Graduate certificate in Arts 
102 PG Graduate certificate in Arts management
103 PG Graduate certificate in computer science
104 PG Graduate certificate in educational studies
105 PG Graduate certificate in e-learning
106 PG Graduate certificate in environmental systems,markets and climate change
107 PG Graduate certificate in Financial services
108 PG Graduate certificate in Geographic information science
109 PG Graduate certificate in Gifted and talented education
110 PG Graduate certificate in Health management
111 PG Graduate certificate in History curriculum
112 PG Graduate certificate in Human resource management
113 PG Graduate certificate in Indigenous Australian education
114 PG Graduate certificate in Information technology
115 PG Graduate certificate in International schooling, education and development
116 PG Graduate certificate in management
117 PG Graduate certificate in mental health practice
118 PG Graduate certificate in natural resources
119 PG Graduate certificate in Professional accounting
120 PG Graduate certificate in rural science
121 PG Graduate certificate in school leadership
122 PG Graduate certificate in science
123 PG Graduate certificate in special education 
124 PG Graduate certificate in teaching english to speakers of other languages
125 PG Graduate certificate in tertiary education
126 PG Graduate certificate in world religions
127 PG Graduate certificate in writing
128 PG Graduate diploma in Accounting
129 PG Graduate diploma in Acute care nursing
130 PG Graduate diploma in Agricultural economics
131 PG Graduate diploma in  Applied anatomy by dissection 
132 PG Graduate diploma in  computer science
133 PG  Graduate diploma in counselling for health and social care
134 PG Graduate diploma in economics
135 PG Graduate diploma in education
136 PG Graduate diploma in environmental systems,markets and climate change
137 PG Graduate diploma in financial management
138 PG Graduate diploma in financial services
139 PG Graduate diploma in Geographic information science
140 PG Graduate diploma in Health science
141 PG Graduate diploma in Humanities
142 PG Graduate diploma in information technology
143 PG Graduate diploma in legal studies
144 PG Graduate diploma in local,family and applied history
145 PG Graduate diploma in management
146 PG Graduate diploma in natural resources
147 PG Graduate diploma in psychology
148 PG Graduate diploma in rural science
149 PG Graduate diploma in science
150 PG Graduate diploma in urban and regional planning
151 PG Juris doctor
152 PG Master of Agriculture
153 PG Master of  Applied anatomy by dissection 
154 PG Master of Applied linguistics
155 PG Master of  Applied linguistics with honours
156 PG Master of Applied theatre studies 
157 PG Master of Arts
158 PG Master of Arts managment
159 PG Master of Business
160 PG Master of Business Administration
161 PG Master of Business REsearch
162 PG Master of Commerce
163 PG Master of Counselling 
164 PG Master of Economic studies
165 PG Master of Economics
166 PG Master of Education
167 PG Master of Environmental advocacy
168 PG Master of Environmantal management
169 PG Master of environmental systems,markets and climate change
170 PG Master of Financial services
171 PG Master of Geographic information science
172 PG Master of Health science
173 PG Master of History
174 PG Master of Information systems
175 PG Master of  Information systems - extended
176 PG Master of Information technology 
177 PG Master of Information technology -extended
178 PG Master of International health management
179 PG Master of Laws
180 PG Master of Leadership
181 PG Master of Natural resources
182 PG Master of Nursing
183 PG Master of Professional accounting
184 PG Master of Professional accounting and Business
185 PG Master of Professional studies
186 PG Master of Psychology (clinical)
187 PG Master of science in Agriculture
188 PG Master of Scientific studies
189 PG Master of Social work (professional qualifying)
190 PG Master of Strategic Organizational development
191 PG Master of Teaching (primary)
192 PG Master of teaching (secondary)
193 PG Master of Training and development
194 PG Master of Urban and regional planning
195 PG Post graduate diploma in Psychology















































Scholarships available only for PG research students, certain scholarships are subject specific research like those on indeginous australians, ancient history and religion.etc















































Major intake – July 2011 and Feb 2012

















































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