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Study in La Trobe University International College, Australia. Edwise Give Admission Guidance for Admission in La Trobe University International College, Australia. We help in Selection of Best Universities and Colleges in Australia.

Edwise is the one stop Overseas Education Consultant for all your International study needs. Edwise assists you to Get Admission in Top Colleges and Universities in Australia. We guide you with the programs and admission guidelines to Study in La Trobe University International College. Edwise Give Admission Guidance for Admission in La Trobe University International College. Edwise Give Australia Admission Guidance for students who wish to study in Australia. We help in Selection of Best Universities in Australia.. We help in Selection of Best Universities in Australia and Australia admission Process, Australia Visa Process. Edwise representatives for the best Universities in Australia and colleges for Study in Australia. Edwise help you to get admission in La Trobe University International College, Australia. Edwise has helped several students over the years to receive some form of scholarship or tution fee waiver for the program of their choice. The Australia education system offers international students the most diverse set of education options in the world. We help in Selection of Universities in Australia. We Provide Scholarship to take Study in La Trobe University International College. La Trobe University International College Provide Various Courses like Agricultural Science And Agribusiness, Linguistics, Biomedical Engg, Business Administration/Master Of Telecommunication Engg, Clinical Neuropsychology and Many More.

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La Trobe University International College


It has grown to accommodate more than 30,000 students including approximately 7,600 international students from over 90 countries.


We now have a network of campuses with 21,000 students at our Melbourne campus and over 5,900 at our campuses in Albury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Mildura, Melbourne City and Shepparton.


La Trobe's R&D Park is the largest wholly University owned and managed network of technology parks in Australia, focused on innovation, new product development and realisation, industry collaboration, and the commercialisation of intellectual property. The University has research parks in Bundoora, Melbourne and at its Albury-Wodonga Campus.

























Location & Facilities

La Trobe Accommodation Services currently manages on campus accommodation at our regional campuses in Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga and on our Melbourne (Bundoora) campus. Accommodation options include on-campus undergraduate residences, on-campus post graduate and mature aged residences and family unit accommodation.






























List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

The University has five faculties offering courses at all levels:

  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Law and Management
  • Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering




























Courses Offered

Sr.No Level Name Of The Program
1 Ug/Pg Accounting And Financial Mangement
2 Ug/Pg  Adult Education
3 Ug/Pg  Agricultural Science And Agribusiness
4 Ug/Pg  Linguistics
5 Ug/Pg  Archaeology
6 Ug/Pg  Arts
7 Ug/Pg  Arts In Student Welfare And Guidance
8 Ug/Pg  Art Therapy
9 Ug/Pg  Biomedical Engg
10 Ug/Pg  Biotechnology And Bioinformatics
11 Ug/Pg  Business Administration
12 Ug/Pg  Business Administration/Master Of Electronic Engg
13 Ug/Pg  Business Administration/Master Of Health Administration
14 Ug/Pg  Business Administration/Master Of Telecommunication Engg
15 Ug/Pg  Business Information Management And Systems 
16 Ug/Pg  Chemical Sciences 
17 Ug/Pg  Civil Engg (Sustainable Infrastructure)
18 Ug/Pg  Clinical Neuropsychology
19 Ug/Pg  Clinical Psychology
20 Ug/Pg  Commercial Law
21 Ug/Pg  Community Planning And Development
22 Ug/Pg  Computer Networks
23 Ug/Pg  Computer Science
24 Ug/Pg  Counselling And Human Services
25 Ug/Pg  Counselling Psychology
26 Ug/Pg  Education
27 Ug/Pg  Educational Leadership And Management
28 Ug/Pg  Education (Learning)
29 Ug/Pg  Electronic Engg
30 Ug/Pg  Electronic Systems And Nework Engg
31 Ug/Pg  Financial Analysis
32 Ug/Pg  Financial Analysis/Master Of Islamic Banking And Finance
33 Ug/Pg  Financial Analysis/ Professional Accounting
34 Ug/Pg  Gerontology
35 Ug/Pg  Global Business Law
36 Ug/Pg  Global Communications
37 Ug/Pg  Global Communications With Honours
38 Ug/Pg  Health Administration
39 Ug/Pg  Health Information Management
40 Ug/Pg  Health Science
41 Ug/Pg  Information And Communication Technology
42 Ug/Pg  Information Systems
43 Ug/Pg  Information Systems Management
44 Ug/Pg  Information Technology
45 Ug/Pg  Information Technology( Computer Networks)
46 Ug/Pg  Information Technology/Master Of Business Administration
47 Ug/Pg  International Business 
48 Ug/Pg  International Business And Law
49 Ug/Pg International Business (Honours)
50 Ug/Pg International Business/ Global Communications
51 Ug/Pg International Business/ International Relations
52 Ug/Pg International Relations 
53 Ug/Pg International Relations With Honours
54 Ug/Pg Islamic Banking And Finance
55 Ug/Pg Laws In Global Business Law
56 Ug/Pg Laws International 
57 Ug/Pg Marketing Management
58 Ug/Pg  Microelectronic Engg
59 Ug/Pg Midwifery Science 
60 Ug/Pg Mobile And Pervasive Computing
61 Ug/Pg Nanotechnology
62 Ug/Pg Nursing Science Inchild, Family And Community
63 Ug/Pg Occupational Therapy Practice
64 Ug/Pg Outdoor And Environmental Education
65 Ug/Pg Professuional Accounting
66 Ug/Pg Public Health
67 Ug/Pg Public Health/ Health Administration
68 Ug/Pg Science And Technology Education
69 Ug/Pg Science In Physical Sciences
70 Ug/Pg Sign Language (Linguistics Or Interpreting)
71 Ug/Pg Social Work
72 Ug/Pg Software Engg
73 Ug/Pg Special Education
74 Ug/Pg Speech Pathology
75 Ug/Pg Statistical Science
76 Ug/Pg Teaching (Mathematics Education)
77 Ug/Pg Teaching (P-12)
78 Ug/Pg Teaching (Primary)
79 Ug/Pg Teaching (Secondary)
80 Ug/Pg Telecommunication And Network Engg
81 Ug/Pg Telecommunication Engg
82 Ug/Pg Tesol (Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages)
83 Ug/Pg Tourism
84 Ug/Pg Wine And Wine Appreciation
85 Ug/Pg Agricultural Science 
86 Ug/Pg Applied Linguistics
87 Ug/Pg Applied Science
88 Ug/Pg Applied Science (Physical Science) (Science, Technology And Engg)
89 Ug/Pg Arts
90 Ug/Pg Arts In Education
91 Ug/Pg Business
92 Ug/Pg Commerce
93 Ug/Pg Economics
94 Ug/Pg Education
95 Ug/Pg Engg
96 Ug/Pg Laws
97 Ug/Pg Nursing
98 Ug/Pg Outdoor Education And Environment
99 Ug/Pg Science
100 Ug/Pg Visual Arts






























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