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Central Queensland University


CQUniversity is one of the most engaged, supportive and responsive universities in AustraliaThey are focused on making higher education and research more accessible and relevant to all people, especially those who live and work in our region and beyond. Although a relatively young university, they are undertaking world-class research in the areas of health, natural resources and education.


They have also been one of the most successful Australian universities in attracting and servicing international students. CQU received seven five star ratings from the Good Universities Guide (GUG) in 2003, giving it the most top ratings of any regional university in Australia. This made it more highly rated than some older, traditional universities.



















Location & Facilities

CQU is located in Rockhampton (Headquarters), Queensland, Australia. CQUniversity has a variety of campuses and learning centers in different areas. At present there are five campuses that are within Central Queensland, delivery sites on the Sunshine Coast, capital city campuses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, a campus on the Gold Coast and five overseas locations.

In addition to Rockhampton the Central Queensland campuses service students in Bundaberg, Emerald, Gladstone, Mackay and surrounding communities. With these various locations, these regional campuses can cater for students who want to stay close to home. CQU also offers programs at delivery sites on the Sunshine Coast. There are also campuses which cater to international students in such areas as Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. It has 26000 students.
























List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

  • Business
  • Education
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Health & recreation
  • Humanities & Social science
  • Information Technology
  • Primary Industries & Environment
  • Science


























Courses Offered


Name of the Program

1 Associate Degree Building Surveying
2 UG Building Surveying & Certification
3 UG Construction Mgmt
4 Associate Degree/UG Building Design
5 UG Business
6 UG Property
7 UG Accounting
8 Diploma Professional Practise
9 Diploma Business Administration
10 Graduate certificate/UG Financial Planning
11 UG Hospitality Management
12 UG Professional Communicaiton
13 UG Music
14 UG Theatre
15 Associate degree Learning Mgmt
16 Diploma /Associate Degree/UG Learning Design
17 Bachelor Learning Mgmt
18 Associate degree /UG Engineering
19 Associate degree Engineering Technology
20 Associate degree Mine Technology
21 Associate degree Mine Operation Mgmt
22 Associate degree Geoscience
23 UG Health Promotion
24 Associate degree Work Place ,Health & Safety
25 UG Exercise & Sport Science
26 UG Nursing
27 UG Occupational Health & Safety
28 UG Biomedical Science
29 UG Arts
30 UG Science(Psychology)
31 UG Social Work
32 UG Psychology
33 Associate degree/Graduate certificate/Graduate Diploma/UG/PG Information Technology
34 Associate degree/Graduate certificate /UG/PG Information Systems
35 UG Multimedia studies
36 UG Aviation Technology
37 UG Environmental Science
38 UG Environmental Health
39 UG Applied Physics
40 Diploma/UG Medical Sonography
41 UG Medical Imaging
42 UG Paramedic science
42 UG Science(Applied Biology ,Industrial Chemistry)
43 PG Engineering Mgmt
44 Diploma Mgmt
45 Graduate Diploma Financial Mgmt
46 PG Mgmt(International Business)
47 PG Business Administration
48 PG Mgmt(Human Resource)
49 PG Mgmt(Marketing)
50 PG Financial Mgmt
51 PG Professional Accounting
52 Graduate Diploma/PG Property Valuation
53 Graduate Certificate Management
54 PG Creative Enterprise
55 Graduate Certificate Education
56 Graduate Certificate Tertiary Education
57 PG Professional Education
58 Graduate Diploma/PG Learning Mgmt
59 PG Process Mgmt
60 Graduate Certificate/Graduate Diploma/PG Rail Operation Mgmt
61 Graduate Certificate/ Graduate Diploma Power Generation
62 PG Engineering(Power Generation)
63 Graduate Certificate/ Graduate Diploma/PG Maintenance Mgmt
64 PG Health Promotion
65 Graduate Certificate/ Graduate Diploma/PG Mental Health Nursing
66 PG Safety, Health & Environment\t
67 Diploma/PG Occupational, Health & Safety
68 PG Clinical Practise
69 Graduate Diploma/PG Midwifery
70 Graduate Diploma/PG Clinical Psychology
71 Graduate certificate Human services
72 Graduate Diploma/Graduate Certificate/PG Water Resource Mgmt
73 Graduate Diploma/Graduate Certificate/PG Environmental Mgmt
































There are a number of scholarships available to students wanting to study at CQUniversity. Our aim in awarding these scholarships is to expand our commitment to the international sector by increasing the number of qualified international students, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Available scholarships include:
Endeavour Awards 2011
Endeavour Award Details

Through the Endeavour Awards, the Australian Government provides opportunities for high achieving international students, researchers and professionals to undertake short or long term study, research and professional development in Australia in a broad range of disciplines.

For details of Awards available by country of citizenship or residency, please go to the participating countries page

For more information or contact the CQUniversity International Office

MBA Scholarship
MBA Scholarship Details
The MBA Scholarship is available to students who wish to study at Rockhampton Campus. Approved candidates receive a 33% reduction on tuition fees for the duration of the program. Students articulating from the Graduate Certificate to the Graduate Diploma in Management through to the MBA, will also receive the same reduction in course fees. MBA students are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Accommodation Scholarships (Rockhampton only)
CQUniversity Rockhampton is offering accommodation scholarships to new international students who would like to enroll in a formal program of study at CQUniversity Rockhampton.

The accommodation scholarships are for the first term of study at CQUniversity's on-site residential college - Capricornia College. The scholarships will represent significant savings of up to $4,500 for your students, as well as giving them opportunities for interaction with Australian students on campus.

The scholarship will include the following:

  • Application Fee (valued at $50)
  • Residency Fees (valued up to $4480) which includes furnished private room and 3 meals a day

Scholarship recipients will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Regular complimentary college bus service to major shopping centres and other outings
  • Rooms equipped with private telephones with local and interstate access and voice mail facilities
  • 24 hour access to on-site computer lab
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Complimentary cleaning services
  • Access to the CQUniversity Community Sports Centre consisting of swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnasium and other facilities
  • More time to pursue hobbies and studies as it is not spent on cooking, cleaning, traveling and grocery shopping
  • A welcome 'adventure and culture' package including an official welcome and introduction to the city of Rockhampton. A range of academic and cultural experiences including learning about indigenous people of Central Queensland, Torres Strait and beyond.


How to apply

  • Submit an application for admission into a formal program of study together with the application for accommodation scholarship. For the application click please click here Provision of a character / professional reference is required as part of the application for accommodation scholarship.
  • The accommodation scholarship is conditional upon scholarship recipients signing and returning their International Student Contract together with tuition fees and payment of overseas student health cover, thereby accepting their offer of a place in a CQUniversity degree program.




























It has 2 intakes Feb & July.

































Download Application Form

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