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Why You Should Study In London?

August 2022

Samuel Johnson said, "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." It is because London presents something for everyone. The capital of England, London is flourishing multicultural. The discrepancy between sensational history and the lively culture makes visiting London a captivating adventure. London is also well known for its social scenes, dining, entertainment, and nightlife. Although being an expensive city in the United Kingdom, students have all the privileges to enjoy their time in London.

London is a perfect base where your heart will emerge in the sight and sound of the city. London is also famous among the students because they are determined to study in a nonpareil learning experience.

Study In London

There are countless reasons why you should study in London, some are mentioned below.

Excellence for Education

There are around 30,000 courses offered in London. The degree earned from London University is recognized worldwide. It's an opportunity to build a persistent future foundation. Colleges and Universities in London have a vibrant, creative, and challenging environment for the students to learn, grow and develop potential. From agriculture, Horticulture, and Veterinary studies to Engineering and Production, one will find all the suitable courses. Whichever course a person chooses, they will get plenty of time to explore the many delights that London has to offer.

Universities and Networking

There are 45 universities in London and most of them are listed in the QS World University Rankings. These award-winning colleges give opportunities to meet professionals and grow networks while on the field as well as during the course.

Popular Courses

Business & Management, Finance, Marketing, MBA, Fashion Design, Media, Journalism, and Architecture


London is the World's Most Multicultural City. You will find people from around the world, there are more than 300 languages spoken in the capital of the United Kingdom. Festivals like Chinese New Year, Noting Hills Carnival, and Africa on Square are celebrated on a massive scale. London is a gigantic city, it attracts a ton of different types of people. From religion and ethnicity to language and political views, you’ll find a little of everything in London.

Students' life

Enjoy the nightlife of London by watching performances, and shows, and going to the nightclubs, and theaters. Students life is amazing in London, they have lots of privileges. In London, there's a card for students to avail discounts on many things. There are 350 music venues, pubs, bars, coffee shops, and parks. Sightseeing the famous London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Art galleries Tower of London. To go on a shopping spree at Eclectic market, boutiques, and Camden's market. If you are a bookworm or you love to read, London is the place to be, the British Library consists of 25 million books.

List of famous colleges in London

  1. London Institute of Business and Technology
  2. London Metropolitan University
  3. London School of Commerce
  4. London South Bank University
  5. Royal Holloway University Of London
  6. The London Film School

What Edwise Students Studying Abroad Says?

"Edwise has been very supportive from the time I decided to pursue my Masters in the UK. My counselor has been a key catalyst in securing admission to the desired field of study. She has been very informative and helpful throughout the application and visa process. All credits to her for boosting my confidence and helping me achieve my goals."

Name - Roshini
Country - UK
University - Kingston University

"Edwise has been very helpful in selecting courses, preparing my documents, papers work, and all the processes. Thank you Edwise for making the entire process easy."

Name - Aisha Patel
Country - UK
University - INTO Manchester

"My counselor was very helpful right from choosing the University and throughout the process. They have guided me in every step and I thank Edwise for my UK journey."

Name - Ankita Satoor
Country - UK
University - Manchester Metropolitan University

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