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Why Study MBA in UK?

It is now in vogue to pursue an MBA, but before doing so you should be aware as to what it means for your career. It enhances your employability and enriches your career growth prospects. A range of institutions around the globe offer MBA programs, you should be extremely careful in selecting not only your study destination but also the university. The quality of the curriculum taught along with the global ranking the university receives should be determining factors in your decision to study an MBA. To study in UK, especially an MBA course will enable you to have global recognition in the world and increase your chances of earning higher pay. If you’re looking to have a career in business and management, then pursuing an MBA will be the correct course to study.

Not just the business world, but the skills that you gain through this course can be utilized in a variety of avenues.

If you have decided to study in UK by means of an MBA program, this article will help you gain a comprehensive understanding as to what the experience will be like.


Reasons to study MBA in UK

Shorter Course Duration

Compared to other countries, where the MBA program usually ranges for a period of two years, in the UK the same degree can be attained within a year. The shorter course duration means you can complete your course sooner and jump into the professional world.

Economical Tuition Fees

In relation to the above mentioned point, the short course duration results in the amount of tuition fees you are required to pay to reduce considerably. This coupled with scholarships that universities have to offer will make the experience economical for you.

Industry Links

Many of the universities in UK have close links with industry tycoons. This enables you to be in touch with some of the professionals in this world. With the newly brought in stay back rule, you can stay back in the UK two years upon completion of your course. The stay back rule coupled with industry links will give a jumpstart to your career. .

Entry Requirements

Universities in UK, have varied entry requirements to enroll students in this program. However, a brief overview as to what these entry requirements look like is mentioned below.
• Bachelor's or equivalent Degree
• Work Experience
•IELTS which portrays English Language Proficiency
•Some universities also require GMAT scores

Reasons to study MBA in UK

Increases your credibility

As you are well aware, having an MBA increases your business credibility. And if you have pursued it from the UK, the chances of you earning recognition increase multifold. Therefore, in the professional world having an MBA will increase your standing significantly.

Experience a culture

Having studied in a different country allows you to experience a varied culture. This sensitivity that you will have towards different cultural groups is very important in today’s multicultural society. UK being the home of a varied culture will be the right place for you to commence your business journey from.

Learn Invaluable Skills

The prominent feature of MBA courses in the UK, is that they not only concentrate on classroom learning but also incorporate in themselves some invaluable out of the classroom experience. These social skills become very important in the world of business.

Few Universities in UK that offer MBA courses

University of Warwick

The university has three faculties within its scope. QS World University Rankings 2020, places the university 62 in the world. Its subject as well as employability rankings are high.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is segregated into three Faculties. It is ranked 67th according to the QS World University Rankings, 2020. It is also ranked seventh in Europe in the 2018 Reuters Top 100 Most Innovative Universities.

Lancaster University

Located in the North West of England, it has an amalgamation of nine colleges within its culturally diverse campus. According to the QS World University Rankings, 2020 Lancaster University ranks 128th.

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