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Why Choose To Study In The UK?

January 2023

Some of the oldest colleges and universities in the world, with origins in the 12th and 13th centuries, may be found in the United Kingdom (UK). Due of this, the UK has become the standard in the field of education for other nations. Compared to India, studying in the UK has several advantages. The nation's top-notch educational system, illustrious institutions, plethora of job prospects, and excellent standard of living are just a few compelling arguments to study there.

Studying in the UK

Why study in the United Kingdom?

1. Educational credentials : The UK's reputation as an intellectual powerhouse is one of the main advantages of studying there. The highest academic standards are upheld by UK institutions. Leading UK institutions consistently place in the top 10 and top 20 lists of nearly all significant international rankings systems. Universities like Cambridge and Oxford are well-known, among many others. In the UK, analysis, critical thinking, and creativity are prioritised over textbook learning in favour of a utility- and practical-based education system.

2. Extraordinary instruction : The quality of education is one of the benefits of studying in the UK. In the UK, all colleges and universities have their learning standards evaluated by the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency). It also aids in identifying the finest instructional strategies in addition to routine performance and audit checks and subject evaluations. It also transmits feedback related to improvisation. The funding authorities for higher education in the UK also extensively assess research standards and often publish their results. This makes sure that students, regardless of their academic specialisations or courses, have access to the greatest research, learning, and teaching materials available.

3. Shorter course length : Another compelling factor for studying in the UK is this. In the UK, you may complete your education more quickly without sacrificing the standard of instruction. While undergraduate coursework may be finished in three years, graduate coursework can be finished in just one year. While postgraduate refers to graduate students pursuing a second degree, such as a master's, postgraduate certificate, or postgraduate diploma, undergraduate refers to students pursuing a bachelor's degree. Students who desire to study a particular subject in depth should obtain a master's degree.

4. Working alongside studying : In the UK, part-time employment is permitted for up to twenty hours a week. Over the holidays and during the semester vacations, you can work full-time as well. By doing this, you may reduce some of your living expenditures while also gaining valuable work-related and professional experience.

5. Traverse all of Europe : Excellent connections exist between the UK and important European nations including the Netherlands, France, and Belgium. While studying in the UK, you may easily visit major cities and locations in Europe thanks to convenient train and plane connections.

6. Health benefits : The NHS in the UK offers free medical services to international students (National Health Service). You will simply need to pay the IHS fee (International Health Surcharge).

7. Fascinating and varied cultures : The UK has many unique and diverse cultures, especially in university towns and cities. Interacting with individuals from practically every continent will be an opportunity for you. This automatically provides opportunities to discover new ethnic customs, celebrations, and foods! International students, including a sizeable presence from India, are a rapidly expanding population in the UK. According to sources, more than 30,000 Indian students received Tier-4 visas for 2019, adding to the total 486,645 foreign students studying in the UK.

8. Employment prospects upon graduation : An arrangement for post-study work visas has already been made in the UK. After graduating, you are permitted to stay and work in the nation for an extra two years. The chance to work or find job for two years after completing their study is provided by this visa to qualifying students. As a result of the UK's thriving economy and thousands of companies operating in several industries and sectors, you will also have access to a wide range of career options.

9. Internationally recognised degrees : The UK connects you to the European market and provides you international exposure. Your UK educational degree will therefore be recognised equally over the world, including in major European nations and other regions. You can seek international professions as a result without any hesitation.

10. Cutting-edge research framework : Through its journals, professors, laboratories, and history of top-notch research, the UK has the greatest infrastructure and study facilities in the whole globe.

11. Lively campuses : The dynamic campuses of the UK's universities and colleges provide a wide range of student organizations, clubs, events, internships, and other opportunities. Students can participate in extracurricular activities and sports including aquatic sports, rugby, hiking, cricket, and more. Learn new talents from hundreds of societies and organisations, like dance, cooking, gaming, and language learning.

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Why Study in the UK

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