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Vaccine Information: Students with Admissions at Universities Abroad

May 2021

Certain cities and states in India have risen to the occasion and are offering vaccines for students.


Late Friday night, Maharashtra Cabinet Minister, Aaditya Thackrey tweeted that those students who have secured a confirmed admission for universities abroad and are seeking vaccines will be able to benefit from the free, walk-in vaccination organized by the BMC on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (31st May, 1st June, 2nd June) at 3 centres, namely Rajawadi, Cooper and Kasturba. Students will, however, be required to carry with them certain documents that include either the I-20 or DS-160, a confirmation letter from the university and identification documents. It is also speculated that the said regime will be implemented in other areas in Maharashtra as well.

Aaditya Thackrey's tweet read, "For students who have received confirmation of admission in universities abroad & require vaccines for the same, the @mybmc has arranged free, walk-in vaccination this coming Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (31st May, 1st, 2nd June) at 3 centres- Rajawadi, Cooper & Kasturba". "The students need to carry I- 20 or DS- 160 form/ verified confirmation letter to concerned foreign universities, along with personal id documents. This admission and vaccine affecting careers, we are duty bound to vaccinate them in the required time". "I will also be speaking to other municipal corporations across Maharashtra to implement the same for students in and around those cities with confirmation letters for universities abroad, to implement the same. The numbers are small, but their career opportunities can't be missed". On Saturday morning, Aaditya also tweeted in regards to the gap between the jabs and departure for overseas study. The government is now in talks with the concerned authorities to help students navigate through the same. His tweet read, "We have received multiple queries with regard to the gap between the two doses and the schedule/possible departure of students for overseas universities. Since it is a medical advice, @mybmc will discuss with the concerned authorities for the same to assist students".

Prior to this, even the Kerala government took under its wing those who are travelling abroad for employment and academic purposes in the 18-44 years category as the prioritised group for vaccination. June 1 onwards, professionals, as well as, students travelling abroad will be given priority in Bengaluru too. It is anticipated that such strides regarding vaccines for travellers will be made across other districts too. This section will receive the Covishield vaccine and the gap has been reduced to 12 weeks only do those travelling abroad.

The Pune Municipal Corporation too will be conducting a vaccine for students having secured admission abroad drive. This will take place between Tuesday and Wednesday at Kamala Nehru Hospital. Students are first required to send an email, post which they will receive details about the slots.

The latest vaccine information has induced a sense of rejoice among study abroad aspirants since they were scrambling to book a slot owing to the fact that certain universities abroad require the students to get vaccinated prior to their attending classes. On the other hand, some universities require their students to submit a negative test report. Some have gone a step further and are offering vaccines to students on-campus. The decision to let study abroad aspirants get jabbed ensures that students will not face delays when commencing their higher education abroad. Precedence is being offered to the career opportunities of students, and thus, aspirants must grab the opportunity presented with both hands.

Hence, eligible students are encouraged to take the vaccine and get vaccinated. This will aid students to travel to their dream study abroad destination and attend their university without any hassle.

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