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Trending Courses To Study In New Zealand

May 2022

In order to choose the perfect destination to study abroad, one needs to invest in a lot of thinking and research. A plethora of courses are offered by every country to its students. Nevertheless, each country and its universities are distinct. Its very important to choose the one best suited to your interest, and thus, one needs to know which countries are popularly known for offering which courses. New Zealand is one of the most sought after study overseas destinations. Many international students choose to study in New Zealand. The reasons for the same are varied. The country is known for its top notch education system that mirrors the education system of the UK, and its diverse culture. Degrees obtained from universities in New Zealand have global recognition and are highly valued worldwide. In comparison to other study overseas destinations, accommodation and tuition fees in New Zealand is comparatively economical. Students who study in New Zealand are eligible to work part-time during their terms and full-time during course breaks. Universities in New Zealand offer a myriad of courses for international students to choose from. Courses in New Zealand are offered across various fields of study viz. Animation, Medicine, Agriculture, Sports Management, Healthcare, Nursing, Art and Design, among others. Study in New Zealand is regarded as one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.

Trending Courses To Study In New Zealand

Some of the trending courses in New Zealand for international students to study are as listed below:

Tourism and Hospitality Management: In today's era, tourism as a unique field of study is gaining huge importance. To take a break from their hectic life, people have started camping, as well as traveling to different countries and places very often. This have given an impetus to the tourism industry resulting in ample opportunities for the ones wishing to pursue a career in this field. Along with tourism, Hospitality Management is also quickly expanding. One of the leading tourist destinations in the world, New Zealand with its flourishing hospitality and tourism industry is on the lookout for professionals in this sector. For this reason, the country offers specialized courses in this field. Some of the travel and tourism courses offered at universities in New Zealand include:

  • Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management
  • The Tourism, Travel and Airline Industry Diploma
  • Diploma in Tourism and Travel

On the other hand, some of the Hospitality courses in New Zealand include:

  • New Zealand Diploma in Cookery
  • Bachelor of Culinary Arts
  • Certificate in International Flight Attending
  • New Zealand Certificate in Food and Beverage Service
  • Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of International Hospitality Management
  • New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Master of Gastronomy

The tourism course offered at universities in New Zealand focuses not only on the theoretical facet but also takes into account the current incidents in the industry and trains students accordingly. The Hopitality courses are also in alignment with the diverse trends and developments in the field. The Hospitality Management program empowers students to build workplace skills, acquire knowledge and practical experience, in turn preparing them to daringly step in the real world. Here students will be instructed under expert industry professionals and will be given detailed insights into the industry. For one wishing to specialize in this industry, the New Zealand School of Tourism offers accreditation courses.

Engineering: Over the last few years, Engineering has been gaining popularity across the globe as well as in New Zealand. Engineering has always been the first choice for a large section of international students. This field of study has evolved in recent times giving rise to varied fields of engineering viz. Genetic Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, among others. Universities in New Zealand offering Engineering courses provide modern facilities, and small size batches thereby enabling teachers to devote personal attention to each student in the class. With the aid of internships, students are now offered a glimpse of the industry. Moreover, students who study at universities in New Zealand are offered high-tech infrastructure as well as ample research opportunities. There are various specializations in this field. Some of the Engineering degrees offered in New Zealand are:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geomatic Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science: Technology is increasing at a rapid pace, and with it, IT and Computer Science is also growing. The IT and Computer Science field equips students and experts with the skillset to be abreast with these latest developments. The universities that offer this excellent Information Technology course provide students with highly skilled faculty, handy equipment, invaluable facilities and many other services that result in students’ fruitful learning experience. Students who study Information Technology courses in New Zealand learn and build pertinent skills like creative thinking, team coordination, analytical thinking, flexibility, time management, problem-solving skills etc. Few of the IT and Computer Science courses in New Zealand are:

  • Masters in Computer and Information Sciences
  • M.Sc. Professional Studies in Digital Security
  • Masters in Information Technology
  • Postgraduate Certificate. Information Technology

Business Administration: The country houses many international corporate setups, family businesses, as well as a prosperous start-up culture and thus, the need for business executives with qualified MBA degrees has been persistently growing over the past decade. Various sectors viz. real estate, investment banking, hi-tech, retail, tourism, agriculture, among others are expanding at a fast rate and therefore, a degree in Business Administration paves the way for students to build a secure future. This course is offered at various universities in New Zealand for instance, University of Canterbury, Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Victoria University of Wellington- Victoria Management School, University of Otago Business School, and The University of Auckland Business School. To master the field of Business, students choose the best out of all. The business course, more specifically an MBA concentrates on teaching students to think critically, evaluate, identify problems, as well as devise creative solutions. Students who opt for Business courses in New Zealand will be exposed to numerous ventures and events such as going on business tours, interacting with business experts, undertaking industry projects, networking, etc.

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Courses To Study In New Zealand

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