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Explore the Top Reasons to Study in the UK

June 2024

Studying in the United Kingdom (UK) is a life-changing experience in itself. This experience is combined with academic excellence, cultural diversity, and unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth. With a rich history, culture, and global reputation for education, the UK is the second-most-practiced nation after the USA in terms of education. Also, the UK attracts students from all over the world.

Study in uk for international students

Reasons to study in the UK

  • The UK is home to some of the world's most prestigious universities, including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London. These institutions are renowned for their academic excellence, with many of them consistently ranking among the top universities in the world. However, the UK also has a wealth of other universities and colleges that offer high-quality education across a wide range of disciplines. In the UK, the academic year normally lasts from September to June, with holidays for Easter and Christmas.
  • The tutorial system is another distinctive feature of the education system in the United Kingdom. It is widely implemented at universities like Oxford and Cambridge. Under this arrangement, students meet with a tutor on a regular basis to go over their work and get feedback.
  • Courses in the UK have a shorter duration and are more intensive in nature. This saves time as well as tuition fees.
  • Universities do assist in finding housing options, jobs, and internship opportunities.
  • As an international student through the National Health Service (NHS) while enrolled in classes in the UK. You will be required to pay a small International Health Surcharge (IHS) in order to receive this benefit.
  • A pre-arrival support document including lodging options, living expense budgeting strategies, medical insurance options, and other crucial information for settling in is one of the numerous beneficial assistances provided by many UK organisations.
  • UK universities also provide a range of programmes and orientations to support international students. These could include academic support, cultural events, and beneficial and educational programmes.

Fun facts about studying in the UK

  • Asia as a continent contributes the highest number of international students in the UK as compared to other continents of the globe. Asian students contribute to cultural diversity on UK university campuses. This fosters cross-cultural interactions and enriches the educational experience for both international and domestic students.
  • The U.K. offers the best and most well-recognised degrees in the world. Apart from this, the UK is home to unusual degrees as well. Some of the unusual degrees include ethical hacking, surf science and technology, puppetry design, performance, and floral design.
  • Whereas the most popular degrees chosen by international students include business management, civil engineering, chemistry, computer science, biomedical sciences, engineering, media, architecture, and law. When it comes to the most chosen subjects, business management, medicine, and biological sciences come in at the top. Also, the UK is home to some of the best business schools in the world.
  • The UK provides highly recognised degrees worldwide. The degrees are of high quality and are highly valued by employers all across the globe. UK universities have some of the oldest universities and take the top position in the list of leading universities in the world.
  • The student satisfaction rate is the highest in the UK. It is the most recommended destination for international students. The UK offers post-study work opportunities that allow them to gain valuable experience.
  • The British Library is the largest library in the world! Yes, the library has more than 170 million items in the catalogue. The library is in close proximity to King’s Cross railway station and has a famous reading room, which is a peaceful site for studies.

Top Universities in UK

The UK is home to the most prestigious universities in the world. Some of the best universities in the UK are the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the University College London (UCL), the University of Edinburgh, the University of Manchester, the University of Warwick, King's College London, and the University of Bristol.

What are the Requirements to Study in UK for International Students?

UK universities have specific requirements for their potential students. The admission requirements are as follows:

  • The student must have completed the necessary academic qualifications for the desired program. This includes secondary school (in the case of a bachelor’s degree) or a bachelor’s degree (in the case of a master’s degree) or equivalent.
  • Demonstration of English language proficiency, such as IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge English exams, is necessary.
  • Business-related programmes require the student to apply for additional exams such as the SAT, GMAT, or GRE. For the design program, a p portfolio is required.
  • Once the student has been accepted by the university, financial proof covering the tuition fees needs to be submitted.
  • International students in the UK need to have adequate health insurance to cover their expenses while staying abroad. Health insurance is provided by some universities and can be purchased independently if it is not available at the university level.
  • Depending on the university and the programme, there are financial aid, grants, bursaries, scholarships, and funding opportunities available through the university, private organisations, and the government.

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Top universities in uk

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