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Top ranking colleges in Canada for Engineering Students

November 2021

In comparison to other study destinations, study in Canada is comparatively cheaper. A unique and multicultural country with innumerable opportunities to fulfill one's dreams and build a bright future. Courses in Canada are offered in various disciplines. There are a number of colleges in Canada for international students to pursue their studies. Moreover, the top ranking colleges in Canada for Engineering students include:

Courses in Canada

1. University of Toronto

  • Not only the top Engineering university in Canada but overall, the best university according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021.
  • Offers 700 undergraduate programs and over 200 Master’s and Doctoral degrees.
  • The Applied Science and Engineering Faculty offers- Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace studies and Civil and Mineral Engineering.
  • Engineering students at the university can travel during their studies. Blue Sky Solar Racing Team- one of the Engineering clubs had traveled to the Australian outback as part of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in 2019. Others used the practical experience requirement and took a year abroad in industry, in Fly ability- a Switzerland based drone manufacturer.
  • A major innovation- the discovery of Insulin in the early 1920s by the researchers at the University of Toronto.

2. University of British Columbia

  • Offers degrees in 14 Engineering disciplines.
  • Vancouver Campus- offers Computer Engineering, Biological, Biomedical, Civil and Chemical programs. On the contrary, the Okanagan Campus offers programs in Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering.
  • The first year of an Engineering degree is a foundation year- fashioned to develop a broad understanding of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.
  • In the second year, one can opt for a specialized program. Students participate in experiential learning, design projects and gain professional experience.
  • A Co-op work term, can be completed by the Engineering students at UBC, either in Canada or abroad where they can work with up to five companies, explore multiple industries and earn up to $80,000 during their degree.

3. McGill University

  • Public institution founded in 1821.
  • Engineering departments- Mechanical, Chemical, Materials, Mining, Bio- resource, Electrical, Biological, Civil, Software and Computer Engineering.
  • The Engine Centre of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship, since its inception, has joined hands with 480 companies on research and development, instructed over 875 students and produced more than 100 start- ups.
  • Engineering students can either study abroad, or participate in an exchange with one of the partners of McGill. In addition, to help students with the overseas living costs, there is a Mobility Bursary for Exchanges program.
  • Engineering societies- Women in Engineering, Queer Engineer, the Engineering Undergraduate Society, etc.

4. University of Waterloo

  • The University of Waterloo Engineering School- Canada’s biggest Engineering department.
  • Offers 15 Bachelor’s degree program in Management Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Nanotechnology.
  • Hands- on experience offered to students at the Engineering Ideas Clinic, which in turn, gives them the opportunity to work on real- world Engineering projects.
  • Many students participate in a cooperative or academic exchange. The Enterprise Co-op enables them to kick off their own business whilst earning a Co-op credit.
  • The university's Engineering students can take part in the Entrepreneurship Option fashioned to deepen their technical background with business skills.
  • Houses Engineering, Applied Health Sciences, Environment, Arts, Math and Science faculties.

5. University of Alberta

  • Offers courses in Business, Medicine, Engineering and Arts. Connected with major research institutions- the multidisciplinary National Institute for Nanotechnology.
  • The Engineering School: the first year known as the qualifying first year. The curriculum gives students a concrete foundation in general Engineering. 2nd year: students can choose a five- year Co-op or a four- year degree.
  • Co-op program: specializations in Engineering Physics, Software Engineering and Chemical Engineering, supervised work experience.
  • Offers postgraduate program in Materials or Chemical Engineering. Engineering projects include the Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project.
  • Numerous Engineering competitions viz. EngComm and The Alberta Energy Challenge.
  • The Elko Engineering Garage: provides a maker space and fabrication capabilities thus, enabling students to produce prototypes.

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Colleges in Canada for International Students

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