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Top 5 Affordable New Zealand Cities For International Students

May 2023

New Zealand is among the top study abroad locations for overseas students. It is mostly because of the wide exposure, the excellent education system, the top-ranking colleges, the affordable and high-quality housing, and the numerous other attractions. One of the finest choices for students looking to fulfill their aspirations and goals is to study abroad in New Zealand. In many New Zealand cities, eager students are encouraged to pursue their studies in a welcoming and cozy environment. From pristine beaches to majestic mountains, the nation boasts everything, making it the finest spot for international students to study in New Zealand. Among the most preferred student-friendly cities in New Zealand are:

5 Affordable New Zealand Cities For International Students

1. Wellington: The hub of New Zealand's economic and social activity, and the country's capital, Wellington is the first city in New Zealand that is regarded as being ideal for students. Despite having a population of only 200,000, this city is enormous in terms of its personality, culture, and beauty. The city's core business sector is located between a harbour, a few beaches, and the lush hills that serve as the city's backdrop. Wellington is home to prestigious schools and universities. Regarded as the best university in terms of education and ranked among the top 1% of universities worldwide in 19 subject areas, The Victoria University of Wellington is located here. International students make up 20% of the total student body. For those who enjoy the outdoors, Mount Victoria is not far away, and the city itself is a paradise for hip young people with a variety of cafes, restaurants, and pubs to hang out in. The botanical gardens, which can be reached by cable car, are also beautiful.

2. Auckland: Auckland in New Zealand is yet another fantastic location and a top priority among a number of Indian students. Year after year, a large number of students from all over the world come to study in Auckland, which is ranked 18th among the best student cities in New Zealand. It is New Zealand's largest and most alluring (glitziest) metropolis, with a total of 1.6 million inhabitants. Auckland has one of the most distinctive skylines in the entire world thanks to the eye-catching Sky Tower, which sits tall above the core business centre. Auckland is also New Zealand's most ethnically diversified metropolis. The city also houses some well-known universities, with five main universities to choose from. With more than 40,000 students, the University of Auckland is the country's most respected and largest university. In light of this, it can be a wise decision for students.

3. Hamilton: Situated in the picturesque Waikato region of the North Island and known for the Hamilton Gardens, a botanical paradise that meanders beside the Waikato River, Hamilton is the fourth largest city in New Zealand and the third most student-friendly city. In comparison to other cities, it offers an economical cost of living and a variety of recreational opportunities for students. Mount Maunganui is not far from the city. Aficionados of the Lord of the Rings can visit 'Hobbiton' one hour away, which has remained mostly unaltered since the blockbuster films were shot here! However, with a vibrant nightlife based on Victoria Street, Hamilton is not all flowers and trees. The 25,000-seat Waikato Stadium, which frequently hosts international rugby and cricket matches, will appeal to sports lovers. Hamilton is home to the University of Waikato, one of the best universities in New Zealand for international students. It is the institution with the most international student programs in the nation. The institution offers a "buddy system" whereby international students are matched with local guides who assist them in acclimating to life in Waikato, as well as housing options where students can stay with local families to aid in their transition. The University of Waikato has earned the title of friendliest university in New Zealand thanks to all of this, as well as the small class numbers and close-knit community! The choice to pursue higher education is a fantastic one for students. Along with a few research institutes, Hamilton is also home to Te Wananga o Aotearoa and Waikato Institute of Technology, two additional prestigious institutions.

4. Christchurch: According to QS, Christchurch, also known as the Garden City of New Zealand, is one of the top 50 student cities in the world and is renowned for its top-notch educational institutions and numerous adventurous attractions. The city has a sizable population despite being one of New Zealand's largest cities. For overseas students, Christchurch is still able to provide cheap housing alternatives. The University of Canterbury is a major draw in this area. It is the city's second oldest university and provides outstanding courses in a variety of fields such as biology, ecology, and geology. So if science is your thing, this might be the place for you. Additionally, the campus also symbolises the city as a whole, with a lot of parks and lawns around to help you reconnect with nature after a day of lectures. To acquire a top-notch education, students from all over the world come to Christchurch. Because Christchurch's classical architecture is far more English and gothic in design, it also has a significantly different aesthetic. But street art is also prevalent in Christchurch, to the point where the Canterbury Museum is home to the greatest collection of the world's most well-known street artist, Banksy.

5. Dunedin: Dunedin, the fifth student-friendly city in New Zealand lying on the South Island, is renowned for its active student community and more affordable living prices than those of bigger cities like Auckland and Wellington. It's referred to as the Edinburgh of New Zealand. The city is also known for its rich architectural history, most of which was influenced by Scotland! It is a photographer's paradise with dozens of beautiful museums and historic homes. There is, however, a contemporary twist as well, with a thriving social scene and a lot of street art. With a rich literary history, Dunedin is home to several organisations, enterprises, and events. Several universities in Dunedin are well known for providing professional and postgraduate degrees in addition to undergraduate programs. The University of Otago, which draws numerous international students is located here. The six libraries at the University there will delight every reader who enjoys reading! Additionally, there are 15 residential communities with student housing, some of which are in gorgeous ancient historic buildings and others of which are reserved specifically for international students!

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Affordable New Zealand Cities

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