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Things to Know About Singapore

June 2024

A dynamic city-state country located in Asia offers a unique blend of modernism and traditionalism in its teaching methods. From world-class attractions to thriving business hubs, Singapore excels in all. With a large number of international students, Singapore universities gives the best exposure to all their students. Singapore, as a nation, is a business hub that caters to many job aspirants as well.

Things to Know About Singapore

Interesting facts about Singapore

  • To improve instruction and learning, Singapore incorporates educational technology into its classrooms. The government funds programmes to provide schools with resources and equipment for cutting-edge instruction using technology.
  • Based on their academic performance, students in Singapore's education system are sorted into various academic streams using a streaming system.
  • The method is designed to accommodate the different learning styles and needs of the pupils.
  • Singapore devotes a large amount of its national budget to training and education programmes, making large investments in education. The government's commitment to providing all Singaporeans access to high-quality education is demonstrated by this initiative.
  • The formation of a strong work ethic, social responsibility, moral and civic values, and character education are all highly valued in Singapore's educational system.

Why study in Singapore?

Academic excellence

Singapore is home to top-ranking universities such as the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), which are recognized globally for their academic excellence and research contributions.

Diverse environment

Singapore is a nation that is known for its multicultural society and diverse population. This creates a rich and enriching environment and helps develop cross-cultural understanding.

A global hub for business

Singapore is a global business and financial hub. This makes it an attractive destination for students across various fields. The country has a strong economy and a business-friendly environment that provides good career opportunities.

Research and innovation

Singapore puts a strong emphasis on research and innovation. Most of the universities have collaborations with industries and research institutions. This provides cutting-edge research facilities.

Career opportunities in Singapore

Singapore has a strong economy and is a hub for global business. There are many internships and part-time employment opportunities for students that are available. This is beneficial for gaining practical knowledge and experience.

Top Universities in Singapore

Singapore is home to many prestigious students, which in turn attracts many international students. The top universities can be seen below:

Cost of education in Singapore

The cost of studying in Singapore will range from SGD 18,000 to SGD 45,000 per year for bachelor’s. For master’s education, the fees range from SGD 18,000 to SGD 50,000 per year.

How is student life in Singapore?

  • Thanks to Singapore's well-functioning public transit system, students may easily travel the city and visit a variety of facilities and attractions. Buses and trains are two reasonably priced public transit choices that offer easy access to retail centres, universities, historical sites, and parks.
  • Universities in Singapore provide a full life outside of the classroom as well. The academic year begins with freshmen orientation camps and welcomes students with the goal of providing them with a rapid overview of the facilities and programmes offered at the three most well-known universities (NUS, NTU, and SMU).
  • Campuses are self-contained and have amenities for a range of pursuits, including sports, theatre, music, and the arts.
  • There are lots of possibilities for entertainment, including bars and nightclubs. On campus, there are opportunities for community service and cultural events. Foodies can find restaurants and cafes that offer all types of cuisine.
  • Every major neighbourhood has shopping centres and community centres outside of campus. Students can use the gyms and sports facilities in community centres.
  • Given the tropical climate, one can engage in adventurous sports like wakeboarding, dragon boat racing, and windsurfing.

What are Singapore admission requirements?

  • International students must have the necessary educational qualifications required for the field.
  • Demonstrating the scores of IELTS, TOEFL, or Pearson PTE.
  • Depending on the programme, students need to appear for additional tests like the GRE, GMAT, or other related exams.
  • Submission of the university application form, along with application fees
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts and certificates
  • Statement of Purpose, Personal Statement of Essays
  • Visa and immigration documents
  • A valid passport
  • Portfolio (applicable for architecture, designing programmes) showcasing the creative skills.

Job opportunities in Singapore

Studying short courses abroad can surely bring good job prospects and opportunities. This gives global exposure and a chance to learn from industry experts.

  • Business and Management
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Healthcare and nursing
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Language and communication.
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Retail and sales.
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Engineering and technical skills

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interesting facts about singapore

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