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Singapore is the premier education hub in Asia. Driven by excellence, University in Singapore offers a broad base curriculum and global perspective to equip students with the relevant qualification and training that serves as a springboard to a brighter future. University in Singapore provide variety of Courses for Higher Education. The Courses offered By Singapore Universities are Business Management, Advanced Diploma in Business Studies, Accounting, Anthropology, Applied Geology, Architectural Design, Media Studies, Film Making, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Engineering Science, Environmental Science, Film, Television and Media Studies, Finance, Fine Arts, Health Sciences and Many More.

This are Some of the

Top University in Singapore for Higher Education

Abroad:- - Marketing Institute of Singapore The Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) was established in 1973 to be the national body for sales and marketing. A not-for-profit organisation, it serves as a hub for students, professionals, and organisations interested in sales and marketing to congregate, network, and exchange knowledge. The Institute believes in promoting marketing as a philosophy and developing students holistically with our robust academic framework. The qualifications awarded by MIS are well regarded and recognised, especially in the fields of Business Management, Sales and Marketing. - Stamford Raffles College Stamford Raffles College was established in 1950. It is one of the oldest institutions in Singapore and has graduated more than 200,000 students till date. The College offers professional programmes at various levels ranging from Certificate courses to MBA. Stamford Raffles College, since its establishment, has believed that education should result in an active citizenry and practical employability for all its students. - Singapore Institute Of Commerce The SINGAPORE INSTITUTE OF COMMERCE (or "SIC" as it is more popularly known) was founded in 1947, and boasts of being the first "Business" School established in Singapore. SINGAPORE INSTITUTE OF COMMERCE (SIC) aims to create learning opportunities for everyone. They believe in their mission of enabling everyone to acquire a degree that is relevant & useful to their future. - National University Of Singapore A leading global university centred in Asia, the National University of Singapore (NUS) offers a global approach to education and research, with a focus on Asian perspectives and expertise. Its transformative education includes a broad-based curriculum underscored by multi-disciplinary courses and cross-faculty enrichment, as well as special programmes which allow students to realise their potential. Over 36,000 students from 100 countries further enrich the community with their diverse social and cultural perspectives, making campus life vibrant and exciting.
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Singapore - As an Education Hub


March 2014

University in Singapore envisages to becoming a “Global Schoolhouse” offering a diverse and distinctive mix of educational services in a safe, cosmopolitan and comfortable environment. University of Singapore is the premier education hub in Asia. Driven by excellence, Singapore education offers a broad base curriculum and global perspective to equip students with the relevant qualification and training that serves as a springboard to a brighter future.

Universities in SingaporeUnique is the word that best captures Singapore, a dynamic city rich in contrast and color where you'll find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture. A bridge between the East and the West for centuries, Singapore is located in the heart of fascinating Southeast Asia, continues to embrace tradition and modernity today.

Singapore is a premier education hub which offers students an international perspective and diversity of options. In an environment that is inspiring and conducive to education, Singapore provides high quality of teaching and research. From an internationally recognized public school system, to world class universities, Singapore ensures a comprehensive education environment. More than 16 leading foreign universities have also set up centers of excellence in research and education in Singapore. Quality private education organizations add further diversity to the nation's education landscape.

Tuition fees are affordable and the cost of living in Singapore is still significantly lower than of many developed countries. With Singapore's tradition of meritocracy talented students who need financial assistance can find the help they need in form of scholarships, bursaries and study loans.

Singapore is well connected via sea, air and telecommunications to all parts of the world. It is fairly close to India encouraging students to visit home during every academic break.

Management Development Institute of SingaporeAfter visiting Edwise I got all information of Singapore MBA. The counselor was very friendly and cleared all my doubts. Right from my application to visas and accommodation I got all assistance in a thoroughly professional way.i would recommend Edwise to all my friends looking for studies in Singapore. All the best and keep up the good work.” Says Abhishek Jain from MDIS, MBA Singapore.

In Singapore, exciting jobs can be found in media, hospitality, hotel and catering, information technology, design, banking, engineering, nursing, telecommunications, marketing, healthcare and many more. 

Not surprisingly, students can use their Singapore education as a springboard to a great career both in and outside of Singapore.

We encourage students to come for counseling to our experienced counselors and also encourage them to meet university representatives and get more information. Our counselors will study the profile and will shortlist the best suited universities and also take care of singapore applications, visas and accommodation arrangements.

To know more about Singapore Universities, Courses, Admissions and Visas, Visit your nearest Edwise Office.

March 2014




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