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Study in USA: Reasons Why USA is A Leader in Overseas Education

December 2021

With numerous technological advancements, destinations across the world have recognised the need to offer quality and up-to-date education to students and individuals. Universities abroad have aimed to enhance their mediums of instructions to be relevant in the ever evolving world. Education abroad has seen a revamp with universities offering newer fields and subjects across various industries and verticals.

Among these destinations is the USA. Across decades, study in USA has emerged as a leader in education abroad with more students choosing the country among other study destinations. As a study destination, the USA is home to world-class universities, impressive student facilities, a growing job market, stunning cities and parks and a multicultural population.

Study in USA

On the fence if study in USA is for you? Here a few reasons why the USA may just be the right fit for you:

1. Globally top-ranked universities:

  • Among the plethora of colleges and universities in USA, a large portion of these are globally ranked universities. Many universities are present in renowned rankings globally.
  • The universities that ranked in the top 10 are very competitive and are a little more expensive as compared to other institutions.
  • The universities also have impressive state-of-art facilities and services to ensure that the education imparted is of the best quality.
  • Some popular universities in USA are Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford. Every university in USA is committed to excellence in education and the government also allocates a large portion of its budget to constantly upgrade the education in USA.
  • As universities are recognized globally, their qualifications and degrees offered are also recognized globally.
  • In fact, graduates with a qualification from USA are preferred in local job markets.
  • This is because these qualifications act as a sign of trust that the individual has received holistic education and has the skills required to achieve success.

2. Flexible academic support:

  • A unique feature of education in USA is the academic flexibility that students are offered.
  • Students enrolled to pursue their education at universities in USA are encouraged to look beyond their field of study and explore other academic disciplines.
  • For UG courses, students do not have to major in a specific subject till the end of their program.
  • Hence, students can choose their electives and combined subjects based on their interests and career aspirations.
  • This helps tell receive a more well-rounded education. In graduate degree programs, students are given the option to choose their subjects of choice.
  • Through this, they can drop or take up additional courses and choose their specializations.
  • Another impressive feature of the education system in USA is the concept of transfer admission.
  • Through this particular feature, students are allowed to switch courses and universities based on their preferences. Once a student chooses to do this, their credits are transferred to the new university seamlessly.

3. Abundant Career opportunities

  • Study in USA has a strong emphasis on practical learning and preparing students for the corporate environment.
  • This is achieved through employment opportunities during the course of their study.
  • During their term time, students are allowed to work 20 hours part-time and 40 hours full-time during vacation and break time.
  • Apart from these, the USA also offers to kinds of employment opportunities.
  • International students are presented with academic training programs to help them develop a strong skillset in their field of employment.
  • This is achieved through two programs, Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT).
  • OPT allows international students, with an F-1 visa, to stay back after the completion of their education for up to 12 months and secure employment.
  • STEM program graduates however get 12 months plus an additional 24 months, a total of 36 months or 3 years.
  • CPT, though similar to OPT, requires students to complete a certain number of hours before the completion of their courses. The time period may differ based on the programs.

4. Build professional networks

  • While education in USA maybe an expensive affair, just like any other study destination, it presents an opportunity for students to build important and extensive professional networks with peers from countries across the globe.
  • Students can also network with their professors and other industry professionals as well to learn invaluable insights from them as they have years of experience under their belts.
  • Students can accomplish this by attending on campus events, job fairs, workshops, career counselling sessions, networking events, among others, that will act as a platform to interact with other people.
  • With many organizations and companies attending job fairs and similar events, students may also be recruited to work at these organizations.
  • As most universities in USA boast a wide alumni network, the transition to work in the US job market may be easier with a network of professionals.

5. International student support

  • With the USA being a hub of education, students from across the world flock to study in USA. This greatly bolsters the cultural diversity that universities in USA boast.
  • Universities aim to make diversity and inclusion a top priority and offer the same opportunities and services to everyone regardless of their race, colour or nationality.
  • To ensure that students are comfortable during their education abroad, every university campus has a dedicated office to ensure than inclusion is greatly focused upon.
  • These centres attend to any grievances that students present.
  • Universities also provide financial aid to help students reduce the financial burden that study abroad entails. These include scholarships, grants, bursaries and tuition fee waivers.

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Study in USA

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