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Student's Life in New Zealand

January 2023

Among the many study abroad destinations preferred by international students, including many Indians, New Zealand is one such location. Located in the western Pacific Ocean, the country is an incredible wonder to visit. Owing to New Zealand's vibrant culture, magnificent natural scenery, expansive landscapes, volcanic plateaus, serene lakes, and quickly flowing clean rivers, one will undoubtedly fall in love with this country. To live in such a pristine environment is like experiencing heaven on earth. Both its people and its natural surroundings are exquisite. The people of New Zealand are renowned for their friendliness, hospitality, and openness to newcomers. We refer to this warm-hearted trait of theirs as "Manaakitanga." The education system in New Zealand emphasises critical thinking and strives for improved learning, representing superior quality instruction and top-notch courses. New Zealand's way of life has its own unique flavour. All colleges and universities in New Zealand that accept overseas students employ faculty members who are committed to making sure you have a successful and stress-free time there. New Zealand is distinguished for offering a nurturing student life for all international students who study in New Zealand by striking the ideal mix between modern education and international student life. The country is also notable for both, its high standard of living and the emerging prospects it offers international students to build their futures while pursuing their education. For one aspiring to study in New Zealand and embark on their adventure, read through the blog to get a glimpse of the student life in New Zealand.

Student Life in New Zealand

1. A conducive and friendly atmosphere:The student-friendly and welcoming atmosphere in New Zealand for students makes life even simpler. Typically, the number of students in each class is fewer. As a result, each student receives equivalent and tailored attention. In this manner, you can pay close attention and understand the subject material thoroughly. In addition, the country features a dedicated student learning centre where students who study in New Zealand can ask the instructors for help with your course work, engage in debate, and discussions.

2. Student Housing: Those who study in New Zealand have an array of alternatives for student housing in the country, including a dormitory, rented accommodations with friends, or a homestay. Your time in New Zealand will be best spent in a homestay or a residence hall. Making new acquaintances and networking as a result might be possible. Students who choose homestays can begin residing with a host family while still getting to relax in the privacy of your own room. In this manner, you can interact with the members of your host family, enjoy your visit, and gain a better understanding of the culture and way of life in the host nation.

3. Code of Conduct: The first government to establish a Code of Conduct outlining its expectations for the welfare of its foreign students is New Zealand. As an overseas student, you are safeguarded by this code. The academic standards of the institution’s, business dealings, and any needed assistance or support can all be discussed on the code of practise. You can ask for assistance with problems pertaining to lodging and transportation as well.

4. Transportation: New Zealand is famed for its magnificent cities. One can travel around the city, by using means of transport including buses, bicycles, as well as on foot. Bus networks are extremely well connected in practically all towns in New Zealand. There are commuter trains and ferries in cities like Auckland and Wellington. In addition, frequent, inexpensive flights operate throughout the nation. In order to fly to the cities for your weekend excursions, you can compile a list of your travel arrangements. Visit Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington to experience the artistic splendour, as well as their breathtaking beauty. Explore the areas surrounding Hamilton, Tauranga, Lower Hutt, Dunedin, and Napier if you like to travel and drive during your free time.

5. Living Expenses: For students who study in New Zealand, the cost of living is fairly reasonable and economical. Students need to set aside money each week for a number of costs, including food and groceries, housing, travel, personal care, entertainment and amusement, etc. In order to make things clearer, we have highlighted these figures below in INR and NZD.

  • Housing: INR 5120.10-10240.19 (200-400 NZD)
  • Travel: INR 512-1024 (10-20 NZD)
  • Food & groceries: INR 1024-1536 (20-30 NZD)
  • Entertainment & recreation: INR 2560-3072 (50-60 NZD)
  • Personal care: INR 5120 (100 NZD)

6. Try Out New Cuisines: For all food enthusiasts, New Zealand is a paradise! Go ahead and try pineapple lumps, sweet chocolate fish, the world-famous blue cheese, Maori Hangi, and roast lamb if you wish to taste some mouthwatering and fresh treats.

7. Part-time Offerings: The majority of international students struggle with managing their finances while they are studying. In addition to budgeting and saving, students should think about taking on part-time work in New Zealand. The pay for part-time work in the country is standard. International students who study in New Zealand are permitted to work part-time for 20 hours per week. The majority of companies that work with part-time students offer wages of up to $20 NZ per hour. Depending on the type of job you pick, you might make more money than this. Working during vacations and other breaks earns you more money. Working part-time during your course of study, can be a great opportunity to gain experience in the workforce and make some additional money. Additionally, it can facilitate social interactions. Make sure that you are able to work part-time under the terms of your visa. Make sure to schedule time for studying and enjoying your time in New Zealand, and don't get overburdened with work.

8. Engage in Sporting Activities:

The people of New Zealand enjoy sports. The most popular sports to watch and participate in are intense ones like football, sailing, kayaking, rugby, netball, and triathlons. Most cities have many gyms, they are located on every campus and are easily accessible to students. Take a walk along the beach with your buddies or go to Queenstown, the epicentre of extreme sports like bungee jumping and skydiving.

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Life in New Zealand for Indian students

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