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Student Accommodation in the UK After Admission

October 2021

A hub of higher education and one of the most desired study destinations in the world, many international students choose to study in UK. UK is home to world renowned universities. The courses in UK chosen by students are offered across various study fields. After securing admission in UK, one can choose the following accommodation.

Study Abroad UK

  • Upon arriving in UK, the first thing a student should do is find a place to stay.
  • Planning your accommodation in advance is better as one will be asked about the same at the Airport's Immigration counter.
  • UK universities guarantee accommodation- both, on or off-campus, for first year undergraduate students. PG students studying at some universities in UK are guaranteed the same.
  • Depending on the college, after a year, the student has the opportunity to either continue with the university accommodation or can choose to reside with his/her peers.
  • Availability of different types of rooms for single students as well as for families.
  • For one wishing to study in UK, accommodation rent rates in the country depend on the following factors:
  1. The location one is residing at
  2. The type of property
  3. Whether the property is furnished or unfurnished
  4. Catered or self-catered rooms
  5. The total number of people sharing the accommodation

Temporary Accommodation in the UK

  • Temporary or short-term accommodation is required when a student first arrives in the country. The lease agreements of such accommodations are different from other off-campus accommodations.

 Type of Accommodation  Cost per Night (GBP)
 Bed and Breakfasts   30-60
 Serviced apartments   60-100
 Guesthouses   30-90
 Hotels   15-100
 Backpacker Hostels   15-45

Of these, Backpacker hostels are the cheapest and are mainly preferred by students unable to afford hotel stay.

On Campus Student Accommodation in the UK

  1. Basically consists of Halls of Residence having numerous separate rooms as well as common facilities viz. entertainment facilities, kitchen, communal bathrooms, among others.
  2. The rooms can be occupied by just one person or can even be shared by 2-6 persons. The size may differ and some rooms may even have en-suite bathrooms.
  3. One is provided with the basic furniture viz. a desk, bed and chair in the room. All the other things have to be brought by the students.
  4. Students can choose between catered or self-catered rooms. In catered rooms, a student is provided meals every day for a fixed fee. On the contrary, in self-catered rooms, students can prepare their own meals.
  5. International students who study in UK are also offered special accommodation services in order to make them feel at home.
  6. Residing on campus at UK universities offers more safety and security to a student than living off campus.

Off Campus Student Accommodation in the UK

  • Includes university-owned or private-owned accommodation.
  • Owned by landlords as private individuals or as registered housing agencies, private property includes the following:
  1. Flats/Apartments- An entire apartment with many rooms as well as a bathroom, kitchen and other amenities can be rented. Here, the rent can be split between the student and his/her flatmates. The national average for rent for a month of the entire apartment is around GBP 1,000.
  2. Rooms- Rooms in a house/building, for a single person or for a group of people can be rented out. The rent amount one pays differ depending on the location, from GBP 4-800 every month.
  3. Studio apartments- Studio apartments with a kitchen, bedroom and living area, all in a single space, can be rented out for GBP 400 to 8,200.
  4. Houses- An entire house comprising of many bedrooms, bathrooms as well as a living area, kitchen, yard etc. can be rented out. Here, one can reside along with many other people. The cost is between GBP 376- 1500. Students who have their spouse and children, residing along with them, can choose to stay here.
  5. Homestays- Includes staying with a family in the UK. Many families in the country accept international students, charge them GBP 10-60 per night, provides for their food and stay.

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Study in UK

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