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Pursuing Engineering in Australia - Part 1

September 2021

The "Land of Kangaroos" - Australia boasts of scenic beauty and magnificent landscape. The country is home to top-niche universities. Australia is one among the many preferred study destinations among international students to pursue higher education. After the US and the UK, Australia attracts the third largest number of international students in the English-speaking world. There are numerous world-renowned universities in Australia. Australian universities offer varied programs. Courses in Australia are offered across various disciplines. Students are encouraged to be creative, think independently and innovatively through the distinctive kind of education and style of learning the country provides. Students graduating from Australia easily acquire jobs and earn noteworthy positions the world over. Colleges in Australia readily accept students for postgraduate study. One wishing to pursue higher education should consider to study in Australia.

Australian Universities

Engineering in Australia: Benefits

  • Has worldwide recognition due to CRICOS code association
  • Universities in Australia offer internships
  • Affiliated to Engineering societies viz. Engineers Australia- a National body comprising all Engineering disciplines provide national certification.
  • Advice and support on workplace issues are provided by the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia National body including all Engineering disciplines.
  • Students are given a 2-year post study work visa after pursuing any undergraduate or postgraduate program.

Engineering courses in Australia: Intakes

Admissions to Australian universities takes place in two intakes: February and July.

Most sought-after Engineering programs in Australia

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering

Top 5 Universities in Australia for Engineering

1.University of New South Wales:

  • Two Engineering programs are offered by the University of New South Wales
  • Students having a four-year Engineering Honours degree can opt for Master of Engineering- the university's flagship Master's degree
  • Based on your interest area, one can choose from a vast array of Engineering subjects applicable to all fields of study, numerous specializations and electives
  • Master of Engineering - Designed for one wishing to enter the Engineering profession or for practicing Engineers wishing to increase their knowledge and skills in Engineering Management, gain technical expertise or acquire detailed knowledge about a specific specialization, is a two-year program. The following specializations viz. Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Environmental and Telecommunications are professionally accredited/awaiting accreditation by Engineers Australia.
  • One-month internship- part of the Engineering program.
  • No scholarship is offered by this university.

2. University of Melbourne:

Professional Entry Master's Programs: Designed to provide formal qualification to graduates in Information systems, Engineering and Information Technology at the Master's level by coursework.

Professional Entry Master's programs offered by the Melbourne School of Engineering:

  • The Master of Engineering offered in 16 streams:
  • 300-point program: For non-Engineering students, or for those seeking to change Engineering disciplines. On the other hand, 200-point program: Offered to students with an Engineering degree.
  • The Master of Information Technology
  • The Master of Information Systems - a 2-year program
  • Specialized Masters Programs

Specialized Masters by coursework: designed for IT practitioners or qualified Engineers with an interest to deepen their knowledge of a specialist area or to undertake new study fields.

Coursework degrees: Obtained by subject-based study, research project work may be included and entry pathways to research degrees are available.

Graduates desiring to improve their knowledge and skills, augment their career prospects and switch disciplines within their field can opt for Specialized Master's programs.

3. University of Western Australia:

Engineering specializations available at the University of Western Australia include:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

Students who successfully complete their degree earn a qualification that is globally recognized and allows one to practice as a professional Engineer.

4. University of Queensland:

Offers Master of Engineering Science(Management): This course-MESc (Man) integrates postgraduate studies in specific Engineering fields viz. Electrical; Software) or (Chemical; Materials; Mechatronic; Civil; Mechanical; within the major that is Undeclared). MESc integrates with studies in chosen Business fields. By undertaking this program, existing Engineering professionals will be able to fulfil their future professional and personal development needs. Engineering graduates without prior formal background can develop their business skills through this program. Similarly, this program allows students with relatively advanced backgrounds to substitute Engineering courses with Business Management courses.

One can also specialize in Electrical and Software Engineering at the university. Scholarship (only for undergraduates) ranging from (7000 AUD - 8000AUD per semester) for Engineering is also offered by the University of Queensland.

5. University of Sydney:

Offers Master of Professional Engineering - a 3-year full-time program or part-time equivalent.

Based on the level and type of one's prior tertiary studies, he/she may be eligible for advanced standing of up to 48 credit points (one year at full time study load). This will reduce the degree length and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

This degree comprises of: foundation units of study, elective units in your specialization area as well as a component of practical industry experience of 12 weeks. One can also choose from numerous professional electives and a capstone project in the final year.

Areas of specialization - Biomedical, Electrical, Power, Aerospace, Mechanical, Telecommunications, Biomedical, Environmental Fluids, Software, Chemical and Bimolecular, Geomechanical and Structural Engineering.

Having looked at a few Australian universities where students can pursue Engineering courses, the next part of the article will further explore more universities in Australia offering courses in this field.

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Courses in Australia

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