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Pursuing Dual Degrees in UK

October 2022

The UK, like the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, etc. is one of the most preferred study overseas destinations among many international students, including many Indians. The UK houses world renowned universities and colleges that offer a myriad of courses for international students to opt from. Students are spoilt for choice due to the number of courses universities in UK, offer. Courses in UK are offered across various disciplines: Architecture, Dentistry, Law, Engineering, Computer and Information Technology, Nursing, among others. A degree earned in the UK is highly valued by employers the world over. Apart from this, students who wish to study in UK can pursue two distinct degrees at partner universities, these are referred to as dual degrees. Dual degrees include either a double Bachelor's, double Master's, or a Bachelor's and a Master's degree. For one wishing to traverse an extraordinary career goal, a number of universities in UK partner with universities in Canada, China, Europe, and America to offer dual degrees. A dual degree in the UK can be pursued by students concurrently at a different university and their preferred country. The average cost for the same is INR 6,00,000 to INR 27,00,000.

Pursuing Dual Degrees in UK

Definition of a Dual Degree:

Often referred to as a double degree, a dual degree is earned when a student studies two fields, usually significantly different ones (one per study field) simultaneously. For instance, studying Law and CS in a dual degree programme, the student will obtain two degrees (or diplomas): LLB and CS. These are examples of dual degrees where students can earn two distinct kinds of degrees. Opting for a few dual degree programmes, the student may be provided with an undergraduate Bachelor's degree and a graduate degree.

Pursuing Dual Degrees in UK: Advantages

Students should pursue Dual Degree programmes in the UK due to an array of reasons as listed below:

Top Notch Quality Education:

The UK has been offering outstanding education for several decades now. The universities and educational institutes in the UK are periodically audited and reviewed to make sure that all yardsticks are met. With an aim to alter the curriculum, individual departments within an institute may also be reviewed by professional bodies. This makes studying a Dual Degree in the UK a desirable option.

Globally Acclaimed Universities:

The UK is one among the most sought after study abroad destinations. With three of the world's top ten universities located in the country, international students, not only Indians, prefer to study in UK. A degree earned in the UK is globally recognized. On the other hand, the employability quotient is also extremely high, especially if a student has obtained a degree from a renowned university in UK.

Flexible Program Structure:

The colleges and universities in UK have a flexible program structure and students can imbibe diverse skill sets. Students who study in UK can choose from a vast array of courses and thus they are spoilt for choice. In other cities like Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales, varied dual-degree combinations are offered by colleges and universities. A brochure from the institutes one wishes to apply to can directly be requested by students. Professors and students can freely communicate with each other, and thus the education system in the UK is highly reciprocal. This in turn allows students to combine numerous courses into a single course of study.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships :

Many colleges and universities in UK offer a number of bursaries/grants and scholarships for students to avail. Students pursuing overseas education who are concerned about high tuition fees can apply for scholarships, especially at the postgraduate and research levels.

Medical Care for Students:

Indian students are offered free medical treatment by NHS i.e. the National Health Service when he/she is accepted into a full-time study program in the UK. One residing with his/her companion, spouse, or dependents during his/her course, may also be exempted from specific costs.

Why opt for a Dual Degree?

Several other benefits of pursuing a Dual Degree are as under:

Enhance your Job Prospects:

With a dual degree adding weightage to one's CV, he/she will acquire a lead and a cutthroat advantage over others. A dual degree aids in developing one's interdisciplinary realm of knowledge as well as boosts his/her all-round skill set. This skill set can be utilized in a broad spectrum of sectors and businesses. With this dual degree, one might be able to distinguish oneself in a dynamic and increasingly difficult work market, especially for graduates.

Aids in mingling and Boosting Connections:

For one studying at two organizations in two different countries, his/her acquaintances will double and his/her ability to socialize will increase. Meeting new instructors, professors, and peers from all over the world studying the same course as you, may prove beneficial not only during your studies, but after graduation as well.

Master New Competencies:

Opting for a dual degree program does not increase the effort twofold, despite some famous beliefs. However, it does require additional time and concentration on the basis of what the student chooses to study. Opting for a dual degree does bolster a well-built work ethic. It also enables one to quickly adapt and confront strenuous tasks.

Determines one's commitment and global outlook:

A dual degree increases your chances of getting recruited at leading companies, not merely on the basis of your extensive interdisciplinary academic expertise. It also throws light on a person's capability to involve himself/herself in a new culture, his/her zeal to academics as well as his/her potential to acclimatize himself/herself to diverse circumstances.

Universities in UK offering Dual Degrees:

The following universities in UK offer Dual Degrees for students to opt from: University of Kentucky, University of Hertfordshire, Queen Mary University of London, University College London, Nottingham Trent University, University of East Anglia, University of Portsmouth, etc.

Cost of Pursuing a Dual Degree in UK:

The cost of studying in the UK, besides the tuition fees, comprises visa, transport, accommodation, living expenses, etc. As mentioned earlier, pursuing a Dual Degree in the UK may cost between £6000-£30000 annually (6,00,000 INR-27,00,000 INR). Based on the course and the university one has opted for, the costs may differ.

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