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Part-Time Work Options for International Students in Ireland

October 2022

Ireland is the nation of the best poets and thinkers, and it is situated on the western tip of Europe. Ireland's high grade of education, exceptional educational standards, and friendly culture are the main factors making it one of the premier study abroad landmarks. Due to the benefits it provides, Ireland has traditionally been a favourite travel destination for students. The nation provides several options for students to finance their higher education, in addition to a great educational system and a friendly culture. The government's decision to let overseas students hold part-time jobs while they pursue their education is the icing on the cake. 40% of overseas students in Ireland like doing part-time jobs in conjunction with their academics. Getting engaged in part-time jobs in Ireland is a fantastic option for overseas students to pay for their living expenses while attending institutions at the same time.

Studying in the Ireland

For part-time employment in Ireland, the minimum pay is often between €9.15 and €10 per hour (INR 795.68 to 850). Students may lawfully work up to 20 hours per week and 40 hours per week when on breaks.

Why should international students consider working part-time in Ireland?

Supplementary earnings: International students may live comfortably with a little bit more money if they have it available for things like housing, groceries, transportation, and school supplies. Therefore, part-time employment in Ireland for overseas students is advantageous to meet this need.

Skill development: As one begins working, you are likely to gradually acquire the necessary abilities. These crucial abilities improve your performance at work and provide you more opportunities to build your resume. Once you've earned your degree, these extra experiences will put you ahead of other applicants who don't yet have the necessary abilities for the position.

Explore disciplines: In Ireland, you have the choice to discover a broad range of subjects. You can select the profession that best meets your preferences or that would benefit the course you have registered for. You get the exposure you need by doing this to succeed in your job.

Eligibility Criteria:

The majority of overseas students who satisfy the following qualifications can get part-time jobs:

  1. Those who have been enrolled full-time in a course for at least a year.
  2. The course must be at least NFQ level 7 qualified and approved for a stamp 2 by the Minister of Education and Skills.
  3. Once you arrive in Ireland, you must register for the GNIB.
  4. If a student meets the prerequisites and wants to work in Ireland, they must also get a Personal Public Services Number (PPS Number).
  5. Only those having a current PPS Number will be compensated for their work, and the funds will be sent to an Irish bank account.
  6. All qualifying requirements, such as those for the Universal Social Contribution (USC), the Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI), work, and taxation, must also be met by international students.

How to Find a Part-Time Job in Ireland?

Regardless of your level of expertise, your initial step should be to register with e-recruitment platforms for positions. To broaden your skill set, look for employment linked to the course you're taking. You can utilise e-recruitment sites to look for part-time employment by entering relevant keywords. Along with geography, you may filter by job title, skills, businesses and sectors, number of hours worked, pay, and so on. Use the added 'part-time' filter to search part-time employment in your chosen location. Read the job description carefully and create a CV and cover letter that showcases your qualifications.

Part-Time Employment Opportunities in Ireland

I] On-Campus: Part-time employment available on campus are referred to as on-campus part-time jobs. Students must visit the university website on a regular basis in order to apply for any of the employment openings advertised. Some of the best on-campus part-time employment in Ireland for international students include: Research assistant, Teacher assistant, Barista, Administration, Library attendant, Campus tour guide, Peer tutor, etc.

II] Off-Campus: Off-campus part-time employment are options for students to work outside of the institution. These are job openings that may be applied for online or through any of Ireland's main job search platforms. Top off-campus part-time employment opportunities in Ireland for foreign students include: Call centers, Cleaning, Tutoring, Waiter, Secretary, Store assistant, Community support worker, Parking agent, Househelp, etc.

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Studying in the Ireland

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