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On-Campus Jobs in the USA

May 2022

International students who study in the United States of America are continuously looking for ways to augment their funds, and that's when on-campus employment opportunities act as a savior. A considerable number of applicants fail to receive any scholarships, grants or waivers during admission. Hence, it becomes necessary to search for an on-campus job when you step into the institution. Students are not allowed to work outside the campus during their first year of studies and thus, an on-campus job remains the only option if you are looking to pay your own bills.

On-Campus Job in USA

On-campus jobs: Students are required to get employed on the university campus where no separate authorization is mandatory. On-campus jobs are associated with the support and operation of the university that you've applied to. These jobs can be either voluntary or paid jobs. On-campus jobs can be started by an applicant from the first year itself.

Rules of getting an on-campus job in USA as an international student :

  1. Maintain a valid F-1 Visa Status
  2. Enroll full time during fall and winter semesters
  3. Work hours limit - 20 hours per week in term session
  4. During holidays and breaks, students can work full-time (more than 20 hours per week)
  5. No engagement in on-campus employment after the program end date

Advantages of On-Campus Jobs in USA :

  1. An additional source of funds
  2. Value addition to the CV
  3. Interaction with fellow students
  4. Development of multitasking, communication, and interpersonal skills
  5. Letters of recommendation and references aid future endeavours

Tips to gain an on-campus job in USA :

1. Avoid limiting your resume - A myriad of jobs do not obligate you to be an expert or highly proficient, but solely be well informed enough to facilitate as an expert. For example, a job may require a certain skill like computer programming. But, just because you do not possess the said skill doesn’t imply that you're not qualified for the job. Therefore, always say a yes to learning new skills.

2. Visit all the university departments - There is nothing as fruitful as walking around the campus. Print about 20 - 30 copies of your resume and pay a visit to all the departments in your university notwithstanding your major or interest. A considerable number of students get their hands on decent hourly jobs and assistantships in the most unexpected departments

3. Take any type of job - When someone said something is better than anything, they said it apt. Jobs in university cafeterias may not come across as a good opportunity if you are a candidate pursuing Master's or PhD. However, any job you take up will help you pay your bills alongside searching for a better opportunity. A candidate can easily switch jobs without the need of any major paperwork. Additionally, all your on-campus stints will benefit you for your next gig.

4. Don't give up - A good deal of students fanatically look for jobs at the commencement of the semester. However, they stop looking once classes begin as they presume that there are no vacancies. Keep dropping in on all departments even after the semester has started. This keeps you on the priority list, if any position is vacant, for an on-campus job.

5. Arrive on-campus before time - A number of university departments release job vacancies close to the term commencement. The on-campus jobs in the USA are highly competitive. Arrive at the university you've applied to as early as possible to find an opportunity. Coming early to the university will help you find a decent on-campus job.

6. Connect with Seniors - Figure out a way to connect with the seniors on your university campus. Begin as soon as you receive a visa approval and an offer letter. The seniors know the available vacancies, have references and maybe be asked by their employers to find their replacements. Make use of social media platforms to make connections and interact with them.

7. Be a part of clubs and societies - Clubs and societies are an excellent source to network with students from various departments who may have information regarding vacancies

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On-Campus Employment In USA

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