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New Zealand: A Safe Country to Study Abroad

August 2020

With the COVID-19 lockdown still existent in certain countries, students are left flabbergasted with what it means for their education abroad.

However, it is important to consider that amid the pandemic certain destinations have emerged victorious. One such destination has been New Zealand. The gutsy and quick measures undertaken by the government have allowed the country to curb the pandemic to a great extent.

One of the first countries to flatten the curve, New Zealand which was even earlier regarded as one of the most famous destinations to study abroad has quickly seen itself becoming more popular amongst its aspirants.

Work Opportunities and Visa

Even when the pandemic was at its peak the needs of the students were catered to. Students working part-time in the health care sector, as well as, supermarkets, were allowed to put in the extra hours. This not only enabled students to earn extra money during these tiring times, but also helped the community a great deal. Moreover, those students whose visas were on the verge of expiring were given an opportunity to extend the same with minimal administerial loopholes to cross. International students in New Zealand with visas expiring between 2 April and 9 July 2020 had their visas automatically extended to 25 September 2020 at no additional cost. Overall, universities in New Zealand along with the government ensured the environment remained conducive to the overall development of the student.

Wage Subsidy

International students who have valid visas with them which permit them to work in New Zealand have been offered wage subsidy. Students are advised to check the same with the concerned employer to gain more information regarding the same. Moreover, the government has also set aside $1m as hardship funds for international students in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Healthcare and Insurance

In case an international student is detected with COVID-19, they are eligible for free public healthcare. Students are also advised to contact their insurance providers directly for the latest updates on their health insurance to ensure that everything is up to date.

Latest Updates

Currently, a significant number of universities are continuing to conduct their classes online.

Why you should continue considering study in New Zealand

With massive amounts of investment made in the education sector, students must bear in mind that universities in New Zealand offer an excellent opportunity for students to catapult and develop their research skills. Students can be rest-assured that education in New Zealand makes them ready for the future, thus making them one of the most yearned professionals in the global market. The teaching techniques employed at universities are conducive to the overall development of the student.

Apart from this prominence in the field of education, New Zealand is also revered as one of the safest countries to study abroad. Students are welcomed in a warm and affable environment with locals who are accepting towards international students. These factors make New Zealand one of the most popular upcoming destinations for higher education.

Moreover, post the completion of the program students are met with alluring stay-back opportunities which is a major pull factor for a large number of international students.

Study in New Zealand for Indian students has become increasingly alluring since a special scholarship scheme called the New Zealand Excellency Awards solely for Indian students. This scheme which earlier only focused on postgraduate students now also focuses on undergraduate students.

Special programs in certain fields of study have also been initiated to ensure that students have a plethora of options at their disposal.

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