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New UK Study Visa Rule

October 2019

In an attempt to attract a large number of international students, the Boris Johnson government recently altered the study visa rules for international students. Through the new scheme, international students from a range of countries which includes India, can stay back in the UK two years upon the completion of the course. Until recently, those who study in UK, received a stay back of mere four to six months respectively. This changed scenario is set to attract a large number of international students to the country.

UK Students Visa

Who does the new visa rule apply to?

The new visa will apply to students studying any subject at the undergraduate as well as postgraduate level. The new visa will be a distinct one that requires a new application, compromising of payments of visa and health surcharge. Students should not confuse this with settlement. The said visa cannot be extended for longer than the duration it is prescribed.

Why was the rule brought back?

The "new" rule was earlier in place before the Thatcher government scrapped it. Due to the scrapping of the rule, the UK saw a noticeable dip in the number of international students deciding to in UK. With the said proposal being brought back in the picture, it is expected that the number of international students in the UK will see a rise.

Who benefits from this?

As an Indian student, you and the university both benefit from the said regulation. The exchange of culture will allow students to develop their careers and for universities to benefit from the range of constructive ideas students bring to the table. However, this should not be seen as a lax in rules. Although universities have opened their doors to international students, the rules still remain stringent in accepting the academically eminent. Therefore, although the stay back option has increased, students still have to be at the top of their game to reap the benefits.

Stay Back Opportunities

A prominent consideration students make when they decide to study abroad is the stay back opportunities received. A large chunk of international students would deter studying in UK due to the lack of stay back available. However, with the newly brought in scheme, things are definitely looking bright.

Job Seeking opportunities

A major benefit of the visa is that it gives international students an opportunity to look for jobs. Once the graduate finds an appropriate job, they can switch to the skilled work segment which is a route towards settlement. Earlier, employers were reluctant to offer job opportunities to international students due certain norms, however the change in the outlook from the government is likely to positively affect employers as well. Another major pro of the said regime is that it doesn’t restrict the kind of jobs students are permitted to undertake.

Probabilities of repaying education loans faster

Apart from the opportunity to seek jobs during this phase, students who take up loans to finance their education receive ample time to cover costs and repay their loan. An icing on the cake is the fact that the opportunity to find a job in the UK will increase their likelihood of repaying their loans sooner.

Receive Global Recognition

As a student who has studied courses in UK, the global standing you receive will be high. Even if students don't receive permanent jobs in the UK, the work experience they have attained in the UK will enable them to make a strong standing in the international job market. Moreover, there is no cap on the number of students who can avail the visa. The new visa rule is seen as a win for both Indian students as well as universities in UK.

Time to Adjust

The said change in visa rules is said to be brought in from the academic year 2020-21, the reason for doing so atterates the fact that enough time is at the disposal of universities, students as well as the government to ensure that they bring in the necessary changes.

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