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Most sought after courses in Australia

September 2021

Australia, the "Land Down Under" boasts of scenic beauty, sandy deserts and plateaus. A large number of international students prefer to study in Australia at the well renowned Australian universities like University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, among others. Colleges in Australia offers courses across various disciplines. Degrees obtained from universities in Australia have world recognition. The below mentioned most sought after courses in Australia include:

Study in Australia

1.Tourism & Hospitality Management

  • Involves delivering fair customer services of certain services/products in events, Food and Beverage and travel and accommodations sectors to consumers.
  • Tourism sector-one of the 'high-growth' sectors in Australia.
  • Around 1.4 million jobs have been created by both the sectors jointly.
  • After pursuing Tourism and Hospitality Management, one can choose from different career paths viz.
    • 1.Hotel Manager
    • 2.Catering Manager
    • 3.Event Planner
    • 4.Food and Beverage Manager
    • 5.Restaurant Manager
  • Best universities in Australia to pursue Tourism and Hospitality Management are James Cook University, Griffith University, University of Queensland, Monash University and Blue Mountains International Hotel Management.


  • Involves the study of human mind and behavior with a strong focus on understanding the way in which humans conceive, feel, and interact with themselves and their surroundings.
  • Psychologists provide psychological testing, diagnostic interviews and individual/group psychotherapy.
  • In Australia, there is a need for Educational Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Clinical Psychologists and Organizational Psychologists
  • Master's degree and PhDs- mandatory for one to become a licensed practicing Psychologist.
  • Several career paths to choose from viz. Counseling Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Sports Psychologist, Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist.

  • Best Australian universities to pursue Psychology-University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, Australian National University, University of Melbourne and University of Queensland.

3.Computer Science

  • The study of information processes and creating computer programs.
  • A computer scientist uses technology to resolve problems and prepare for the future.
  • To create applications and websites, they write and program software.
  • Validating and developing models for interaction between software and devices or people and computers- their firsthand focus.
  • Various careers- Software Engineer, Cybersecurity Analyst, Web Developer, Java Programmer and Database Analyst.
  • Best universities in Australia to pursue Computer Science Are Australian National University, University of Technology Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales and University of Sydney.


  • Designing, building, maintaining and improving- machines, systems and processes, structures and electronic devices by applying both, science and mathematics.
  • Engineering Fields:
  • 1.Civil Engineering- Designing and construction of infrastructure viz. dams, roads, etc. Various career paths-

    • Construction Engineer
    • Structural Engineer
    • Site Engineer
    • Urban Planning Engineer

    2.Chemical Engineering- Aids in food processing, making pharmaceuticals and creating industrial chemicals using science and engineering. Various career paths-

    • Safety Engineer
    • Environmental Engineer
    • Petroleum Engineer
    • Waste Management Engineer

    3.Mechanical Engineering- designs and manufactures machines and products. Mechanical Engineers manufacture computer-aided design, nanotechnology, aerospace and robotics. Various career paths-

    • Robotics Engineer
    • Automotive Engineer
    • Manufacturing Engineer
    • Industrial Machinery Engineer

    4.Electrical Engineering- Focused around electric-powered technology. Electrical Engineers design and develop electrical equipment, test and supervise the production of these working with electrical components, devices and systems like wires, power generators and microchips. Various career paths-

    • Design Engineer
    • Computer Engineer
    • Telecommunications Engineer
    • Control Engineer

  • Best Australian universities to pursue Engineering Are University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, Monash University, Australian National University and University of Melbourne.

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Courses in Australia

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