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How to Manage Your Education Abroad During COVID-19

December 2020

Student who were looking to study abroad in 2020 were oblivious to the tide coming their way. What was expected to be just another intake with students attending their classes on-campus, was something else altogether. Finding themselves confined at home, expected to study online, it is natural that stress levels were over the roof.

A certain set of students might have rejoiced the fact that they can now study from the comfort of their homes and save a considerable portion of their expenses. On the other hand, for some online learning is just not the preferred medium of education.

If you find yourself in this jiffy, here are some tips to aid you.

Focus on your health

  • Stay fit. Eat healthy, exercise and make sure you get a goodnight's sleep. All of this will ensure you that your health is fine. Since it is a deciding factor in your attention span will studying.
  • Apart from your physical what you also need to pay heed to is your mental health. The pandemic has had its toll on all of us. Therefore, don't pressurize yourself. It is okay to have an off day as long as you can come back kicking.
  • Universities abroad tend to offer all sorts of support to students, thus, if you see the need, seek help.

Give yourself some time off

  • You may want to finish everything off as quickly as you can. You may be pushed to be as efficient and productive as possible. And one of the many ways to do so is by giving yourself a break.
  • Don’t feel guilty for looking out for yourself. Staring at your laptop screen during the online lecture takes a toll on your eyes. Therefore, give yourself some time off and rejuvenate yourself.


  • One of the primary reasons a student decides to study abroad is because of the impeccable opportunities a student receives to network.
  • Interacting with international players is a key component of the overall experience. This case stays the same even when you're attending online classes. Whilst you are interacting with them on video lectures, you can ask for a discussion with them.
  • For all the players involved this is a novel situation, thus, you’d be surprised to know how accommodating and warm people can be. Never shy away from asking for help.

Interact with your loved ones

  • Apart from the faculty, your peers are also an important component of the experience. Thus, reach out to them. They will be the best people to support you through this.
  • A considerable number of universities abroad are conducting social activities online. This again is another way to interact, socialize and network. Participating in these activities is a major part of the experience.
  • Even your family will be an excellent form of support. Since you are at home and are at a dearth of social interaction, your family is the best go to.

Prepare for lectures

  • Do away with procrastinating and make a schedule for yourself. This will allow you to keep track of the assignments and submissions.
  • Once you know what is expected out of you, all you are left with is its execution.

Whilst this is the new normal for the time being, it is best to take this in your stride. If you seek more tips about studying abroad, get in touch with Edwise today.


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