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How To Make A Student Visa Application In Ireland

August 2021

Ireland is known as World's Friendliest Country. The people here are polite and very helpful. The education system is among the best. 3% percent of colleges and universities in Ireland are in the top colleges and universities in the world. The country has a youthful population and it pushes the country to be in the top ranking. More than 40% of the country's population is below 25 years. It is also known as the educational hub. Every year around 1,50,000 students choose Ireland to study abroad.

If you are planning to study in Ireland and want to grab a slice of Ireland's dream, you will need an Ireland Student Visa. While this is the most important step in the process of studying abroad application. This article will help you through each step of applying and securing a student visa for studying in Ireland.

Student Visa Application in Ireland

There are two types of study visa and depend on the length of the degree

1. C-type Study Visa: It is for courses that are not more than 3 months.

2. D-type Study Visa: It is for courses that last longer than 3 months.

Process of the study visa application in Ireland

Acceptance Letter from University

Before processing the visa application, one must have an acceptance letter from an Irish university. Once you receive the letter you can start your visa process.

When To Apply

If you are planning to go to Ireland to undertake a course that is more than 3 months then you need to apply for the student visa application. One can apply for a study visa for 3 months prior date of arrival in Ireland.

How To Apply

To apply for a study visa, one must complete an online certificate form. After filling in the details, follow the instruction on the summary application form. The summary application form contains the details of where to submit the supporting documents. The summary form must be print, sign and the date must be submitted with your supporting documents. You may be required to provide Biometric Information as a part of the visa application process.


A Visa fee is an administration fee that covers the expenses of the visa process. This fee is non-refundable even if your application is being refused. There may be extra charges depending on the supporting documents. The fee for a single entry is €60 (US$80)

Application Time

One will be notified in 4 to 8 weeks from the date of the visa application process but sometimes it depends upon the nationality and other factors. If you haven't submitted all the necessary documents, it may take a longer time. All your supporting documents get varied along with your personal background that means any criminal conviction.


  1. Acceptance letter from the university
  2. Valid passport or other valid travel documents
  3. Passport size colour photographs
  4. A score on English Language Proficiency Test.
  5. Proof of fee payment
  6. Evidence of finance to provide the living expenses during the stay of course.
  7. Medical Insurance
  8. Proof of any backlogs in your educational history
  9. A statement in which you need to commit that you will leave Ireland after completing the course or your visa expiry.
  10. Proof of academic background.
  11. Proof you have paid the college fees.

If any of the documents are not in English or Irish language then one must translate them. Each translation documents should have a translation date, a translator confirmation to prove an accurate translation of the original document submitted, full name, signature along with the contact details of the translator.

Important point: Do not provide false information and documents in the application that may lead to the refusal of the application. In some situations, you may not be allowed to appeal a visa decision and may be blocked from getting an Irish visa for 5 years. Copies of all the documents that you are providing should be kept with the applicant. The documents like the marriage certificate, a birth certificate will be given back however the bank statement and the letter of invitation will be returned

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